Ode to Coffee

I feel a little crazy

Crazy feeling good

Perhaps it's just the caffeine

Cracking up my mood


Could it be?

This wondrous drink

Has taken to my mind

And made me feel so happy

Like I wanna dance

And sing really loud

And then I want

To have a bit more

To I can't help wondering

How much in my blood

And is it possible

Drinking so much

It could be detected

In some sort of blood test

Well I suppose not

Though it could be quite fun

To learn that my blood

Is half made from coffee

My legs keep on jumping

'Till people yell


Sometimes the yelling

Isn't needed at all

As I know to well

What an evil glare means

Coffee is really

What keeps me alive

It makes me sing

Makes me dance

Makes me unable to sleep

Then because

I'm so frigging tired

I drink some more

So the circle goes round