Glumly I continued to stare at the black board with a blank expression on my face as a rather hassled looking fellow who happened to be my new English Professor Richard who continued to speak about Macbeth. It was hot and humid and my black hair which was sticking to the nape of my neck. Not exactly the best first English class of the beginning of my college years. I was dreaming up a rather silly dream of what would happen if my red hair dye dripped of my hair because of the heat when a crumpled paper ball landed right in front of me and i couldn't see the culprit. The dirty blonde boy in front of me turned around and gave me a sly smile. I don't know how long I stared at his back shocked. I definitely had seen the guy , always surrounded by a gaggle of girls. I knew he was in the football team. And this is why I was shocked. Guys like him never spoke to me back at high school. Period. I was a theatre, dance and painting type of a girl.

Well when I did eventually snap back to reality that was the ball of paper in front of me, I quickly grabbed it , opened it and read it .

'Education flows through the air,

Its overpowering energy felt oppressively in the room,

The tell me O Black Haired Raven,

Does they feminine hands feel it too?

The overbearing need to hit him with a broom?'

Oh Lord! Did I just snort?

Professor Richard somehow plows on while the people in the vicinity stare at me. From his back I can feel him being very proud of himself. I scribbled back below the first message -

'The gloom and despair that spreads from him,

Splinter shall it thy holy broom.

Nothing shall break

All power may be consumed

So despair

For the next few years in this room.'

And threw it back and watched his back for a reaction. After a few seconds he bent his head low and covered his face as he tried to laugh silently. Then his hands grabbed hold of something, I', guessing was a pen, and bent low to write back. Then he crumpled the paper and threw it over his head. It landed RIGHT on my table! Wow! What aim! The paper read -

'I ain't no Einstein

But I sure can tell

Brains like yours

Will sell great as hell

Meanwhile O pretty maiden

Please if you please

Could I know your name?'

I whispered, "Yeah right!" sarcastically and wrote back.

'What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet

So i say to you dear sir,

My brains shalt never be sold at a market

Nor at a store

For they are mine,

And mine alone'

And over the gap, flying through the air, magnificently the crumpled paper ball was flung by my hand. Unfortunately it missed its destination and fell on the floor.

Ugh now what should I do?


No reaction


No reaction


And he turned around. Woah..............................Pretty boy overload with big green eyes, a chiselled chin and dirty blonde hair. I'd never looked at him carefully. His eyebrows shot up questioningly while I stared at him. I pointed to the poor ball lying on the cold floor all alone and I made a sad face. He rolled his eyes and picked it up and turned back to the front. While he read his back was motionless. Then he grabbed a pen and wrote back. He threw the paper back at me and as it landed square in front of me he turned around and winked. Rolling my eyes I opened the sheet and read,

'Your word it seems

Are sharp as knives

But your throwing skills

Quite questionable

So typical woman

Tell me straight

Am I to beg

For a simple name?'

I scribbled back furiously on the paper,

'Insult me not

Don't ever compare those blonde bimbos that follow you

Bend at your fingertips

With my great brilliance and flair'

And threw it back. This time I felt a surge of pleasure as it hit him square at the back of his head and fell to the floor. He grabbed it off the floor and read it. Then he picked up a pen and scribbled back and threw it over his head. I quickly read it,

'Jump not to conclusions

O fair maiden

Those bimbos I lead on are nothing but game,

My true colours are for those I trust,

Not those that give me pain.'

Now this I didn't know how to respond to. Was he being open with me or was he being an ass? I was saved from having to write back as a loud bell rung over the university. Everyone around me began to stand up and pick up their books. As I stood up he quickly stood up. I smiled as I waited for him to turn around and talk to me but he began to walk towards the door quickly. I felt my heart fall a little as he didn't even turn and look back. I picked up my books slowly as I tried to figure out what to think of the whole situation. As Stepped out of the door and turned to the right to head to my room I heard a loud, "Hey!". I turned behind and there he was leaning on the wall with his arms crossed. He stared with his piercing green eyes into my eyes and put out his hand and said, "Hi I'm Jake". I took his hand and smiled and said, "Hi I'm Hannah".


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