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"Christina" my dad yelled up the stairs "come on we need to leave now"

I lived with my dad in a 3 bedroom apartment, we moved out of our old house because it was too big for just the two of us. My parents separated when I was 10, it was a rough time yeah but I always had my best friend to pull me through it.

My eyes immediately started to water and my vision blurred slightly, I shut my eyes and shook it off.

I peeled myself from my bed and hastily began searching for something, anything to wear. I settled for jeans, a black spaghetti strap top and a cardigan, throwing on the first pair of shoes I saw.

I grabbed my bag and headed down the hall towards the kitchen, shutting my bedroom door behind me.

"Hey dad" I bent down and gave his bearded cheek a soft kiss; I grabbed a croissant off the table and sped out towards the front door.

"Bye Hun. Wait will you hang on a sec?" I loved my dad, really I truly did, but he was very perceptive and loved butting into people's business. It was one of the traits I disliked the most about him.

I stopped in my tracks and slowly began to turn around; my dad was directly behind me, his dark hair was wavy and stopped at his jaw. He was one of those dads that wore skinny jeans and waistcoats but still looked really cool and not at all cheesy. My parents married quite young so he was still in his mid thirties.

"Hey daddy what's wrong" I asked

"Last night I heard you crying are you all right?" He looked sad for me and it absolutely broke my heart.

"Dad look I'm alright I just had a bad day that's all, I'm perfectly fine see" I plastered a huge grin on my face "There's absolutely nothing wrong okay?"

I searched his eyes wondering if he bought any of it. It seemed as much but he wasn't completely fooled.

He pulled me in for a huge bear hug. "You know you can talk to me about anything"

"I know that" I smiled. "So... can I go now?"

He chuckled then released me "yeah you can go; hey do you want a lift to school? I'm going to the gallery anyway"

My dad was an artist, he grew up not really needing much, his family was well off so my grandparents urged him to always follow his dream so about 2 years ago he bought a gallery and has been showcasing his art there.

"Err no I'm good" I shook my head "I think I'll just walk it's not too far"

I opened the door and waved at my dad as he said goodbye.

I was walking towards the school, about halfway there when I felt a drop of water on me. I looked up to see dark clouds forming.

The rain began to get heavier, I held my folder up over my head, but the rain just kept getting heavier.

I spotted a bus stop and ran over to get shelter. I grabbed my phone about to call my dad when I heard a car honking.

I stopped and looked up.

There he was, in his range rover.


He rolled down the passenger window. "Hey."

There were a few minutes of silence, him staring at my brown eyes and I at his green, while the rain continued to pelt the ground.

He snapped out of it, shaking his tousled black hair. "Do you...Would you...erm...like a lift?" his voice was deep and husky. It was also tinted with a bit of an Irish accent when he talked for long periods of time.

"Yes...Thank you" he opened the door and I hopped in. I looked at him. "Sorry to ....Thanks for the lift."

He smiled for a moment then it disappeared, He pulled out onto the road

I grabbed a go-go off my wrist then tied my wet long wavy black hair up in a messy ponytail, never failing to catch this.

"What?" I asked, turning to face him. He was dressed in a black shirt, leather jacket and skinny jeans. He looked gorgeous. I know we were friends, best friend but I always knew he was hot and I never denied it. But I sure as hell didn't have feelings for him.

"What what?" he looked so serious, it made me feel so odd; he was never serious around me except when he was playing video games.

"You were smiling about something, you know what? Never mind" I sat up straight and shut up.

He sighed. "You used to always say thank you and sorry when you were nervous" he smirked; first in a while "Do I make you nervous?" He stopped at the red light and looked over at me.

The look he gave me made me blush. I punched his arm "Shut up "I smiled.

"Ouch, that really hurt you know" he stuck his tongue out at me. I laughed.

The green light came on and he drove on.

"You never answered my question" he said in a sing-song voice.

"Of course you make me nervous, you always have."

He stopped smiling then, and turned into the school, he found a spot near the main building.

He stopped the car and we just sat there.

"You can get out now." all humour gone from his voice.

I looked down, my bottom lip trembling.

"No Chris don't...don't do that."

"Do what? You're the one who's doing everything; you've just been avoiding me lately and I think I deserve to know why." I looked up into his eyes, searching for anything.

There was a brief flash of vulnerability in his eyes but it disappeared as soon as it arrived.

"You know that's what I thought." I was about to open the door when he caught my wrist. I turned around to face him.

"Please just don't be mad okay, I'm sorry" he released my hand, looking just as upset as I was.

I was about to say something more but thought better of it. "Goodbye Ry."

I opened the door and jumped out into the once heavy rain and now light drizzles.

"Christina" I paused wondering where the voice was coming from "over here" I turned around to find Vanessa. My heart sunk like 50 feet.

We weren't the best of friends but we weren't enemies either. She was what you would call a 'frenemy'.

She had plastic blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs. The basic Barbie look. And she was just as smart also.

"so I saw you this morning" she gave me a look. The 'wtf bitch' look "getting into Ryan's car"

"Yeah he gave me a lift in this morning" I forced a smile and walked towards my locker. "it was raining pretty bad."

She nodded "if you say so" she tossed her hair and put on a fake smile "so I was thinking about having a party this weekend"

I groaned inwardly, I absolutely hated parties, it was a lot of unnecessary stress and I couldn't handle that right now.

I reached my locker the opened it up, and then turned to face her. "erm I don't think I can go to this one v."

"Whatever, I was wondering if you could ask Ryan for me, I mean I know how close you are, oops I mean were" she smiled another fake smile.

I narrowed my eyes at her "I'm not going to ask him, you can do that all by yourself for all I care." I turned back to my locker and began exchanging my books.

"You know what you're right, he'd probably say no to you anyways." she stopped smiling and walked away,

What a bitch I thought.

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