Tony draws a line, perfectly

Sculpted in its thickness. The

White powder beckons me to

Take it inside of me and I

Don't refuse. I am


It used to

Hurt, but now the pain has

Sent me numb. Soon

Enough the buzz flutters through

My system and I'm floating

High above the world. I am


Nothing can bring me

Down from my throne.

Trouble is my

Destiny, an opportunity I

Won't pass up. Anything to get the

Next line. I'm up for it. I am


Stealing money, forging

Checks, manipulating everyone

I know. Anything to get another

Hit. I don't care what happens to

My family. They abandoned me,

There's no point in protecting

Them. Tony and the line,

They're all I need, want. I am


Guns to my head, sexual

Favors, the crash and burn.

Baby, draw me another line.

I just want another hit. Give

Me the buzz, back up and

Give me the space to breath.

I need to breathe. Just another

One more line. I am


Anything for another hit,

Just one more line. Nothing

Is at risk. All I see is the line,

Crushed by a razor and

Drawn out tight. Another

High, another day. Robbing

A convenience store, breaking into my

Mother's bank account, forging more

Checks. A day in the life of an addict.

I am forever


A/N: Drug addiction. I know its a touchy subject for a lot of people, but I felt that I had to write it. I haven't gone through it, but I have friends and family that have. Addiction is a scary thing and no one is invincible.

Inspired by Ellen Hopkins's Crank and Glass.