Alone, she dances 'neath a moonless sky

Her hair swirls round her like a chocolate flame

And glowing grin makes diamonds of the rain.

Near roaring fire she can't feel the cold.

The wind's a cheerful chorus for her song –

Retitled now, for she won't use the name.


She knows the trees surrounding her by name

They whisper as she looks up to the sky

Their poetry she weaves into her song

The warmth is slowly fading from her flame

And even as a northern wind grows cold

The girl continues dancing in the rain


She smiles like she doesn't feel the rain

She thinks she hears a phantom call her name

The goosebumps on her arms aren't from the cold.

A face she loved now seems to haunt the sky

Her dancing makes her legs feel like a flame

The memory of her lover twists the song


She hears a haunting echo in her song

Though logic says she's only hearing rain

She half-expects her lover by the flame

Then, (foolish hope!), she calls her lover's name.

You'd almost miss the shining in the sky.

Rain stops, stars gleam. And now it's not so cold.


A touch across her face is brief and cold

A quiet voice is picking up her song

And now the girl is smiling to the sky

Caresses on her back are soft as rain

It's closer now. The voice still sings her name.

A woman's form comes tumbling from the flame.


With arms outstretched, she leaps up to the flame

And into arms no longer ghostly cold.

In disbelief, she stutters out the name

The hoarse reply, to her ears, sounds like song

She swears the wetness son her cheeks is rain…

Her lover beams up at the cloudless sky.


And now the sky could gleam with falling flame.

And now the rain can fall so harsh and cold

Her song is bright; she hums her lover's name.