Author Unknown 2.0
by: SirWade

Three years. Somehow those years seemed to have passed with the slowness of a lifetime. Every day with eternal sadness, haunting loneliness, and nights with piercing dreams. Many people considered their homes their haven, but for her it was her prison. She had been restricted to this simple log cabin and its enclosed, tiny backyard. Walls to high to climb enclosed the bit of nature she was able to reach, and any other doors leading outward were locked from the outside. It sat deep in the woods of a gated estate, and wasn't visible by air. Essentially it did not exist. Only three people ever came and went. It was a horrible existence, but Lola was determined not to give in to the depression that often threatened to overwhelm her.

The room she was in would normally qualify as the family or living room. In one corner sat a computer desk with a worn laptop. She sat in an oversized armchair that took up residence next to the room's only window. A small TV and a very full bookshelf also attended the weary scene, but the room couldn't really qualify as either a family or a living room it lacked life. Sighing she shifted her cup of tea to her right hand, gently gripping it to absorb as much warmth as possible. It was three years ago today and in just a few more days it would be Jaden's fourth birthday. Perhaps this year Brad would let her see him. Tired of the struggle, she gave in and let the memories overwhelm her.

Brad, my stepbrother, had given my, our parents tickets to see a show. I don't even remember what it was about, but I remember my mother being hesitant about accepting. My stepfather, however, has insisted. For the past few years he and his oldest son had been estranged, but he wanted to give Brad a chance.

I offered to stay and watch Jaden, since my parents were hesitant about babysitters. Besides that it was an excuse for an 18-year-old to spend time with her baby brother. I loved Jaden almost as if he were my own.

My parents left early so they could have dinner before the show. Knowing my mother would enjoy the night out, I happily waved them off around seven o'clock. Then I fed Jaden and rocked him to sleep. I sat for while simply holding him while he slept before gently laying him in his crib. I turned on the baby monitor and headed into the sitting room next door to read.

I must've fallen asleep because the next thing I knew it was around eleven and the phone was shrieking for attention. I hurried to answer, afraid it would awaken Jaden.

"Hello, Parker residence," I answered promptly.

On the other end no one replied.

"Hello?" I repeated hesitantly.

"L-Lola?" a ragged voice whispered painfully.

I frowned, "yes?"

"Your father is….he's dead," her voice cracked. "I believe it was B-Brad, you….you need to take J-Jaden and leave. I'm afraid he-"

By this time I'd realized that the weak voice was my mother's. "Mom, tell me where you are I'll come get you."

"N-no too dangerous…..I-I lo-" her words were cut off as the sound of a gunshot carried across the line. Screaming I dropped the phone, from the baby monitor I heard Jaden's muffled cries. Racing to his nursery, I was horrified at the scene I stumbled onto. A man was reaching into the crib for my baby brother and behind him the door out onto the balcony was open.

"Stop," I cried and rushed at him. "Leave him alone."

I never made it to the crib, in my haste I failed to notice the second man. Before I knew what had hit me I was unconscious.

She had awoken to find herself in this dismal place with no sign of her brother. For two frightfully, painful days she had wondered in agony of the fate of her family. Then Brad had shown up and she finally realized that the events of that night were real and not some horrible dream. The terms were simple. If she cooperated she would remain well-treated and safely ensconced here, and Jaden would remain somewhere else unharmed. Really there was no choice but to agree. Her parents were gone and there was no one else to care about her absences.

Tears had been falling freely during her remembrances, so she slowly rose and went to the small, compact bathroom. She picked up the box of tissues that made its home on the back of the toilet and carried them back with her to the living room. Her cup of tea has been discarded in her sorrow and sat forlornly on the bookshelf. The last rays of the setting sun stretched their fingers through the nightmarish trees to try and touch the lost soul hidden away. With a sigh, Lola softly returned to her chair, clutching the box of tissues to her chest. Once seated again, she dropped the box to her lap and pulled out one soft sheet. Gently she wiped her eyes and blew her nose. This was the one day of the year that she had allowed herself to let go. Pain shot through her heart and she struggled to keep from drowning under the weight of her grief. She tugged one of the worn books from the shelf and slipped out the pictures she'd hidden there. There were four photographs. Three of them were of Jaden, taken periodically over the last three years. They were proof that he was still alive and well. The last was of her mother and stepfather on their wedding day. The love and joy shining on their faces never failed to inspire her. At one time she had dreamed of having a love like theirs, but those dreams had faded along with all her others.

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