Ryan Duff walked down the shool hall towards the exit. He wasnt one to show off his looks even though he was hotter than all the guys put together in the school, he liked to keep to himself, I guess that's why he was branded as the shool loner . He had jet black hair and mezmerizing green eyes that just made you want to melt into a puddle right then and there. He wasnt always a loner he was the most popular guy in our shool but something happened 2 years ago and he just...changed.

We were best friends and so close but he just pushed everyone away including me.

I tried talking to him about it but .. he just, I felt tears well up in my eyes. I cant rember this I WONT remember it.

As hard as i tried to push away the tears they just kept coming . I couldnt let anyone see me so I ran straight for the door .

At the corner of my eyes i saw a pair of familiar eyes just staring at me with..hurt and regret ?.

I shut everything out and bolted for my car.

I opened my eyes and found myself in my bed room. Staring up at the ceiling i saw the stars that we painted there all those night back.

"Chrissy, why dont we paint stars on the ceiling like our own galaxy and we can name all of the stars ourselves" His 7 year old self said to me.

" Thats a great idea" we crept downstairs to the garage to get the paint. We were supposed to be sleeping so we had to be extra quiet.

We crept back up into my room and startedgetting ready to paint

" Ry are we going to be bestfriends forever" I asked him

He came over to me and gave me a big hug " Of course we are Chrissy. I love you"

" I love you too Ry."

I started sniffling.

"Dont cry" he said wiping my tears

" No no its good crying like mommy when she's watching the her romance movies" I laughed

He looked kinda nervous " chrissy can I k-ki-kiss you?" a deep blush envoloped his face and mine.

" ermm...ok" my face got hotter and apparantly redder .

We leaned in to each other and our lips met. He pulled back almost automatically

" W-what did you think?"he asked

"it s not like my moms romantic movies .. but it was... nice" i looked up and met his green eyes . We blushed

" i think we should..erm get back to erm ..painting?"

" yup.. yeah painting"

We returned to our painting, but it soon got boring so we decided to have a paint fight. I think we got too loud cause mom came in and started giving out.

she told us to go back to bed and finish tomorrow.

we crept back in to my bed and fell asleep with huge grins on our faces.

I was crying freely now. Letting all the tears flow, wishing we could get get back to the way we were . I missed my best friend and i needed him back

I needed him back.

so what do you think i was feeling very emotional cause i just finished wathing this really sad movie.

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