boys tell lies and i know that, i know that but
i'd like to believe them sometimes 'cause maybe
one of them has a conscience and maybe he
won't let me fall so hard

maybe he'll hold my hand while i'm throwing up or
he'll tell me he loves me very much

i'm not looking for eternity, just somebody who
doesn't lie to me

the application has been drawn up, i'm just waiting
for boys to fill it out and whisper sweet nothings into
my ears 'cause i'm stuck in a jane austen novel and
i just want my romance, please

'cause my mommy told me fairy tales when i was a
little girl and nobody told me otherwise, grew up
relying on silly stories and now i'm finding that they're
not true

but i keep a place open in my heart in case anybody wants
to prove me wrong with a bouquet of wildflowers and
a silly smile

no prince charming for me, just somebody who will
hold me

and he'll be honest when he lies next to me and says he
loves me, finally