My name is Kumamoto Natsumi. I have long blonde hair and dark purple eyes. I am shorter than my partner, Torakawa Fuyumi. Yumi-chan has even longer black hair and eyes that seem orange sometimes and red others. When I say we are partners, I mean we work together. I know this must sound strange. Perhaps I should start by telling you about our boss.

Our boss, Kawahori Ketsuki is the Supreme Being in our existence. I know that there may be a greater deity above our master, but I would dare to say such a thing. Master Ketsuki found us. All of us. Apart from Yumi and I, there are two other people who work for Master Ketsuki. One is Inusaki Akimi. Aki is what one might call a man's man. He has dark black hair that's short and spiky and he's tall with muscles. I would find him completely attractive, but there's a little problem: his partner. His partner's name is Toriyama Harumi. When I first met Haru-chan, I thought he was a girl. He has blonde hair so light that it appears to be white. He has a slight frame and delicate features. His light gold eyes contrast with Aki's dark cobalt eyes.

I have studied other planets in my time with Master Ketsuki. He demands that all of his followers be well educated on the surrounding planets. I do wish to please Master Ketsuki, so I took it a step further and snuck into his private library one night. I read all about a planet called Earth. It was the only planet with life in its solar system just like ours.

Our planet is called Kugisei. It is similar to Earth. Though, our climate is much more extreme. Where Earth has few volcanoes, we have many. There is an entire continent that is covered with active volcanoes on Kugisei. We also have large oceans that dwarf those of Earth. In addition we also have mountains tens of times taller than that of Earth's Everest and tornadoes hundreds of times more powerful than the ones found in Earth's tornado alley. Our planet is deteriorating. It may seem fine at the moment, but I read about how the planet Earth was destroyed. The same things seem to be happening here.

Other similarities that our planet has with Earth are life. On the planet Earth there were thousands and thousands of different life forms. On Kugisei we have only one. Although, we are all different. The planet Earth had different races, so I suppose that is what we could call ourselves. I, although I appear to be what the Earth people would call human, am part bear. Well, not actually a bear, but an Earth animal called a panda. It seems silly to call what occurs so naturally here "part something else." I have the ears and tail of a panda.

When I found out what Earth animal I was, I had to look and see what my comrades were. My partner, Fuyumi, is part tiger. Her tail is much longer than mine. It seems that with our animal features also come animal personalities. I read the volumes on Earth several times. It is uncanny how similar our planet is to theirs. We even have the same types of animals, if not living among us, as part of us.

Akimi and Harumi, the other followers of Master Ketsuki, are also part animal. Aki is tough and manly and appears to be a loner, so it would make sense that he has the ears, tail and personality of a wolf. Harumi, with his sweet and kind nature appears to be part sparrow. He does not have the tail of the bird, but will sprout wings. His wings are not large enough for him to fly.

Master Ketsuki's wings are huge. He is part bat. A vampire bat, to be precise. That does explain his fangs and extremely large, black wings. Master Ketsuki is the only one of our kind who can fly. He also has dark black hair, darker even than Yumi-chan's and Aki's. It seems to suck the light away. His eyes are blood red. Not like Yumi-chan's kind eyes, but dark and sinister. I do not wish to speak ill of my Master. I do owe him everything. All four of us do. That is why we serve him.

We do not serve our Master as slaves. We do not do menial tasks for him. Master Ketsuki is above that. Our only task, the one thing that we must do for Master is to find it. The one thing Master craves more than anything else. The Omnijuuki.

The Omnijuuki is real. Let me first say that. It is rumored to appear as a pendant to wear around one's neck. Others say that it manifests as a sword used to battle one's foes. Still, others believe that it will appear as a spirit to guide you. But all the stories agree on one factor: it gives you're the power to grant your true wish. Master's is to rule the world. That is why Master wants the Omnijuuki. And we, the four warriors, will get it for him.

Of course, this does not come without obstacles. The most important is the location of the Omnijuuki. In our studies, we have discovered that it was separated long ago by the last person who found it. The tale said that when he found the Omnijuuki, his one wish was to create a supreme race. I believe that is how we were created. I feel that Kugisei was once like the planet Earth, with many creatures. But now there is just our species; creatures who appear mostly human, but who have traits and some attributes of their animal.

There is one more who lives among us. Apart from our Great Master and the four warriors, there is another. Her name is Kawahori Usako and she is Master's daughter. No one knows what happened to her mother. She is nearly our age, so we were not there for her birth. All I can tell about her is that she has long, straight, light pink hair and blood red eyes like her father's. She is small and weak looking. She is so frail; I dare not touch her when we are near. She caught me once, reading in her father's private library. Luckily, I had read the book about Earth several times by then. She had promised not to tell, but he found out anyway. I was punished, but it was worth it.

Usako is a disappointment to her father. She is weak whereas he is strong. She is kind whereas he is strict and sometimes cruel. Of course, I would never say the latter of my Master. She is everything he would not want in a daughter and she will never be able to acquire the Omnijuuki for him. That is why Master Ketsuki adopted we four. The four warriors.

My story is not a sad one. I was born in the mountains. They were covered in forests. Rich, lush greenery as far as the eye could see. I loved my family; at least, I believe I did. My memories of that time are so foggy. I recall the color green. It was everywhere. I remember my mother's face, so like mine. But then I was with Master Ketsuki and none of that mattered anymore.

After Master told me of the Omnijuuki, I had no choice, but to help him. No, serve him. He had offered to send me home. Back to the smiling faces of my family and the thick greenery of my homeland, but I declined. I had one wish. It was to fulfill my promise to my Master. To find the Omnijuuki so Master Ketsuki could rule the world.

I suppose one might ask what I would get in return. My Master promised me nothing. I do not do this job for a reward. My reward is my Master's happiness. That is why I must find it with Yumi-chan.

Another obstacle that stands in our way are four other warriors. They have no leader, at least, none that we've heard about. They are like us, but are still very different. Where we are part animal, they are part element. They are just another race of human-like beings on Kugisei. I have not met them personally, but Master Ketsuki has educated us about them. Our enemies. Our competition.

The first is a fiery girl, most literally. Her name is Hikawa Suzuka. She is a princess, or so I've been told. She came from the land of volcanoes. Her hair, as red and fiery as her personality burns hot to the touch. She has been known to shoot fire from her fingertips. She is a witch, indeed.

The second warrior we must fight against is more gentle; she is a water priestess. Mizuno Ayumi is her name. She was loyal to her deity of water. Praying all day and night for her Mother Ocean, he long blue hair sweeping the floor as she paced. That was until something called her together with the other three warriors. Still, we know not how they came together.

Next is Kazemura Misaki. He is the wind warrior. His element is air and he uses it to his advantage. Even if we were to shoot arrows at him, he could send them away. His white, windswept hair carries no power, but his arms are where his energy is stored. We must remember that when the time comes to fight him.

Finally, there is the warrior of earth. Earth. A planet I long to see. Of course, his earth is different. It is merely a coincidence that the name for the ground in Kugisei is earth. The fact that it is the same name as the planet I adore is irrelevant. The planet Earth is long gone and so will Kugisei if Master Ketsuki does not get his wish to rule it. Dowara Hiroki can make mountains move. We must be careful around him. His brown hair and forest green eyes are dangerous. We must avoid eye contact or the earth may begin to move around us and swallow us whole.

The four warriors we have to face are mighty, but we are stronger. Our cause is greater. We know not what they seek in acquiring the Omnijuuki. We only know that they must not have it.


My morning started out just like any other. I awoke to the loud snores of my roommate and partner, Torakawa Fuyumi. Her orange and black ear flicked back and forth in her sleep and her tail curled and uncurled from under her blankets.

"Yumi-chan," I spoke to see if she was actually awake. Her long black hair was a mess. Pushed over her ears and tangled in her limbs. My parents was fierce and strong, but she certainly wasn't a delicate beauty. I called out to her again. No answer. Finally, I ripped off her blanket, causing her to fall on the ground.

"Nats!!" Fuyumi hissed and rubbed her amber eyes. "Why did you wake me?"

"Master Ketsuki has called for us and we must be present," I informed her. Fuyumi rolled her eyes, thinking I couldn't see her. "I saw that," I glared. Master had sent his only child, Usako, to wake us. I, being a light sleeper, heard her before she could knock. She told us that Master wanted us in his chambers in thirty minutes to tell us something very important.

"Yeah, he always has something to say…" Fuyumi yawned and crawled back into bed.

"You will not be so disobedient to Master!" I growled. Fuyumi put her ears back and let out a hiss, followed by a deep growl. It may not appear like it at the moment, but Fuyumi and I are best friends.

"Natsumi," she used my whole first name, "I know that you love the Master and all, but I'm a little tired right now."

"And I know that you love sleep, but Usako said it was important," I retaliated. After an argument and a few more hisses, Fuyumi was ready to go.

Our outfits were actually quite cute in my opinion. We each wore our signature colors. Mine was green, the only color I can remember from my homeland. My outfit consisted of a top that wrapped around my chest, only covering what was necessary and pants that puffed out and were gathered back together at my ankles.

Fuyumi's outfit was similar to mine only in the fact that it was revealing. Hers was a dress. It was red, her signature color and it started at her neck where it had a tight-fitting collar. From there, it had a huge diamond shape cut to reveal a generous amount of cleavage and, even though the bottom of her dress nearly reached her toes, it had slits running up the sides all the way to her hips. Master was the one who chose our outfits.

On our way to Master's chambers, we ran into the only other two people who occupied the warrior chambers. Inusaki Akimi and Toriyama Harumi. Aki was dressed in his signature color, black. His outfit was like Fuyumi's. It had a tight collar at the top and flowed down to his ankles with slits up the sides, but he was wearing pants underneath. Haru-chan's outfit was white, his signature color. His looked more similar to mine. His chest was barely covered at all with the wrap and his puffy pants hung low on his narrow hips. He was the perfect picture of an androgynous person. One couldn't help but get their breath caught staring at Haru-chan.

As if reading my thoughts, Aki pulled an oblivious Haru-chan under his arm in a protective manner. Aki always made me wonder if he and Haru-chan were more than just partners. I quickly wondered what love would be like. But the only options left in our castle-like home were the Master, who was off-limits, his daughter and my partner, Yumi-chan. Deciding that those were all impossible, I continued, following the boys, to our Master's chambers.