It's true that falling for your best friend, for someone whom you've known for all of your life, is tough. It really is, and it sucks when your crush isn't replied.

But if it is – be prepared. Because you're going to get the biggest reward you can ever get. It's true that falling for someone you see as family is one of the toughest things in the world. But the reward you get back – it makes up for all of it and probably even more.

Five years have passed since that fateful day. Chris and Cathy stayed with each other, Diana and Boris stayed with each other, but most importantly… I stayed with Evelyn.

Not many people can say that their romance survived highschool and still shows no signs of stopping.

Of course, we had had our rows – in fact, Evelyn once got incredibly mad at me, for the first time – and we had our ups and downs. Of course, it's how it's supposed to be. That's what makes love so great – someone accepts you, even when you hate each other.

Evelyn moved out of my house as soon as the crisis was over – which took a year or two, unfortunately – but it felt different now; she slept at my place at least once a week and we visited each other much, much more often than usual. When we left highschool for university, we could both stay at the university as roommates. Not many people can say they lived together with their highschool-love.

The fear stayed, though. It will probably never leave, but I have come to accept it after five years. Just yesterday, I was talking to Evelyn about how concerned I was into losing her. She just hugged me in a smile.

"I'm afraid to lose you, Evelyn," I said in the hug.

"I know. I'm too. But we won't. We'll survive everything, just mark my words." We're both looking for a house for both of us now. One of the big advantages into falling for your best friends is that you're already used to each other. Living together, in my case, wasn't as big of a jump forwards as it used to be. So for you guys, it might seem a little premature – but for us, it wasn't a big of a leap forwards as for most.

I stayed in touch with most of my friends; Diana and Boris confessed their feelings a month after I had gotten my black belt. I pretty much lost touch with Jake, Nick and Hannah, but my bond with the others was proving to be tight. Especially with Cathy, I had gotten a great bond because she had proved to be a true friend.

We always celebrate one day before Christmas together, all six of us.

I'm still judoing once a week. I got too far to stop and I'm still very certain I want to continue. I'm studying psychology now and it all goes well, although I hate the homework I still have. But it all goes well and with a bit of luck, I'll graduate in two years.

Evelyn studies English literature; she's planning to be a writer and she said it was a good thing if she knew what all the other writers made successful – to help her getting successful as well.

I can say things all turned out for the best. Daisy stayed far away from me ever since; after a year, I even got some apologies for why she behaved why she behaved. I told her it was okay.

Uncle David had had a relapse shortly after he had left the clinic, but we were there to support him this time – we sent him back to the clinic where he stayed for a week after leaving again. He's been clean ever since.

For the first time of my life, I can truly say I'm proud of my uncle. We're the best of friends right now and whenever he gets an old 'friend' who wants some weed from him, he hangs up immediately. Yes, I'm very proud of my uncle. We do quite some things together now and whenever I need advice in anything and my parents don't know – I immediately know who to call.

The accident with the three pupils comes up sometimes too. It helps us all to talk about it now and then, and when Evelyn's grandfather died, it certainly helped her – she had never really seen what death had done before, having had four grandparents. The shock was a little less.

After all those years, I can truly say I love her.

Again, it's tough to fall for your best friend. You'll have doubts to no end, you'll be in trouble for your feelings and you'll hate yourself for them. You won't want to tell them to anyone.

But the reward… I got Evelyn as my girlfriend now. Come to think of it, it kind of made sense.

First, we were brother and sister who lived in different houses. Then, we lived together. Then, we told each other we loved one another frequently. It only makes sense for the two of us to be in a relationship after that, come to think of it.

I can be glad for the things I had been through, for my happy ending.

The reward?

It completely makes up for all the doubts.

Author's Note: That's it! This was the epilogue, I hope you liked the story as a whole! I'm still working on a new story, and I'm not sure if I'm going to publish it in here - expect some one-shots coming from me, but I'm not sure if I'll post another ambitious multiple-chaptered story like this once again. Also, I'm in one of the toughest grades in Dutch high-school, the one before the last, so I'm currently more busy with school than with writing, unfortunately.

I hope you enjoyed the story about Edgar and Evelyn! Thank you to all my readers and everyone who took the time to review me! I hope you enjoyed reading the story as much as I loved writing it!

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