Ever got the feeling that someone watching you?
Following and perhaps copying everything you do.
Is it a spirit or a scary ghost?
That protects you or wants you for its host.
It may be a spirit, but how would you know?
Is there a difference between them and ghosts?
I wouldn't know, but on Halloween...
I'm sure it was a ghost that I had seen.
Have you ever gone for a walk in the night,
Where all around you there's no one in sight?
But then you look at the moon, hearing an eerie howl,
Turning around to the sound of a growl.
The next things you see are two glowing eyes.
Looking at you like you're some kind of prize.
Then out jumps a wolf or is it a man?
That has sharp teeth and claws on each hand.
And, of course, there is the bat...
Who shifts to human just like that.
You see her fangs when she smiles your way.
Better hide from her till night turns to day.
Then you have the rest of the ghouls.
The like to play tricks and get to act like fools.
Many things are strange and not at all what they seem...
But, what can you expect on the night of Halloween?