Someone Hold Me Safe and Warm
by Rei of Yandere

653 words to convince you that I'm still here.

My dear, you don't know what goes through my head. Perhaps you should know the story that I've told my friend, the one that makes me cry. The one about you who has had me captivated me for so long since we met.

My beautiful, I saw you while I was holding a book in my hand. You, apparently, had seen me before, but said nothing until that day while I sat in the front row of the lecture. You sat down next to me and started talking to me, and since then, we've been friends.

My angel, when we exchanged phone numbers, it took a lot of courage to finally call you. I guess I've always been like that—calling someone for the first time always is a challenge to me. But when we talked, I realized that I could talk to you forever. You became the highlight in my lonely day that I waited for. You were the only one who knew me. Everyone else thought of me as just another person to talk to. You were the only one who I could hold a conversation.

My eternity, I was inspired by you. Your art, your work…it only served as a need for me to get better. I cried so much about your beauty and skill. I wanted so much for you to love me! When you told me you loved me, I was at a loss of words. Love from you was probably the greatest thing that I could have been given.

My obsession, my family thought badly of you. I'll admit it—I'm sorry that I lied before when you asked. I just couldn't admit that anyone who was even close to me would dare to defy the laws of my close, limited world. It was you! You were my world.

My dream, I don't care what they think. I'd wait every day until 9:00 at night when I called you. We talked. Together, we created worlds of fantasy and romance and horror and torture. We were unstoppable. You told me stories about your life, your friends, your dreams! All I wanted was to be a closer part of your world. The forty-five minutes between us were a wall that I could not cross.

My fantasy, I waited. I nearly died every day. The fact that you were on the other end of the phone was all that I had to hold to. But it was enough! All I needed was to know that you still love me. I never did and never will care what my family thinks.

My nightmare, I cried today. I tried to stay strong during the morning, but it finally dawned on me that it's impossible. My family never liked my obsession that I had with you. I know that your family didn't like me, but I never thought they'd have the NERVE to try to break the bond that, to me, at least, is sacred.

My dear, you saw me cry. You hugged me and let me cry for a while. You let me cry at the hopelessness of the situation. Then you told me that it's okay, don't cry…be strong. I've cried for the past five hours on and off again, simply because it seems so hopeless.

My friend, I beg you to please wait. Please don't go! I need you so much. I have friends, so I won't be alone, but I still need you. You are my best friend. I held on through my parents saying that I shouldn't obsess over me. Although it's never been what your parents told you, I want you to do the same. Stay here with me. It'll be hard, but I need you. My dear, you've taken over me for so, so long. I put my trust in you. Please don't let it be misplaced.

Wait for me. We'll find a way to make this perfect.