A Father's Love

You're young and beautiful,

Proud and innocent;

Icy fingers of fear and dread seize your heart,

Forcing the air from your lungs.

Tears tumble, one after the other;

Dark demons on the bed sheets.

You avoid his eyes,

And watch the droplets as they fall.

A gentle touch,

A warm breath,

And the courage to look into his face.

A smile, a kiss, and a whispered request…

"Don't ever let anyone get the best of you."

A young girl of Celestial beauty

Outshines even the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Confident and determined, you reach higher and higher;

Eager to capture; eager to hold.

Only the higher you reach, the colder the moon,

The hotter the sun,

And the further the stars.

You feel yourself slipping, and allow yourself to fall,

But a long remembered request escapes from within…

"Don't ever let anyone get the best of you."

A young adult; radiant and innocent, stands naïve.

Rose petals lift on a breeze, brush your legs and kiss your face.

Your heart swells and drifts; your cheeks flush.

The rose, as open as your heart, held close to your countenance, is smooth and fragrant.

You smile the smile of childlike joy as the sun warms your face.

But natures shadows descend and foreboding clouds

Swirl around and throughout your fields of love's good will.

Lightning flashes and worlds collide.

And the petals, so lovely, seek shelter and hide.

The rose bud lands forgotten on the moist earth.

And the only solace you have, as you travel down the pebbled path,

Is the distant remembered request of someone always true…

"Don't ever let anyone get the best of you."

Now, from dark times past you begin to see…

The owl of wisdom takes residence in the dense wood of your soul,

Causing the white field mouse to scamper and flee.

Trees part and the sun's rays shine,

Warming the earth; soothing the brine.

You are an eagle; strong and free,

Soaring over trees, mountains, hills, and valleys;

On the journey that is the rest of your life.

You smile as you recall that even when life's challenges made you blue,

You never allowed anyone to get the best of you.

Today, the sky is clear.

Flowers are in bloom all around you,

And the sun's rays wrap you in their warmth

For there he stands.

Memories of the past race across your mind of colors and faces.

They contort, changing before dissolving completely,

You are content.

You are home.

There is no doubt; no worries; no fears.

You turn to the man who walks beside you.

A tear trails down your cheek as you stop before the alter.

He lifts your veil and lays his scratchy lips against your cheek,

He whispers,

"I stand here on this day, giving you away to the man who brings out the best in you."

Written by Emma MacDonald