A/N: This poem's title was inspired by a book of the same name [Indigo King] by James A. Owen. I've not finished the book, but I intend to one of these days! :D

Indigo King

You be my Indigo King

I'll be your Turquoise Queen

Our heralds will be clothed in Emerald,

And our Knights in the blackest of Pitch

Here in our granite fortress

We'll rule side by side

Sending out our armies

As strong as the tide

Surrounded by brutal weather

We're safest in the midst of the storm

For no one dares to attack us

In bright fear they'd come to harm

Write me music on sheets of silver

The copper notes gliding along

Pages of endless dancing

Surrounded by a throng

Rustic turrets and smooth sandstone

Our castle is made strong

By the ruins of lost generations

Grieving for their wrongs

Safe – we sit by the fire

Our common rooms united in play

Listening to readings of gallant poetry

To send off the light of day


*Copyright CostumeForAGutterball® on - Oct.28.2009*