hello constellation
my bright star, i think
the warmth of your chest to my cheek
beneath the thin cloth of your shirt i can hear
your heart pound like you've been running
are you scared or just happy? i want to ask
but then you're peering at me through the
moon-softened dark
there's that look again, it's soft in the depth of
your eyes and i want to say something,
something breathless and radiant but you're there and
you see it and you kiss me, and at that moment the stars
spiraled through my head like a dizzy kaleidoscope.
it was so warm, your hand touched the cold skin of
my arm
but i was untouched by chill
when you pulled away, just far enough
i whispered an apology but i was saying sorry for
more than my inexperienced kiss;
i'm sorry you had to go through this
and that i'm an unbreakable optimist
but i can't let you go now, not now
i can't stop myself anymore.
is this that irreversible beginning…?