My eyes went wide with terror as consciousness finally found me. I wasn't someplace I should have been sleeping. Hell, I knew damn well I shouldn't have even been here. I knew this room. I knew it pretty well from when I was younger, but now that I was older, I knew I shouldn't be in here. Not naked. Not tied to the bed. This was wrong on some many levels and I was terrified.

"Finally awake, Luzt?" came the voice I had dreaded to hear. I turned my head as far as I could, to see the face connected to that voice. I shuddered and closed my eyes tightly, willing myself to wake up from this nightmare. Of course, this wasn't a nightmare, this was real. "You look so much like your mother when you are face down on the bed. Same smooth skin, same blonde hair, same supple firm ass," he purred giving my ass a hard slap. I winced at the pain and whimpered softly in fear. Well, at least I knew now why he'd forbidden me to cut my hair after she'd left us.

I squirmed in fear, but my ankles were tied without any slack to the bedposts. I yelped as I felt his hands slide up my thighs as the bed shifted under his weight. I'd heard enough horror stories to have a good idea of what was going to happen and I was scared stiff. Every muscle in my body tightened, when his hands moved to either side of my body, propping himself up as he leaned over me. I tensed again as I felt something poking at the only entrance I had, a scream of fear caught in my throat.

A moment later and that scream echoed throughout our small house, not in fear but in pain as he brutually shoved himself into me. Tears fell from my eyes in torrents as my pain shot through my body, my ass feeling as if it was being ripped in two. I cried and begged for him to stop as he thrust into me with reckless abandon. I could feel something thick and warm running down my thighs, and knew it was blood. My blood. I could barely hear the grunts over my unheard pleadings for mercy, but I could tell from the way he was suddenly going harder and faster that he was getting close to his climax. I finally quit pleading and grit my teeth to muffle my screams to mere whimpers as I prayed it would end quickly.

I cried harder as something hot began to fill me, burning my insides and stinging the places he'd ripped me open. As soon as his climax was finished he pulled out and untied me. Immediately, I went to curl up into a protective ball, but his strong hand around my ankle halted my movements. He dragged me roughly off the bed, causing my head and shoulder to make painful contact with the wooden floor and even more pain to shoot up my spine from my aching ass. He dragged me to the door and tossed me into the hall, slamming the bedroom door behind him, as if I had been the one at fault.

I dragged myself to the bathroom, crawling into the shower to just sit under the steaming hot water as I cried. I cursed my mother for having left me there, with him. I couldn't blame her for leaving, but I damn sure could blame her for not taking me with her. By the time the water had started to run cold, I could move well enough to drag myself back to my room, collapsing on my bed, cursing once more being left behind.