Madison woke first. She was always an early riser and had enjoyed watching many a sun rise. This time she watched Chantelle sleep next to her. Madison turned her head to the side wondering how she was going to kiss Chantelle without waking her. Her thoughts changed to something else and sadness touched her face. She climbed from the bed carefully and started getting dressed. She quietly reached for her gun belt.

"So, I'm not even going to get a note this time?" Chantelle lifted her head.

Madison faced her and didn't know what to say.

"As if last night made any difference.." sulked Chantelle.

"No, it didn't," Madison shook her head. "I mean yes, my feelings for you have never changed. I love you, I always have and I always will."

Chantelle dropped her head back and covered her eyes, "Just go."

"I promise you, when I find our dream... I will send for you."

Chantelle shook her head, "Do you even know what our dream is?"

"Yes of course, our own little homestead, animals. When I find that over the border, then I will send for you."

"That's not my dream, that was yours," growled Chantelle.

Madison sat on the bed, "I don't understand, I thought it was what you wanted too."

Chantelle shook head, gritting her teeth, "Get out."

"I promise you Chantelle, I will send for you," reaffirmed Madison.

Chantelle didn't respond and rolled away. Madison picked up her bag and frowned.

"You will come when I send for you, right?" she asked, waiting for confirmation.

Chantelle said nothing and would not meet her eyes.


Madison walked back to the bed, "Chantelle, you will come, right?"

Madison didn't like what she was seeing. When she bent down, Chantelle turned her head away from the kiss. Madison kissed her cheek and moved to the door. She dropped her bag of money back to the corner. It was of no use to her if Chantelle wasn't going to be part of the dream.

Madison didn't know what more to say, her heart ripped apart. She put her hat on down over her eyes and left. Chantelle buried her head into the pillow and cried once the door closed.

Madison retrieved her horse from the stable and tightened up the saddle. She stepped into the stirrup and up into the saddle. She was about to kick the horse into motion when Chantelle ran up.

"Wait... Maddy, wait."

Madison dismounted immediately, "Chantelle, what is it?" she asked,her eyes darting around the street.

Chantelle grabbed her arms, "You really want me in your life?"

Madison nodded, "Heck yeah, I promise I will send for you."

Chantelle shook Madison to shut her up.

"No. If you leave today, then take me with you. If you don't, then don't send for me. Don't even bother coming back for me because I won't be waiting. It's today or never, your choice Maddy."

Madison nervously watched the street where people were gathering. She felt uneasy at people just standing on the corner looking at them.

"Madison, " Chantelle shook her arm again. "Are you hearing me?"

Madison wrapped arms around Chantelle and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yes, come with me, just let's go now."

"I need to pack, take some things."

"No... there is no time, please Chantelle, we must hurry."

A voice from behind Chantelle spoke loudly, "Madison Cooper, I hereby arrested you for the murder of 3 people."

Chantelle looked at the lawman behind her and back at Madison, whose head had dropped.

"I'm sorry..." Madison whispered, not lifting her eyes to Chantelle.

"Madison, you didn't... " Chantelle gasped, shocked at what she just heard.

She had known Madison most of her life and even though she could get angry Madison never hurt anyone.

"They took it from me, I didn't know what to do, they were laughing at me, I was just so angry at them," cried Madison. "I'm sorry Chantelle, please forgive me."

Chantelle looked at the lawman, "It's not her fault, they tricked her, she didn't know what they were doing."

The lawman shook his head, "Stupidity is no excuse for shooting 3 people down in cold blood, now come with me Miss Cooper."

Madison's tears fell, "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry," she stuttered.

Chantelle knew if she went into custody, she would be found guilty and sent to jail, possiby hang for her crime. She couldn't deal with that, not losing her a second time.

"Madison, " Chantelle said calmly, "listen to me." She took her hands and kissed them. "I love you.... and I'll find you, " she said quietly.

Madison frowned unsure what Chantelle meant.

Chantelle took a deep breath, "Maddy get out of here now!"

With all her strength, Chantelle rammed her elbow into the lawman's ribs, taking him by surprise. He doubled over, the wind knocked from him.

"Get outtta here!" screamed Chantelle.

Madison was in her saddle and kicked the horse hard. It galloped down the main street.

The lawman got up but Chantelle got in his way. "It's not her fault, she didn't know any better."

"Git out my way woman, " he threw her to the ground. "Get after her!" he yelled to his men.

Madison looked over her shoulder, no one had yet followed. She knew it was an hour to the border, a new country, they couldn't touch her. All she had to do was out ride them. She was almost at the edge of town.

Chantelle got up and ran down the road pulling at the lawman.

"Please..... please, just let her go, I'll do anything."

Shots were fired and Chantelle screamed..

Madison was at the edge of the town when someone from the side of a building stepped out and raised his rifle firing off two shots, both hitting Madison in the chest.

The force took Madison by surprise, she instantly felt weak and fell from her horse.

Madison eyes flicked open, she couldn't move, she felt pain and trouble breathing, her eyes hazy, she tried to speak but no words left her mouth.

Chantelle ran down the street screaming until she was upon Madison and collapsed next to her, cradling her.

"Noooo, noooo, nooo, Maddy, don't do this, don't you leave me again," she screamed into her.

She held onto Madison until the life slowly and completely extinguished from her lover.

People now gathered around, not knowing of Madison Cooper, just the knowledge she was another outlaw brought to justice at the hands of the law.

I know, you don't have to tell me the ending sucks, I agree. Madison was never lucky ;)

cheers sneekie