your dark eyes peer at me beneath your messy hair and i
cup your cheek with a hand of reverence and slight disbelief
me? i dare to believe, you'd choose me after all of this?
you smile as if you know my thoughts. "always
wanting more," you whisper with a beautiful smile, breath warm on my lips,
"my little kitty."
i just want more of your love, i think but i am breathless and
speechless as you kiss me again, a slow warm happiness,
turning from you to me and me to you. your fingers slide in between mine
lovingly and your palm is warm but chaste
love me? love me, love me? i need to ask, but the thought
smoothes away like fog in sunlight, more and more with each silken kiss and
sunbeam shine.
love you, love you love you, i think i feel in response, the
hard, rapid knock of your beloved heart against your ribcage that i
can feel through your warm chest
breathe you, breathe me
your eyes are warm and soft and they seem to look deep into me