The sky was full of brilliant shades of purple, pink and orange as the sunset and the moon began to become visible in the coming night sky. There was no sound of squawking birds, nor of laughing children, not even that of a car. The tall buildings, apartment complexes, and malls that were the symbols of civilization didn't exist. The field, full of beautiful flowers of all colors and soft grass was empty, save for me.

I laid in the middle, hands behind my head, as I watched the sun set. The air surrounding me was full of peace and security, something foreign to me, and I found myself relaxing with each breath. The noise in my head died away as the anger I felt toward myself and everyone else died away. Suddenly, it seemed as if everything would be alright, no matter what. Like maybe—

Say it for me, say it to me. And I'll leave this life behind me. Say it if it's worth savin' me! My eyes flickered open to the hell I actually lived in, as I sighed and turned off my alarm. The feelings of security and peace vanished instantly, replaced by anger and loneliness. I stared at the ceiling above me, noticing the small cracks and letting the emptiness of the white bare white walls consumed me. I sighed and got up from bed to get ready for yet another day of my empty, ghostly existence.


I'm not sure what about her caught my attention today. We had been going to school together since we were in kindergarten, and both knew who the other was, but had never cared. And yet, something about her today made my mind wander back to her over and over.

I had ran into her, quite literally, when I was laughing with my friends, on the way to second period, perhaps that was why I noticed her today. Maybe it was the way her hair fell in her eyes or the whispered sorry I received, as if it was her fault. Perhaps it was the way that I wanted to hug her and let her cry on my shoulder. Maybe it was her fragile, small body in her oversized sweatshirt and baggy jeans. Or maybe it was the aura of isolation that surrounded her as I watched her walk away, staring at the ground.

I noticed she was in three of my seven classes, but she never said a word. She sat in the back quietly and did all her work, seemingly invisible to everyone else. Her eyes never wandered from the desk in front of her, which was curious, but a good thing for me. I'm not quite sure I'd know what to do if she saw me looking at her.

There was something about her that was almost like a silent cry for help, as if her world was in ruins and she didn't know how to fix it. Had she always been that way? I don't remember, I never paid attention, but I would from now on. A voice in my mind told me that this was crazy, she was anti-social and depressed. She probably had friends that helped her and it was none of my business. Simultaneously, a different voice spoke a bit louder, telling me that there was something special about her, and that maybe she needed me. That was the day I decided that I would do whatever it takes to be her friend and that no matter what happened, I would never have any regrets about it.