Releasing the Hold

It's finally time I release this grip
The time has come to let this go
Before I stumble and before I slip...
Before I let this heartbreak show...

So many times that I've been left behind
With days so lonely they drag on forever
Well damn this all, I've made up my mind...
We were never meant to be together.

And so while you're away on another escapade
I'll pack up my belongings and run away
Since you're already busy, my memory will fade
I can't say I'm sorry for not wanting to stay.

I'd suggest that you put yourself in my place
But you'd never allow to sink that low
So how can you possibly look me in the face
And ignore all the pain you've caused to grow?

Or are you so convinced that you are right
That no matter what, you can never cause pain
It must be nice to have such a biased sight
So twisted that you'll never see my disdain...

And I'm no longer expecting you to even try
I'm turning my back and taking my leave
All I have to say to you now is goodbye...
I'll be sure to be gone before the eve.

It's a forceful separation that's been overdue
It's an ending to a story never meant to be.
I can no longer go on simply waiting for you...
It's time for the both of us to be set free.

So I take the knife into my hand's palm
And I grab the cord that's kept us together bound
I shred it in half and maintain my calm
As I turn and walk away without another sound.

If I ever shed a tear because of this death
I'll be sure that you never will know;
If ever I feel the regret of having left...
I'm making sure that to you it never shows.

And so with this message I abandon this place
This is the final result of continuous desertion
I'm releasing my hold and leaving this disgrace
Of all my pointless levels of over-exertion.