Children of War and Remembrance

By: .ti & ViiCKster (Heechul/Victoria) from fanfiction. net


Day after day, blood is splattered and I am now void of tiredness and hunger. I drown myself deeply in my slumbers whenever I can get it because I would always know that the next day would be the continuous rages of war placed in front of me. I wonder what my mother is doing at the moment. Showering in the wealth I constantly 'bestowed' on her, I guess.

I lay my back on the rough walls of my 'room' and stared emotionlessly at the bars that barricaded my escapes. Not like I would escape, as it is pointless to go anywhere where the dictator lied beyond this jail. Although my cellmate looked like she was having a good time…

"Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Woo weeeee~~!!!" she laughed with such a delirious tone. Her long blonde hair was dirtied with dusts and sticks while her arms were smeared with old blood and scars. She twirled around the small cell, purposely bumping into the walls as she went. "Come, come! Join me in this delightful dance, my friend!"

When I first saw her act like this, I was actually frightened of her stupidity and low mentality. Her teeth were always crooked, her eyes could never look at you straight and she had an undying love for smoke and alcohol now and then.

And that emotion grew stronger when I saw her on the battlefield.

Her eyes were suddenly sharp with bloodlust, charred lips that curled into a sadistic smile and with only thousands of small knives latched onto her; she killed with such glee and joy. All I could only do was stare at her in bewilderment.

This woman… is a Devil. I had thought. She lives to kill.

I on the other hand didn't live to kill; I had wanted to save lives. Life seemed so relaxing at the beginning for me; it was full of laughter and cheer. It didn't stay that way for long though. Dreams of becoming a doctor, of becoming a person who would save lives, were snatched away from me when the Government raided my house. They needed more recruits but that was all a lie. Everything was lie.

I couldn't help but let out a small laugh. A person who wanted to save lives is now in the army taking away lives. How ironic. I turned my attention back to my cellmate and notice she was on the floor, fast asleep with a bottle of booze in hand. I smiled a bit. She actually looked peaceful for once but the images of her in battle are still imprinted in my mind. She's a menace and its best if I were to stay away from her.

I sighed deeply. Tomorrow will be the same as always. Go to the battlefield, kill the 'enemies', and repeat. There's no way of becoming a doctor now. I've killed too many. I look at my calloused and bloody hand. And I have these to forever remind me of my sins.

"Hey, you two! It's time for some fun."

My eyes drifted toward the officer that opened the bars. I got up slowly (as my cellmate just jumped with joy) but was suddenly grabbed roughly. Guy was probably annoyed with my slowness. Screw them all.

"Urg, pathetic little kids. I don't know why the government wants to recruit such insolent brats anyways. We always end up killing them," the officer said to the other as he threw me outside of the cell.

I knew what was going to happen next. It's been a few months after all and I knew too well what I had to do; prepare and take action. Two simple steps... for my roommate, not for me of course. I walked towards the metal doors that were wide opened and then to my surprise found the Captain in charge of my unit in front of me.

"You," he pointed to my roommate. "Step forward."

"Yessir!" she said all too enthusiastically. She smiled gleefully and hopped forward. She put her hand up to salute the Captain who in turn let out a barely visible smile.

"What a pleasant girl," commented the Captain.

I saw one of the officers scoffed at that.

She's like a dog, I thought. An obedient guard dog.

He then threw a stare toward my direction. Not wanting to look directly at his hazel eyes that always brought shivers down my spine, I looked to the ground instead. Unfortunately, my hair was clutched from the top and my head was forced to look up.

He stared at me with those eyes of his, piercing through my own blue ones. His hands were gripped tight on my head and I thought he was going to pull out some of my hair for some worthless enjoyment.

"Take front with your cellmate," he said with a cold voice. He stared at me again for a few more seconds, then let go and walked toward the other troops.

I walked where my cellmate stood, who was more preppy at this than I was, and she gave a hard pat on the back.

"Cheer up, emo boy!" she said with a hideous grin that showed her yellow teeth and stinky breath on my face.

I merely nodded.

There was a small silence (and jittering from my cellmate) before a horn blew when the Captain yelled, "ATTACK!"

I couldn't even turn my head before my cellmate darted across the battlefield, having already throwing her blades at random.

I watched from afar as she killed off enemy soldiers one by one and could hear the other adult soldiers on stand-by either calling her a ruthless killing machine or pissing their pants just thinking about her. I sighed and quickly followed suit. I ran unknowingly of my direction but came at anyone who was attacking me. And when I say 'attacking', I mean whenever I felt anything touch me which accidently brought me to blow off someone from my side on the head. My eyes widened at realization when I saw the all too familiar black and red uniform sprawl on the ground, dead. I decided to run away from the dead man and continue in on the war. My cellmate however, with her keen eyes, saw what had happened and thought it would be fun to brag to me about it…in the middle of the battle.

"AWWWW! You killed someone from our side~ you're going to be in a ton o' trouble!" she said with a sneer. I rolled by eyes and we began to run side-by-side and killed whoever jumped at us when all of a sudden, with a swift movement of her hand, she swung it over a guy's head, catching his attention before piercing his heart with a dagger in the other. Almost immediately, she jumped onto the shoulders of another who was running towards her from behind and stabbed his head on both sides with the silver weapon. I was then disgusted at how she continued to stab his head for pure enjoyment when the guy was already dropped lifeless. I left her in her happiness and went deeper into the heart of the field.

One by one, I fought off enemy soldiers and effortlessly, with just a trigger of my gun to someone's head, some ran away scared. It was simple, really. All I had to do was continue to kill off anybody who showed hostility towards me (sometimes, including my side), lessening their numbers until they retreat. After that, I would run back to base and return to my cell, with my cellmate coming a little later with her clothes covered in blood and a distorted expression on her face.

Except, there was something particularly different about today. I quickly noticed that the battle was going suspiciously longer than it's usually and enemy soldiers seemed to…increase in larger numbers. Not like I was struggling as I continued to kill anyone who came at me, effortlessly, but at the corner of my eye, I saw my cellmate acting a tad strange (strange as in unusual and un-mycellmatey-like). She was just standing there with a dark expression on her face. She was looking at me with an indescribable look and as soon as I was about to question aloud, she was dashing further away from the field.

Curiosities then stroke me as I was propelled to follow her. I shrugged off anybody who seemed to approach me and trying to catch up with the blonde girl. She was running fast, but so was I.

It was when she hit the outer side of the raging war that she did an abrupt stop and grabbed me by the wrist when I caught up behind her and dragged me to the nearest cave.

"H-Hey! Where are you dragging me?!" I said aloud, but she didn't seem to respond, only gripping onto my wrist tighter toward the cave.

When we finally reached the entrance, we ran in deeper until we could only make out a little bit of the war cries outside.

"What are you doing?" I asked when she threw me down to the ground.

"Shut up," she said while peering outside the entrance.

I then distinctly heard a few troops yelling, "Where the hell did they go!?"

"I bet they went in to the cave!"

"Let's split up! Get them back dead or alive."

"Man, why the hell are they always running away? They're going to die anyways, stupid dimwits."

"Shut up and look for them!"


I widened my eyes and looked at my cellmate who still had an indescribable look on her face.

"…My god, are you seriously going to…?

"Fuck," she swore under her breath.

"We're going to get in trouble if---!!"

"Hey! I heard someone over there! It's probably those brats!" My heart suddenly was bursting into flames, and I could almost hear its thumping echoing throughout the cavern walls.

"You stupid fucktard---RUN!"

Adrenaline then flooded my body and I was suddenly running deeper into the cave, trying to follow wherever my cellmate was leading me.

The cave was like a maze, with a dozen of intersections and without even a second to decide. We ran and ran, my heart pumping faster and faster with my cellmate sometimes beside or in front of me. The footsteps behind us were slowly fading and as soon as I was about to suggest we stop, my nose was soon enveloped with a salty scent.

That was when both my cellmate and I instantly knew where our direction would be.

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