Something old, something new

Something borrowed

Something blue

The woman paced anxiously. She caressed what was left of her inheritance, the only relic of her father, the object that would walk her down the aisle. Polished metal, it shimmered elegantly in the midday sunlight.

Smoothing down the glittering white dress (an impulse buy at Macy's, it was the prom dress she'd never had), she waited for the music to start. There – faint – carnival music. She didn't think they'd mind if she borrowed their festivity today.

Walk. One foot in front of the other. Breathe. Walk along the thick wooden planks, smell the salty air. Walk to where your groom is waiting.

She looked up to the blue, blue October sky. Down to the jewel-bright water.

Over the carnival music, a single shot rings out. A woman's body falls, slowly, sinking gracefully into the blue, blue arms of the river Styx.