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Children of War and Remembrance

By: .ti & ViiCKster (Heechul/Victoria) from fanfiction. net

We followed the salty scent until we saw a breach of sunlight. Closer and closer the light became and then…

My mouth opened in awe. I was presented by the most glorious sight.

There, in front of us, was the ocean. It spread out as far as my eyes could see and I was too astonished to speak. The water was so pure, untainted, and it was serene. I even forgot about us being chased. Never before in my life have I seen the ocean with my own eyes.

I stood there for a few minutes, letting the sun shine on me when a thought crossed my mind.

What were we doing here at the ocean? I looked around and couldn't find the girl anywhere.

The hell did she go..., I thought. Then it dawned on me. She had left me.

I heard the sounds of footsteps and shouting echo in the cave behind me.

"Damn it! Where'd they go?"

"Towards the ocean! It's the only exit!"

It was then when I just let my instincts guide me. I looked around for a possible escape. My eyes wandered around until I found a steep mountain hill. It coiled in circles and continued on as far as I could see. That was my only way out.

As I was still standing, looking at the hill, I felt something brush across my cheek. It began to burn. I reached my hand up to feel it and looked; blood. I turned around and there were the officers running towards me with their guns in hand. Another bullet whizzed past me. Luckily, these officers weren't well trained in using a gun. I wasted no more time and ran.

That was all I thought about. Run to the hill. Avoid the bullets. Simple stuff.

In a few minutes, I had reached a steep hill. I looked behind me, just to see what the officers were doing, and that was my mistake. The instant I looked back, I saw an officer aiming a gun at me. Seconds later, a bullet pierced through my right arm. I yelled in pain. But I had to continue. If I could just get to the top of the hill...

I felt faint. My vision was blurring badly and I could barely stand straight. "This is where you die," I say to myself, laughing. "What a pathetic way to die..."

I heard footsteps approach me and closed my eyes. Was this karma? After killing all those people, now it's my turn to get killed? I held my breath. Any second... any second and one of them will pull the trigger. Any time now...

There came a deafening 'bam'... and I opened my eyes. I was still alive... how...? Above me hovered the girl. She held onto a gun and smiled

"One down," she laughed. "My, and I thought my superiors were supposed to be better than me. Guess not."

The remaining two officers looked at the dead body of their comrade and stepped back from fear.

"W..what..." one of them stuttered.

"Let's go back, report to the Commander," the other said. He glared at the girl. "Bitch is too much for us."

"R-right. Course. Retreat for now," replied the other.

They had just turned around when the girl coughed.

"Well. I could let both of you go..." she started, her expression innocent at first. Then she smiled wickedly. "But then, where would the enjoyment be in that?"

"Wait... you aren't seriously going to-" the male officer said but it was too late. She had raised her gun and shot him, the bullet penetrating exactly at the middle of his forehead.

The last officer cowered.

"Now, that was fun!" she said happily. She then directed her attention to the last officer. "Now, off you go, you dog of the military. Or would you rather I finished you off right here?" She smiled.

I shivered. She was truly wicked.

The officer gulped and ran down the hill and back into the cave.

"Since all of that is done..." she said then knelt down. She picked up my arm and sighed from disappointment. "You got shot."

"You think?" I asked with a growl. I was still annoyed that she abandoned me. Who wouldn't be angry? I tried to yank my arm away from her but she had a solid grip on it.

"Honestly, how could you get shot?" she said as if she couldn't believe it. "Well. Whatever."

I ignored what she said. "Where were you?" I accused.

"Hiding, of course."

"You left me!"

"You looked so stupidly happy that I didn't want to disturb your happiness," she answered.

"But you could have pulled me along with you!" I argued.

"I'm just a girl," she shrugged. "Besides, it's not my fault you got shot. Too slow."

Suddenly, my vision got blurrier and I felt sleepy.

"I'm... getting..." I slurred.

She exhaled deeply.

"You aren't like a man at all. Suck it up."

"But... I'm..."

"I don't care. Let's go."

She put me on my feet but then I felt my legs sway beneath me and I fell."...Hey... don't play around. We gotta go."

Silence and then darkness enveloped me.

I awoke shortly after, and I was introduced to the dark night with only the glittering of the stars above me to provide me with some faint light…Wait a second; I managed to turn my head to the side and instantly I knew what I would see; the ocean.

That stupid girl left me, AGAIN.

I tried to stand up and I was shot with a sting from my right arm. I winced in pain for a bit before trying to come up with a plan. Well not plan, because I don't know what I was going to do now but to look for shelter.

I slowly walked down the mountain trail, looking from side to side once in awhile to check if I was being followed. The hill was pretty steep but I was able to get to the entrance of a forest without difficulty (besides the numbness I was beginning to feel). I stopped in my footsteps, unsure if it was wise to enter a forest this late at night, with my arm injured up and sore. I looked around my surroundings once again before finally deciding to enter the forest.

Damn. Whether it was years and years in the military that cut off my common sense or my injured arm was officially doing something to my brain. Either way, I was stupid to enter. Every so often I was scrapping both of my bare arms and legs with tree branches and roots and no doubt I was possibly scratched with a poisonous bush. It was awfully dark and I honestly had no idea what direction I was heading to. I decided to rest by a tree bark and sat down with a heave. Did I mention the weather was awfully cold as well?

10…15…20…30…maybe an hour has passed already since I sat pathetically on the bark, not knowing what else to do now. I realized that my gun was not on me (crazy probably took it), which just drastically decreased my total chances of survival from who knows what.

I sighed, "This is stupid, I should've died back then," I whispered quietly. A moment of silence had went by before I gave out a small chuckle. Maybe this wasn't so bad; dying alone in quiet and solitude. I looked up at the sky, and started to admire what was laid out in front of me. I had never gotten a chance to see such things back at the army. Everything would've just gotten sullied and violated by my eyes anyways. I didn't deserve to look at such beauty.

I let out a small sigh again, but I nearly jumped when I heard something crack. My body was weakened but my senses flared up and sharp. I stayed quiet, waiting. Just when I thought nothing was about to happen, a large growl was heard behind the trees in front of me and immediately I went into defence.

A figure began to approach as I could make out the shadows.

"It's a wolf…" I whispered beneath my breath. Suddenly, as though just the sound of my voice seemed to threaten it, the figure began to growl again. I backed away, slowly sliding myself away from the tree bark.

"Who's there?" I demanded. Nothing but the continuous growls in front of me responded. It slowly approached me until it came into view under the sunlight.

There, stood a large, light ivory wolf with glinting red eyes. For a moment I became enticed with its eyes, giving me almost the same intensity of the hazel ones of the dictator's. The wolf was just like me; in a stance of both offensive and defensive. I was in no condition to escape however, and not to even stay and defend myself either. Yet, I decided to try with the former and run with as much speed as I could. As I was about to run, the wolf suddenly jumped and opened sharp fangs directed at me and then…

"Ahnea! Stop right now!" said a husky voice. Assuming the command was directed at the wolf because it abruptly stopped its leap and landed gracefully on the ground, just only a few feet away from me. Although, the command didn't seem to make the wolf stop growling at me.

"That's enough, Ahnea. I sense no danger from that being. I doubt there is, anyways," the voice said. Another figure approached, except one of a human being. His face looked like an old man of his 70s, but his body seemed a bit well developed to be too sure.

He gave me a stare before addressing back to the wolf.

"Carry the boy back to the village. We shall aid him there."

The ivory wolf was hesitant for a moment before complying with the old man's word. It then dashed towards me and tossed me onto its back with its nose.

"H-Hey, let me down!" I said and I felt as if the wolf was going to do so before it suddenly dashed into the forest.

"Wait, where the hell are you taking me!" I cried.

"Grab on to me if you wish to hold on to your life, weakling."

Did this dog just talk to me AND called me a weakling? I was about to snap, but with what little sense I had left, I decided to follow it's words and grabbed a hold onto its fur.

I awoke with such a strange aroma enveloping my nose. I opened my eyes to see that I was looking at a…triangular roof. A hut?

"You dozed off." When I looked to my side, I saw the large ivory wolf sitting there and watching me like an obedient dog. Hm, kind of reminded me of someone.

I remembered my injured arm and found it wrapped up in large bandages, tightened securely with a pin.

These people must have actually given me aid. Should I be thankful or should be scared since there's still this big, ugly, ferocious…

The entrance of the hut bursted open, but only to reveal my blonde cellmate, only this time, draped in new clothes and very…clean.

She dashed towards me and embraced me in her arms (or strangling, you can never tell), and looked at me with her hideous grin.

"I was looking all over a you! I thought we got separated~!" she said with a whiney voice.

Was this girl bi-polar or something?

Just when I was about to say something, though, I became a bit distracted when the ivory wolf suddenly left the hut.

There was a small silence before I tackled the girl with questions.

"Where the hell are we?" I said, peeking out of the slightly open entrance while she let go of me.

"Eh, I don't know. They have wicked good booze though, I can tell you that," she said with a yawn.

"How did you meet them?" I asked with an annoyed tone.

"Well, after I left you, I wandered around the forest before accidently arriving upon their crappy village."

"So wait, why did you leave me in the first place!"

"Oh right, I thought you were faking it so I just left to see if you would follow. Guess not, haha."

I really wanted to punch this girl.

We stayed inside of the hut, occupied with thoughts about our whereabouts and what we were going to do. Well, at least I was.

"You two, come out," the wolf demanded from outside the hut.

As we came out of the hut, we laid eyes upon a naked lady. Yes, a lady that was naked. Not half naked, but fully naked. The lady grinned and walked towards me, not ashamed that she was nude in front of two complete strangers. I heard her stop and felt her breath on my neck. I shivered. The blonde whistled.

"Does my body distract you?"

"No." Although I tried to sound calm, it came out completely weak.

The lady chuckled, "Really? Maybe if I inch closer...-"

"Ahnea, that's enough." I looked in front of me to see the same old guy from before behind the naked lady. Ahnea…? Then this person is actually…? "I apologize for her behavior. She can become quite crude sometimes when she's on two feet," the old man said with a chuckle of embarrassment, "Anyways, go change, Ahnea. We don't want to leave a bad impression, now do we?"

Ahnea did a small frown and left to another hut.

"How is your arm?" the old man asked worriedly.

"Oh, yes. It's healing nicely, thank you for aiding me."

"Good. So, I had a little discussion with your friend here. An army I see…must have been a horrible experience for you two." The blonde girl could only scoff at the old man's comment, but I was unsure if it was directed at the 'friend' or the 'horrible experience' bit. "Your name is…?" he asked, pointing to me.

"My… name?" I asked completely caught off guard. I spent four years in the army and never had I once been caught off guard.

"My name…"

"You don't have a name, boy?" the man asked shocked.

"I… don't remember," I replied. And honestly, I didn't. I tried to remember but all that came back was nothing, emptiness. What was my name?

"He's #54," chirped my partner. "And I'm #22."

"Numbers? They gave people numbers and stripped away their real name?" he asked in shock. His face grew dark and in a cold voice he said, "How disgusting. These army people… they deserve to die." I didn't seem to notice the man's ranting and my partner's shouts of agreement. All that mattered to me was that I had forgotten my name. My name, which told others my identity, was gone.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when a piece of paper was in front of my face. It was brown and yellow with rips everywhere. I saw the pieces of tape holding the old thing together and wondered what it was. A letter? A wanted poster?

"It's a map, you dimwit," the girl said, seeing my confused expression.

"Oh," I replied realizing how stupid I was. "Um, thanks…" Crap what was his name?

"Orad. My name's Orad," the man said, chuckling. "That map's a bit old so don't worry if it tears apart. As a precaution, I prepared some food and water for you to take along. The weather likes to play tricks on people."

"Thanks," was all I could manage.

I took the map and folded it so that it fit into my pocket. When I turned to face the blonde she was looking at me, only to turn her face quickly away. What was her problem?

As Orad leaded us to the village's stables, we saw two horses; a beautiful black stallion and a gray speckled stallion. To my surprise, the two horses already had bags on the sides which were no doubt packed with food supplies and basic equipment. I quickly ran over to the black stallion and was about to climb onto him when I was shoved to the side. I lost my balance and fell, only to see the girl on top on my stallion.

"That was mine!" I yelled, furiously.

"Better be focused next time," she said, sticking out her tongue at me. "Besides, I already called dibs on this one," she continued, stroking the horse's mane.

"Since when?" I muttered, climbing on to the gray horse.

"Since now," she said happily.

Orad smiled.

"The black one is called Night and belongs to me. He's loyal, so don't worry about him running off during the night," Orad began. He stroked Night's muzzle and then turned his attention to the gray one where he sighed deeply. "This one however, is a young, wild and unfortunately he isn't that loyal. Well, to other people that is. He only obeys his master."

"And that happens to be…?" I asked.


Oh, terrific. I'm stuck with naked lady's horse. Perfect. I stared at the blonde with envy. She gets the loyal horse and I have a wild one. She stole my horse. Damn her.

"Well," I said, "it's best if we go now. Thanks for taking care of us."

"Be safe and may you endeavour in wherever your paths may lead you."

"Right, thank you, Blah blah. Let's go," the blonde hurried.

I looked back and nodded my head at the old man before following after the blonde.

Where will our path lead…?