Hey Guys, this is my first go at writing a story and i'm sorry that it's a little slow to begin with, but I promise it'll start to unravel quickly once it gets going! Thanks for checking it out, Ella x

Ella George

So here it was again, the most boring part of the day – lunch hour.

If anything, I should have been looking forward to spending the hour, gossiping with my friends, discussing the latest television shows and debating over who wore the best dress at last week's college dance. But none of that seemed interesting to me lately. It all seemed quite superficial, and for the past couple of weeks, for some strange reason, I didn't feel like myself at all, like something was bothering me, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was.

"Ava..." my friend Ebony called impatiently, while snapping her manicured nails in my face and waking me up out of my stupor.

"Hmm, you're doing that a lot lately," my other friend Grace said quietly.

"Doing what?" I asked curiously.

"I don't know, just daydreaming away from the conversation really" she laughed.

"Oh. I'm sorry I just seem to have a lot on my mind at the minute".

"Like what though?" Ebony quizzed me, her smiling expression quickly turning into a frown, as if I was hiding something from her.

"Oh I dunno, I guess it's just college work and stuff, you know, with exams coming up, I guess I'm feeling kinda nervous."

"Ah right, I will have to let you off then" she winked, as if I was still hiding something from her, she would probably think I would cave in and tell her later. Grace then suddenly changed the topic, she seemed aware that I didn't want to discuss this anymore, so took it upon herself to help me out, so I smiled at her thankfully. Grace was after all, my best friend. Well, so was Ebony, but I had known Grace the longest, almost 8 years now, and she was the one who seemed to know me better, the one who understood how I was feeling without asking, and the one who always comforted me when I was feeling down.

Ebony Clark on the other hand could be quite vicious, unintentionally of course, but still vicious. She always spoke without thinking, and tended to care more about her appearance than the feelings of others. That said, she really knew how to make you smile, and she sure knew how to party.

"So then Ava, its Ryan Goldsmith's 17th birthday party coming up next weekend, and I've heard it's going to be fancy dress, what do you reckon we should go as? And we need to look super hot, because Ryan's older brother Christian's going to be there and he is well, hot."

Ebony and I laughed. "Isn't Christian like 21, Grace?"

"Well yeah, but I'm 17 now, and four years is not that big a difference these days, is it?"

"He might have a girlfriend though" Ebony pondered.

"He hasn't. I've been and checked his Facebook page already."

"Oh you're so crafty Grace Philips" I laughed.

"Always one step ahead of the game Ava, always one step ahead." She smiled.

"Well anyway, I was thinking we could go as Charlie's Angels" I laughed.

"No, I'm sorry, I was thinking that because I look like a young Britney Spears, I could go as her" Ebony laughed flicking her long blonde hair out of her face. In fact, I had to admit that she did have that perfect pop star image. Ebony had always been extremely pretty, and for that reason she never had a problem getting boyfriends. A natural brunette, Ebony had been dying her hair blonde since we were 12. There was not one dark feature about Ebony, her eyes were a perfect turquoise, her lips a pale pink and her skin a light peach. I often wondered if her mother ever realised that Ebony meant 'black beauty'. But hey, who was I to complain. My mother had named me Ava Lynn Gabriella Mason, so I wasn't in the position to go judging other people.

"Haha yeah Ebs, you do look very much like her" sniffed Grace. Grace on the other hand, had short light brown hair, which fell softly around her high cheek bones, and curled around the bottom of her chin, her eyes were also light brown in colour and almond shaped, her skin slightly tanned, she was also very pretty.

Reflecting on both my friends' appearances, it made me realise that mine was quite the opposite; my skin had always been rather pale, and my many feeble attempts to gain a nice tan had failed miserably. My hair, wavy and dark brown, fell to the middle of my waist and shone with different tones of red in the sunlight, which quite surprisingly, I was very fond of. My eyes, a bright blue were my favourite feature, but one of the main things I disliked about myself was my height, at five foot five; I was neither tall nor small, and for some bizarre reason this really annoyed me.

"What about you then?" Grace raised her eyebrows this time, clearly indicating they had been talking for a while, and I had drifted off into my thoughts again.

"Oh, I really don't know. I will have to think about it tonight, I'll probably search the internet, and get some inspiration."

That moment the bell rang. Had an hour, really gone that quick? It didn't feel like an hour at all, but perhaps being lost in my thoughts was a good thing, allowing me to escape from reality, making the time fly by twice as fast.

"Yeah, good plan. I will call you both tomorrow anyway girls" Ebony smiled, jumping to her feet and walking swiftly out of the common room.

"Are you heading towards the art studio?" Grace asked.

"Sure, are you going that way?"

"Yeah, I'll walk with you" she smiled. And with that we headed off to my favourite lesson, art. I liked art because it allowed me to really let go, I was a very creative person and would constantly let my vivid imagination run wild, so art class seemed like the perfect place to channel all my thoughts into something I was in all honestly, pretty damn good at.

I walked into art and took my usual seat. I sat at the very back of the class, none of my usual friends took art as an option, but it didn't really bother me that much. I liked to be alone here, without distractions. I got on well with a couple of the girls in front though, Rachel Dixon and Katrina Jones. Granted, they could get annoying from time to time, with their constant chatting, and shameless flirting with two of the boys in front, Oli Hunter and Carl Thomas, but they were really handy when it came to the latest gossip, and supplied many stories for myself, Grace's and Ebony's sleepovers.

"Ooh, Rach have you heard there's going to be a new boy in our year starting tomorrow?" Katrina said in a very girlish tone.

"Really? How do you know? Oh I wonder if he's hot!" Rachel exclaimed.

It was times like this I wished I sat further away from them. I was all up for speculation and what not, but when it came to the pair of them squealing over some boy for the whole hour, it begun to get a little boring. Especially when the boy in question was not actually, that 'hot'.

"Well, Jenna Jakeman said she was at reception yesterday, waiting to sign out-"

"-ooh why?"

"I don't know, period pains probably. Anyway, she said she was waiting in the queue for like hours, and was just about to put up with her cramps and leave, when she overheard the office lady say, 'That's great Ethan, everyone here is very welcoming, I guess we shall see you tomorrow!' and then this Ethan guy said 'Thanks a lot Mrs Quigley" then apparently Quiggers giggled and flushed bright red, which is totally wrong, cause she's like 50, so Jenna assumed he must have been hot, so she waited and took a good look as he walked by, and she said he was the most stunning guy she'd ever seen!"

"Oh my God, that's amazing, I really hope so," Rachel beamed; "although Jenna does overreact a lot" she suddenly frowned; now sounding not quite so convinced.

At that moment, two more girls from the table in front of Rachel and Katrina turned round. One of the girls, Jessica, said "uh, I just overheard your conversation and I was also in the queue yesterday, and believe me, Jenna wasn't exaggerating, he really is the most beautiful boy I've ever seen too, you can't actually understand how gorgeous he is until you see him."

All four girls then looked at each other and squealed.

"Do you have something to share with the class Miss Dixon?" our teacher Mr Roberts frowned. But before she had chance to answer, Oli Hunter answered for her;

"They're talking about that new guy that's starting tomorrow, it's all I've heard all day, I swear to God when I see him tomorrow I'll..."

"...Oh, well lunch time finished ten minutes ago," interrupted Mr Roberts "you can continue this conversation at home time."

"Sorry sir" Rachel whispered.

Now Oli had completely swivelled his chair around and was facing Rachel, Katrina, Jessica, and the other girl, whose name completely surpassed me.

"I've seen this Ethan guy, and believe me he's not all that" Oli choked.

Katrina let out a loud cackle, "and what exactly, makes you think that you'd know if someone was 'all that'", she mimed with her fingers.

"Well, I don't, I mean... he's no better looking than myself or Carl here"

All four girls fell silent. Carl choked back a laugh.

"Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence" Oli grinned, clearly taking this conversation all in his stride.