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By Triple Vice

It was hard to look at him, sometimes. Well…it was hard to look at him without staring. It was also, ironically, hard not to look at him.

She could blame it on that time of the month, partially. She'd just rid herself of the woman's curse, but the lingering after-affects were really messing with her head. She wanted. Oh, how badly she wanted…and he was there, conveniently hovering around, trying to look cool. Offhandedly helping her out. Sometimes hovering around just to hold a conversation with someone that didn't really go anywhere. Well…the conversation didn't go anywhere. He did. Then he'd conveniently wander back in her direction, doing another job that conveniently needed doing.

Ah…he looked so delicious. Stupid thoughts, really, but she'd gone maybe a little too long without any male attention whatsoever. All right, well, there'd actually been none. For a twenty two year old, she'd been uniquely uninterested in most of the males that came her way. It made for lonesome longings and the occasional bout of smoldering, aching, demanding need.

Like today. Something was different today. When he walked up to help, he picked up one of the lifejackets and toyed with it. She grinned, and suggested that he might put it away. He nodded absently and grabbed a few off the stack to take them back to the tack house. When he came back, she chuckled.

"You could try to do something useful," she said. He gave a small smile.

"Yeah," he said. "Honestly, I'm just trying to look busy."

"I'm willing to help with that," she said, and handed him another of the lifejackets she'd reassembled.

She watched him work, for a while. He wasn't very devoted to his job, and he seemed to have a sort of listless way about him that made him appear at first to be one of those losers who don't give a damn about anything in life.

…But, cheesy as this sounded, he did actually work hard when he got down to it. She'd stumbled on him at the gym once, and realized then, in part. He worked hard at the things he considered worth the effort. For some reason, she found that kind of…sexy. Well, that and the way all that gym time had filled him out. She was so tired of skinny men without an ounce of muscle on them, and this one…well, he didn't fit that bill. He was the kind of muscled that filled out just about any shirt and made it look good. And, while she'd caught him doing his share of looking, she liked to look too. Especially now, when he was heading away from her and no one else was looking.

Oh, wow.

She smiled to herself as he put away the last of the lifejackets and she was left to put up the rest of the gear. She'd been there for six months. He'd been around for a year. Apparently the boss was more impressed with her work, but Tyler didn't care. He just did his job, got his paycheck, and left. He went out to drink when he felt like it, went to the gym more often, and put more effort into his college classes than into his part time job.

She liked him. She wasn't sure why, because she usually liked guys who put a lot more…effort(?) into life. Maybe it was better to say enthusiasm. Either way, he was laid back, and she hadn't liked him much when she first came. However, she'd learned that he had been in the Army, and had served two terms in Iraq. When she got him talking about that, he didn't…quite…brag, but had quite a few good things to say about himself. And sometimes, despite his attempts to make himself look good, he seemed She found it kind of endearing.

All right. Maybe it was just the muscles making everything else easier to overlook. He was pretty damn hot. Pretty DAMN hot. He came in wearing a t-shirt to pick up his paycheck once, and she just wanted to run her hands up his arms. And maybe across his chest. Then up his back.

She blushed as she finished tying the ropes up and walked toward the building that housed the business side of their rafting-for-tourists. It was sectioned off from the rest of the buildings, so when he walked up to—surprise, surprise—put something away right over her shoulder, she grinned. He was standing so close she could feel the heat of his body.

She pretended not to notice, and stepped back against him.

"Oops, sorry," she said as she pulled away and turned to look at him. He was about her height, so with just a little shifting her hand had managed to bump against something important.

"Nah, it's fine," he said, and started to walk away.

Grr. This boy was just NEVER going to make a move.

"Hang on," she said, and stepped up as he paused and turned back.

"You wanna go tubing tomorrow?" she asked. "We both have the day off."

He turned to look at the building for some reason. "Um…sure. I don't have anything going on until the evening."

"How does one sound?"

"Sounds good. Where?"

She grinned. "I know of a great stretch of river not too far from here. Hardly anyone ever goes though because it's hard to get to. I'll lead?"

He nodded, and that was that. She hoped honestly that he was like any guy and had more than tubing in his plans.


They met up in a grocery lot, and he threw his tube in the back of her suburban and jumped in. They took off, and twenty minutes later, she pulled into a good spot by the river and put it into park.

"We'll hike from here," she said, and they pulled their tubes out and dumped them by the water. She'd worn clothes over her bikini, so she pulled those off and tossed them in the front seat, then bent to retie her running shoes. Very comfortable items, by the way, to tube in. She would have cut herself on quite a few rocks if she hadn't worn them.

She looked up to find him watching her, his shirt in his hand. He edged up to the side of her door.

"Do you mind?" he asked. She shook her head, and he tossed the shirt into the front seat.

Oh…wow. And she'd thought he looked good IN a shirt. Her heart was pumping a little faster just from the sight of his finely muscled flesh. She turned her back on him to lock the door…and to let her naughty grin loose where he couldn't see it. Really. The guy HAD to be about as shallow as she was turning out to be, with a body like that. Or at least he must have some pride in himself, if he'd been willing to put so much work into shaping himself like a billboard body god.

"Ready?" she asked, and he nodded.

"We have everything?" he asked.

She held up her keys.

He shrugged. "Then let's go."

They grabbed their tubes and started hiking. She led, and he followed. He'd left his shoes on too, so by the time they reached their destination half an hour later, their feet weren't bloody and bleeding. Actually, she was feeling hot and sweaty, and ready for a dip in the cool water.

He was the one to call a halt though.

"Here looks good," he said.

She turned back to grin. "You don't want to go any further?"

He shook his head. "The river hooks around that way, it looks like," he said, and pointed to their left. "We haven't heard it for a while so I'm guessing it'll take longer to get back to the truck anyway."

"And besides, you don't want to go any farther than you have to, right?"


She chuckled and shifted her tube to head for the water. "Then let's go!"

They had to climb down the embankment at the river's edge, and then navigate out into the current to hop on their tubes, and she ended up drifting downstream when he got caught on some rocks. Laughing, she reached down into the water and grabbed a large rock to anchor herself while he swore in frustration and got up off his tube. He had to walk back out into the river again to try once more, and by then he'd finally caught up with her.

"Try two?" she asked.

"Hell yeah," he said. "Except, I forgot the beer."

"You won't need it," she promised as she started getting carried down the river.

There were a lot of rapids on this stretch of the river, which was why she'd chosen it. They were rough, but survivable in a tube, and tons of fun to ride through. He kept getting turned around, and she whooped and squealed as the current tossed her from one side of the river to the other, over waves and down small waterfalls with huge boulders at either end. She had to kick off a few of the boulders she didn't manage to steer around, but for the most part neither of them got stuck. The waves crashed over her and soaked her bikini, plastered her hair to her head, and tried to flip her over a few times. Didn't work though.

It did, however, manage to flip her cohort. He yelled out as he went under, and laughed when he came back up. She'd only ever seen him laugh once, and she decided it was definitely something she wanted to see again.

"Did you see that?" he yelled. "I didn't even see that rock. Fuck. I think my tube got torn."

She was laughing too hard to respond, because it is great fun to see a guy go flying through the air with an 'oh shit' look plastered all over his face. She reached out to grab one of the huge boulders sticking out of the water and ended up overreaching herself. Her laughter died as she swore, and then…

She was in the water, trying to grab hold of her tube before it outpaced her down the river. It was a near thing, but fortunately she had fast reflexes and managed to grab it before it went too far.

She was laughing by the time she'd pulled off to the side, swimming since her feet didn't touch ground in the middle of the river, and he swam up beside her. She flopped onto the rocks and looked up at the sky, gasping for breath around her laughter.

"That was awesome," he said, still chuckling, and sat down beside her.

"So graceful, right?" she reached up to wipe tears out of her eyes, along with the gallons of river water that her short hair was dumping into them.

"I don't think mine's gonna make it back," he said, and she pushed up just enough to look at his deflated tube.

"It does look kind of…deflated," she said, and chuckled again before she managed to get her laughter under control. "Wanna ride mine? I can sit in your lap and we'll still ride down. It's big enough."

Besides, it would be the perfect setup.

He nodded and pushed to his feet. "Sure. Let's get going."

When he walked over and offered her his hand, she took it and he pulled her to her feet. Only, she tripped and 'fell' against him. Hey. Girls have to be devious sometimes.

Except it didn't quite work. They both stumbled back, and there just so happened to be a boulder right behind his foot, and there just so happened to be—fortunately—a tide pool behind that. They toppled, he swore, she switched to German and swore, and the water rose up to envelope them both.

He hissed in pain, a sentiment she heartily echoed, and she pushed up to see if he was okay. There were about two feet of water in the tide pool, just enough for there to be cushion for the fall, and not enough for it to feel like a feather mattress.

"You okay? Anything broken?" she asked, and as she was pushing up, she lost her balance and reached down for something to steady her.

"Whoa!" he cried out when her hand went between his legs, and she yanked her hand back.

"I'm so sorry!" she said. He held a hand up.

"It's okay," he said.

"Did it hurt?" She was cursing her idiocy with every cuss word she knew. When she ran out, she made up a few.

He shook his head.

"You're sure?"

"I'm fine," he said, and looked up finally. When he met her gaze and saw her expression, he gave a small smile and shook his head. "Don't worry, it'll be okay…" He trailed off.

It wasn't too difficult to see where his gaze was suddenly directed, and she realized with belated modesty that she was straddling him, and she was leaning far enough forward that the little bit of cloth covering her breasts was looking like even less.

He looked back up at her, and they both knew where he'd been looking. It settled between and around them, until everything that hadn't been said somehow seemed to voice itself. He leaned forward and kissed her softly, just a touch on the lips, to see if she would pull away.

She didn't, so he went in a second time, his cool wet lips probing against hers, still asking how far she was going to let him go. When she opened her mouth, he got his permission, and his tongue plunged into her mouth as his hands slid around her waist. She leaned forward a little to run her hands up his chest, so glad to finally touch him like she'd wanted for so long. He tasted good too. Mm. She hadn't expected that. Ah. Naughty boy had moved his hands to her ass…

She inhaled sharply when their kiss broke, and looked back up at him. They just watched each other for a moment, and she had no doubt that the lust in her eyes was plain for all to see, like it was in his. He wanted her as bad as she wanted him.

She reached up behind her as she held his gaze, deliberately, and felt for the clasp to her top. His gaze dropped as her strap came loose and the top hung limp across her chest, and he reached up to move the swim top away, his hands running over her breasts as he pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. She leaned in for another kiss, and the tiny bit of cloth covering her hips went next, in short order, as she eased off him and onto the rocks again. He followed, pushing his swim trunks down as he did, and as she laid back on the smaller rocks he leaned down to kiss her breasts, sucking on them lightly as she spread her legs for him and he braced himself over her.

There wasn't much foreplay, but then, she hadn't really wanted any. After he kissed his way back up to her mouth, he just reached down to position himself and pushed in. She gasped against him as his entry rocked her whole body, and again when he pulled out and repeated the move.

Mm. Ah…Yes. She loved the way he felt in her, and she loved the way his muscled back felt under her hands. She gasped, she moaned, she told him harder. He obliged, ramming into her hard enough to make the rocks under her clink against each other. She panted beneath him as his hard penis slid through her, teasing her, filling her, shoving into her ovulary to ripple through her nerves like hard liquor. The sensations he shot through her drove her wild, and she threw her hips up to meet him with every thrust, her legs hooked around him to weasel every inch of penetration that she could get. Her body danced against him, craving contact, pressing against his hard body, skin against skin, her breasts sliding across his chest as she writhed madly beneath him. Her body rocked to his rhythm, longing for it, thriving on it.

He let out an explosive moan and lifted himself away from their kiss, breathing hard, and settled his hands on her waist for the home run. He dropped his gaze to her legs, and watched himself ram into her, concentrating on the pressure that was building, and on thrusting into her with everything he had. His tempo increased, and soon she found herself rocking back and forth at a breakneck speed, nearing the crest. She cried out with every breath as the heat built until her passion was almost blinding.

She screamed his name as her body arced, and he cried out as he came into her orgasm, their passion crashing together in her womb as their bodies succumbed to mindless lust.

Then they were both on the rocks, panting hard as they tried to gather their energy back. Her eyes rolled upwards, unwilling to open fully, one hand lying on a breast. She lifted the soft weight, pressing it up, sliding her hand over it, and then back down, over her stomach and between her legs to where his seed was spilling out of her. She lifted her fingers to catch its scent, and finally opened her eyes. She should wash it off.

She pushed herself up, slowly, to walk into the shallows of the river. She knelt, legs spread, to scoop up the water and splash it over herself, rubbing her fingers over the lips of her sex to wash away their cum. She repeated it, slowly, knowing he watched, and pushed her fingers into herself once or twice just to savor the sensations. With her other hand she threw water over her breasts, rubbing them as well, though it was more just to touch them than it was to wash them. She sighed as she squeezed one, hard, and imagined it was his hand. Her fingers pushed in a little harder.

Maybe they could do this again. Maybe not. She hoped so. All she knew was that it had been too long, and oh, how he felt so good. She gave a little moan, and with the soft exhalation of breath, she moved her hands back into the water and rinsed them off.

Then she felt his hands slipping around her waist, and her tube bumped against her hip.

"Come on," he said, and slipped his hand between her legs as he pulled her back against him…and onto the tube.

She moaned softly, reaching down to put her hand over his. His palm had pressed against her pelvis, and his fingers were pressing into her slowly. "Where are our swimsuits?" she gasped.

"Doesn't matter," he said as the current took them. He reached around to pull her lower legs back, and folded them by her sides.

"Are there rapids along this part of the river?" he asked.

"Not for a while yet," she said, and grinned as he lifted her hips and felt his swollen penis skid along the crevice between her legs to find her vagina. It bobbed against her…he was so eager. So hard. She braced her knees on either side of him and looked down, then reached down to guide him into her. Her fingers went in too as she sat back down, and she gasped.

The tube started to tip, and she froze. "Careful," he said, and slid his hands up over her hips, down her legs and pulled her knees wide. She braced her hands on the front of the tube as he leaned back. "Careful," he said again, and she pulled up again, slowly. Then she lowered herself down on him, every agonizing inch like fireworks going off in her nerves. She had been holding her breath, but as her movement drove him deeper into her guts it forced its way out in a moan.

Lust. Lust. Lust. She lusted for him. More of him. More of this pleasure. She sat back all the way, and he was in. All the way in.

"Oh…" she lifted a hand to press it against her lower abdomen, putting pressure on the thing that was deep inside her. She squirmed, shifting him around just a little as she pulled up, then sat back down, then up, and back down. In and out, he filled her up and then left her empty. Again and again and again. Repetitive, hypnotic, heady. His hands ranged up and down her body, from her breasts to her hips to her legs, his murmurs soft and encouraging. He grunted with her, then sighed.

It was funny, how she seemed to hear her humping gasps from a distance, as if she were looking down on herself and shaking her head. The water took them along, lifting them and dropping them with the currents. They drifted freely, and it was partly the smooth lull of the water that made her so wild with sensations. Mmm….ahh….it was so amazing.

He came just after she did, and she sat back finally to rest in his lap, pulling her legs forward to dangle them off the tube next to his. He wrapped his arms around her, and they shared a smile then before she nestled her head into the crook of his shoulder.

Mm. She felt satisfied now…but she doubted this would go anywhere. She stared out over the river and realized she may have made a mistake. She'd actually liked this guy, and they never stuck around after you just hand them the only thing they're looking for.

Her spirits sunk the closer they got to their vehicles, though the rapids definitely added a little amusement to the journey. Splashing over the liquid version of Mount Everest is a lot of fun no matter what mood you're in, and attempting to land gently—and non-damagingly—on a man's lap after flying through the air is both awkward and highly hilarious. She squealed as the currents tossed them around, and they laughed. He threw his hands up in the air, and they bellowed with childish glee as the last rollercoaster took them plunging into a watery wall at the bottom. She hung on and he sprawled beneath her as the wave splashed over them, nearly washing them from the tube.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the WINNERS!!" he shouted as they drifted beyond the rapids, dripping wet and laughing.

She pumped a fist into the air. "We have prevailed!"

It was only then, of course, that they realized there were two men on the side of the river. Laughing, she crossed her legs, covered her breasts with one hand and gave a saucy wave. He just tucked both hands behind his head and leaned back with a cocky posture, and they passed by on their tube with no response. She burst out laughing around the next bend.

"I wish I had a camera," she said. "Did you see the looks on their faces?"

He grinned at her. "They couldn't believe such a beautiful girl was with a guy like me," he said, and her mirth faded as she turned to look at him.


He just leaned forward to kiss her on the nose. "Nevermind. We're here."

Sure enough, they'd arrived back at their starting point. If it hadn't been for the distraction though, they would have just passed up the cars.

She would have asked him what he meant if not for the distraction, because as soon as they climbed out of the water she suddenly felt a little more self-conscious than she had in the water. They went to their separate vehicles and threw on their clothes, and he ended up back at her door before she'd even gotten her shoes back in place.

"Hey," he said as he leaned against the car.

She looked up, trying not to feel a little embarrassed with herself now. It was stupid, but there all the same. "Yeah?"

He looked down at his feet. "Um, do you want to have dinner sometime?"

Uh oh. She straightened from putting on her shoe and tried to think of an articulate way to put it… "Um, sure, but…it's not like I do this all the time…"

He rushed to clarify. "Well, sure, I know…"

She did too. "…I mean I don't do it with just anyone…"

"Yeah. I realize that I was just hoping for dinner."

She shrugged. "I suppose so then."



"Then it's a date."

She grinned. "Sounds good."


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