The Kittenvasion happened overnight.

Most all of us didn't see it coming. It's always the cute ones who smile to your face and then stab you in the back. In one night the human species had been turned from pet owners to pets. It was not a cuddly experience. Ruled by the iron fist (or fuzzy paw) of the Kitten race. Forced to scratch bellies, fetch milk and clean dirty cat boxes. We were like pigs to the slaughter; well, most of us.

There were those of us who were protected. Guarded by the only creatures with the technology to fight back. It was the dogs. Sent to us as guardian angels, to guide us to redemption and to push back the feline scourge. But there weren't enough of them. Too many us were convinced we were 'Cat People' and there were too many crazy cat ladies in the world; but no one would ever be a cat person again. Not after what we went through.

Though long known to humans, the blood feud between Cat and Dog ran deeper than we ever thought possible. Four thousand years ago in a city hidden in ancient Egypt; dogs lived their lives happily cut off from the world. Preferring to play only with each other. It was peace, until the feline Egyptian goddess Bastet became fed up with the humans. Quietly she set forth a plan that would take four thousand years to complete. Slowly inserting kittens into homes convincing humans that they were our protectors, biding their time until they could strike. We should have known.

Aware that the dogs were her only real threat she began to spread rumors destroying their reputations with mankind. Claiming dogs were untrustworthy beasts and no better than the demons of the underworld. Discounting even the jackal god Anubis (once known as the god of loyalty) until he was nothing more than a dead whisper. The Egyptians were convinced and four millennium later man still did not see through the disguise. It was the perfect plan.

The dogs tried their best to show us the truth. Chasing cats and squirrels (who are indeed Kittenformants) into trees and over fences, away from their human charges. Trying to communicate through interpretive tricks and sounds. And every time a human threw a stick, the dogs would be there to bring it back to us; ensuring that we were always armed. We should have paid more attention, but like many things we saw them as nothing more than our pets. Toys for us to play with. In reality, it was we who belonged to the dogs, each one assigned to keep a family safe. The more brave ones even moving into a house alongside a cat to keep the feline in check.

They were courageous, but as I said, too few in number. When the kittens had finally amassed their forces and set the plan in motion, the dogs knew it would be a losing battle. Their only choice was to go into hiding, taking with them any person who hadn't fallen to the cat. It was hard for mankind to understand at first. We had been so brainwashed into thinking that the animal was less intelligent than us. But we understand the truth now. The truth that when you hear the soft purring of a kitten, it is already too late.

A full decade later, the war still rages. A battle between our protectors and our usurpers. The dogs limit themselves to utilizing guerrilla tactics, fighting only the battles they know they can win. We humans help when we can but it took many of us a long time before we could harm those adorable faces we had come to love. Most of man's resources has gone into forging weapons for the canine forces. Using an ingenious projectile form of catnip to cause disorder in the kitten ranks. It is a struggle to say the least and in ten years we still seem to be fighting a losing battle. I'm not sure how much longer we will last.

Most of what we can only assume is the rest of the rebellion have holed up in a fortified city known as Waggletail, near the ruins of Los Angeles. Deep behind the protection of the last Terrier Barrier, we have survived nearly six years. Owing our lives to those dogs who have now earned our undying respect. But resources are running out and the Terriers (the fiercest of the canine warriors) are waning in numbers, putting too much energy into holding the wall. We won't las long indeed.

The cat is meowing at our doorstep as it were, begging to be let in for dinner.

I write this as a warning to those who may have doubts, to those who might not see through the clever disguise. Beware the cat! Pay attention to your guard dogs, watch them closely and look for the signs. But above all when your dog fetches a stick for you, instead of discarding it, use it on the nearest kitten you see. You will thank me one day. Trust me, because ten years ago I was saved from these invading devils by my best friend and dog. And everyday I wake up and thank Baxter (Corporal Bax as he is known now) for showing me the truth. For giving me hope.

If you are reading this then I a most likely dead. Take heed the message and spread the word amongst any who would listen. If you are one of the lucky ones to have a dog as your companion than I say fear not, because dogs are indeed a man's best friend and for now, you are safe. But to those of you who would defend the cat; invite it into your home and give it a bowl of milk, I say this:

'My name is Tyler McNamara; survivor of the invasion, protector of the truth and perhaps most important of all; I am a dog owner, and I'm proud of it...'

~Tyler McNamara. May, 13 2019

Ten years after the Cattack.