His Name Was Stall

As I look back,

There was this horse

That in my preschool youth

That I befriended

That no one could.

I befriended it.

I befriended Stall,

The unbefriendable horse.

His name was Stall

For the wood pattern

Splashed upon his coat

That reminded everyone

Of his namesake.

Stall was what he was called

And they called me

The boy Sherlock.

So thus,

I am

Not so odd

Next to Stall.

There was his death

That I didn't take

All that lightly


When I took upon the horse

That he had sired,

I was able

To return

To riding horses.

Only now

I finally decided

To look back

Upon Stall


That was because

Before me

Stands a king

Of another world

Called Gorga

And he says

That me befriending

The unbefriendable Stall

Was a talent in my blood,

My Gorgan blood.

His name was Stall

And I was his master,

No matter how youthful I was,

Because my Gorgan blood

Gave me the ability

To calm all

The creatures

In the world.

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