Chapter 2

Katina was able to find her way back to the house when she was done at the factory. As William had predicted, dinner was ready and waiting on the table for her when she walked through the door.

William, Mary and the O'Flaherty's were all seated at the table. There were two empty seats along one side.

"Come sit down dearie." said Mary motioning toward one of the empty seats. As Katina sat down, someone took the seat next to her.

"When Aunt Maura said she brought a Russian girl back, I had a feeling she was talking about you." whispered the person into Katina's ear. She recognized the young male voice right away. She turned toward him. Luke was sitting there, a teasing smile on his handsome face, and his blue eyes shining like never before. Perhaps it was due to the fact, he actually had his hat off.

"Katina, this our son Luke." said Mary. Katina blushed.

"We've already met." she said staring down at her lap, as she unfolded her napkin.

"You're cheeks are starting to match that dark red hair of yours." teased Luke, whispering into Katina's ear.

Katina ignored him and turned toward Donegal.

"May I have the plate of potatoes please."


March, 1918

Katina had been in America now for a little over a month. She liked the new life she had. Every morning after breakfast, she and Mary would walk down to the factory and work there until sunset. They'd then head home and join the rest of the family for dinner. Luke would sometimes be there, sometimes not. He had no job, and was usually in and out of the house for long periods of time. Mary and William never talked about it, but Katina sensed it did bother them that their son was never really around.

As for Katina, she loved being at the boarding house and getting to know the O'Flaherty's young children. Colleen, the oldest, was seven and loved to learn. Katina had found out that their life in Ireland wasn't the greatest and so none of the children had ever been to school. In the evenings, Katina and Colleen would sit by the fire and Katina would slowly teach her how to read. It made Katina miss the times she had teaching her younger siblings how to read. Often times, she would have to take a break and go up to her room to cry.

After breakfast one morning, Katina headed back up to her room to get ready for work, much like she did every morning. As she pulled her red-brown hair into an up sweep, she leaned against the window and watched the golden sun melt away what was left of winter snow and ice. She continued to get ready, tying a simple white apron around her waist as, and hiked up her dress sleeves to her elbows.

Grabbing a shawl, Katina hurried out of her room and down the stairs. As she was about to hurry out the front door of the boarding house, whispers in the kitchen caught her ear.

Katina wrapped her shawl around her shoulders and tiptoed over to the doorway of the kitchen. She leaned against the wall and kept as quiet as possible.

"I'm in deep shit. I'm in so much trouble. They're after me Ma!" cried a familiar voice. Katina recognized it as Luke.

"I know dearie. I told ya, ya shoulda stayed out of trouble. Now look what ya got yerself into!" growled Mary angrily, "don't think yer father can get ya out of this one."

"I got to run. I got to run before they get me." said Luke.

Katina placed her hand over her mouth to hide her tiny gasp. She leaned in more closely. She could hear Luke pacing.

"Ya think runnin' away will solve all yer problems?" asked Mary, "It's time ya start actin' like a man and take some responsibility. I knew all that thievin' would catch up to ya at some point."

Katina started toward the front door again, when the sound of yelling from the outside stopped her.

"Open the door! We know you're here! Open the door, it's the police!" the police began to pound on the door.

Katina was joined in the hall by Luke and Mary.

"Oh no!" said Luke. He glanced over at Katina, "How long you been standing there?"

"Uh..Only, uh." stammered Katina. Luke gave her an angry look.

"Come with me." he snapped, grabbing a hold of Katina's arm. He pulled her up the stairs.

"Where's your room?" he asked angrily.

"T-There." stammered Katina pointing to her door. She ran over to the door and unlocked it, Luke followed her in. He ran straight over to the window.

"What's going on?" asked Katina confusedly.

"I know you heard me and my ma talking, so now you're coming with me and you're gonna keep your mouth shut." said Luke. He glanced over at Katina who seemed to be struggling to hold back tears.

"Pack a bag, only one." said Luke a little nicer. Katina stared at him confusedly. The sound of angry male voices and loud boots thumping on the downstairs hardwood filled the room.

"Pack a bag!" yelled Luke.

"W-what for?" asked Katina.

"We gotta get out of here, and I'm not going alone." said Luke, adjusting his own bag on his shoulder.

Katina grabbed a carpetbag and threw her most prized possessions from her past into it as well as a few dresses and other clothes.

"I'm ready-"

Katina was cut off by the sound of the heavy policemen boots stamping up the stairs.

"Come on!" yelled Luke opening the window. He grabbed a hold of Katina's hand and dragged her down the fire escape.

Once they reached the ground, Luke and Katina ran down the street a ways and turned a corner into an empty alley.

"I think we're safe now." said Luke. Katina shot him a dirty look.

"How dare you take me hostage!" She screamed.

"Hostage?" asked Luke.

"Yes! You've taken me against my own free will!" yelled Katina angrily. She began to scream at Luke in Russian.

Luke couldn't help but smile.

"We should head to the docks, see if we can get a ship to Europe." he said.

Katina folded her arms across her chest.

"I don't want to go back to Europe. I have a new life here now and I've only been here for a short time." Katina protested.

"So you start another new life in Europe. We'll go to France or something." said Luke.

"France? Aren't they at war?" asked Katina. Luke made a face.

"The war is overrated. We'll be fine. Trust me."

Katina let out a snort.

"Trust you?" she chuckled.

Luke just shook his head and smiled


Police were swarming the docks when Katina and Luke got there.

"Uh oh." said Luke.

"What?" asked Katina.

"We won't be able to board without fake passports."

"And so now what are we going to do?" asked Katina even more annoyed than she had been before. A small smile curved Luke's face.

"Just stay here."

Luke began to walk nonchalantly over to a third class couple over by the gang plank. The man was turned toward his wife talking. Luke casually reached into the man's pocket and pulled out two ship tickets and two passports. He then casually stuck them in his own pocket. He turned toward where Katina was standing and smiled. Katina walked over to him, clutching her carpetbag tightly to her.

Luke, still smiling, pulled Katina onto the gang-plank with him. He handed Katina a ticket and a passport. Katina opened the passport and read it out loud.

"Alice Sullivan, born August 8th, 1892 in Manhattan, New York."

"Mhm, and I'm your husband, Sean Sullivan, born January 30th, 1889." said Luke reading his passport.

"But I don't even look like her." said Katina pointing to the picture in the passport.

"Yes you do. You both have curly hair." said Luke.

"Yes but she has black hair, mine is dark red." said Katina matter-of-factly.

"So what, the picture is in black and white. How can you tell the difference." Luke retorted. Katina took the passport Luke was holding and looked it over.

"The man in the picture has a moustache." said Katina in a know-it-all sort of tone.

"So? I'll say I shaved it off." answered Luke, just as rude.

"Passports and tickets please?" asked a ship officer as Katina and Luke approached the entrance of the ship.

Katina nervously handed the stolen ticket and passport to the official, as did Luke.

"Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan?" asked the officer. He eyed the passports and then stared down both Luke and Katina. Katina could feel her heartbeat quicken and a lump form in the back of her throat. Luke smiled nervously and nodded.

"Your room is on E deck down in steerage." The officer handed back the tickets and passports.

"Thank you kindly." said Luke. He nodded at the officer and then pushed Katina forward onto the ship.

"Haha! That was amazing!" exclaimed Luke. He put his arm around Katina, "Ready to go see our room Mrs. Sullivan?" Katina gave Luke a dirty look and twirled herself out of his embrace.

"Don't call me Mrs. Sullivan." she sneered. Luke smiled and rolled his eyes, following behind Katina as she led their way down below decks, to their room.


Luke cut in front of Katina once they reached the room.

"Should I carry you over the threshold, since you're my wife?" he teased.

"Don't you dare touch me." sneered Katina.

Luke smiled and pushed the door of the room open.

"Lovely." he said sarcastically, taking a look around the room. The cabin was crème colored, from the walls, to the tiled floors, to the skimpy blanket on the double bed. A tiny port-hole window occupied one of the crème walls. There was also an uncomfortable, crème colored chair in one corner of the room, and a random oak dresser opposite it, with a wash basin on top.

Katina took a seat on the bed and dropped her carpetbag next to her.

"Do you want to come up to the main deck to watch the ship leave with me?" asked Luke hovering over her.

"No." answered Katina quietly.

"No?" asked Luke.

"No." Katina repeated.

Luke chuckled.

"I won't take no for an answer." he grabbed Katina's arm and pulled her out of the cabin with him. Their floor was only one staircase away from the third class deck.

Up on deck passengers were cheering and waving at people down below on the dock. Katina leaned up against the railing and stared at them.

"I'm sorry things had to turn out like this," began Luke, "but once we're in France, everything will be much better." He gave Katina a pat on the shoulder.

"Everything would have been better, if you had just left me in New York." growled Katina, her Russian accent strong as ever.

"You're going to have to try and cover up that accent of yours. We're technically a married American couple, you know." said Luke matter-of-factly.

"Yes, I know." growled Katina, "You don't have to remind me."

"I meant to ask you, how old are you?" asked Luke.

"Why do you want to know?" asked Katina coolly.

"Just wondering and all." answered Luke a bit defensively.

"I just turned eighteen." said Katina, "How old are you."

"Twenty-two." answered Luke.

"You act quite juvenile for a twenty-two year old." said Katina. She turned toward Luke. He chuckled.

"How so?" he asked, also turning toward Katina.

"You're a thief." said Katina bluntly, "You take from people who don't have anything much at all to begin with and you keep it for yourself. You may think you're Robin Hood, but you're just a criminal. A scoundrel. A no good thief. In my country, you would have been executed or hung." Luke said nothing and turned toward the people on the dock again.

The ship's horn blew loudly and started to pull away from the dock. The ship gave a sudden jolt, causing Katina to fall into Luke's arms.

Luke stared into Katina's eyes. She was mesmerized by the icy coolness of Luke's bright blue-green eyes.

"If I'm nothing more than a 'no good thief', then why did you come with me?" he asked in a quiet, yet eerily romantic, sort of tone.

"I-I had no choice." stammered Katina. She pulled away from Luke's arms. They stood there staring at one another.

"You could of screamed, or fought a little harder." said Luke. He began to approach Katina. She took a step back.

"N-no I couldn't." she said nervously. Luke let out a hearty laugh.

"Do I m-make you that n-nervous?" he asked, mocking Katina. Katina's jaw slightly dropped, as the nervous look on her face turned into an angry scowl.

"I'm not afraid of you!" she snapped.

"I didn't say you were!" exclaimed Luke, "I'm just asking if I make you nervous. Have you ever been around a man before?" He raised an eyebrow slowly, and cocked a half smile.

"You are not a man!" yelled Katina angrily. Her voice began to rise, "You're a stupid little boy trapped in the body of man! You are childish and, and frustrating! And most of all, infuriating!"

Some of the passengers on deck turned their attention to Katina and Luke, who were starting to make a scene.

Luke continued to stare at Katina, amused with how angry he was making her.

"Anything else?" he asked coyly.

"Yes! You are rude!" snapped Katina. She let out a huff and turned away, stomping back toward the cabin.