Tears streamed down my face as I ran over to Nats. I broke the promise to myself and didn't protect her like I should have. Nats was quickly falling toward the ground, dagger still imbedded into her chest. I caught her just before she hit the dirt. She was losing so much blood and I was losing her.

"Yumi-chan." Her voice was weak. Using little strength she had, she brought her hand to my cheek and wiped away the tears from my face. Just like she did long ago.

"Shhh. You need to save your strength." I held her hand against my cheek. The warmth was quickly disappearing and this time no medicine could save her. "You need to find out how to use your healing power and heal yourself." Her breathing was becoming weaker.

"You must finish summoning the Omnijuuki and grant our wish." No I couldn't. I needed to find a way to save her first. I shook my head at her. Tears continued to streaming down my face, damping Aki's shirt. "You have to." I still couldn't speak. I shook my head harder at her. Using her free hand she grabbed the dagger within her chest. But before I could stop her she pulled it out, she winched at the pain.

"No!!" I took my hands and placed it on the wound trying to stop the blood. It wasn't working. Blood kept flowing out staining my hands. She took my hands and placed the dagger within them.

"Only you can do it Yumi." Tears fell down the side of her eyes. "You're the bestest friend anyone could have ever had." She gave me that smiled I always loved. Master saw what I was about to do and raced toward us. Everyone watched in the distance. Taking the dagger I threw it toward the gold light. Just as her blood touched the light it reacted by glowing brighter than ever. The gold light engulfed everyone and everything. I had to cover my eyes but after a couple of seconds the light dimed just enough for me to open them. In front of me was a figure covered in gold fabrics. Her face was so beautiful and her long golden hair flowed elegantly around her.

"I am the Omnijuuki." It was the same voice that spoke to me before. "This is the form that you have chosen for me. Now what is your wish?" My wish. Just as I thought it the Omnijuuki answered my question. "I am sorry but that is one wish that I cannot grant."

"But why?!" I looked down to the sleeping Nats in my arms. Her face was so peaceful. "WHY?!" The Omnijuuki just looked at me. I looked at her and already knew why. I turned back to Nats. 'What would she wish for?' I already knew. "Omnijuuki." She nodded at me.

"Your wish shall be granted." With that the gold light glowed brighter and it engulfed me and Nats. The last thing I saw was the Omnijuuki turning into gold dust.


I quickly sprung up from my bed breathing heavily. Sweat soaked my pj's and my hair. The light outside told me it was still really early in the morning. I laid back down on my pillow.

"What a weird dream." I looked to my clock on my nightstand. It read 5:15 am. I still had time to sleep more but something about my dream kept me awake. I decided to shower and get ready. After I dressed in my uniform, brushed my teeth, and fixed my hair I headed down stairs.

"Fuyumi is that you?" The voice came from the kitchen, the smell of pancakes began to fill the room.

"Yes mother." I sat down at the table and poured myself a glass of orange juice. She emerged from the kitchen with a plate stacked with pancakes.

"This is unusual. I usually don't see you till you have ten minutes to get to school and you're running out with a piece of toast in your mouth." She placed a couple of pancakes onto my plate. I added butter and syrup.

"I just woke up early today." My mother looked at me and gave me her one eyebrow look. She came over to me and placed her hand upon my head as well as her own. "Mom I'm fine." She shrugged then placed some pancakes on the plate across from me. She must have predicted it because then my annoying brother stomped down the stairs.

"Morning mom." He kissed her on the cheek, sat down and started stuffing his face. It took him a couple of seconds to realize that I was sitting across from him. "Wow you're up early tiger." I rolled my eyes at him.

"Where did you get that nickname anyways?" I started putting my dishes together to drop them in the sink.

"Dunno. Just kind of fits you I guess." I didn't want to argue much with him today. For some reason I needed to go see someone but I didn't know who. I grabbed my bento and my school bag, kissed my mom and headed to the door.

"You're leaving pretty early sweetie." Crap. What excuse can I think of?

"I actually have early cleaning duty. Yeah." She gave me that eyebrow again.

"Ok sweetie. Have a good day." With that I left the house and started my long walk to school.

A light wind picked up and sent flower petals into the air. All the Sakura trees were in bloom. I was so mesmerized by the flowers that I almost tripped on the stairs leading to the local shrine.

"Be careful." I looked up and a beautiful girl dressed in Miko's clothing was at the top of the stairs, broom in hand. Her hair was a beautiful shade of blue and as it flowed in the wind it seemed as if it was water itself. I couldn't help but stare at her for a bit but before I started to look creepy I bowed at her and went on my way. 'She seemed so familiar.' I continued my walk.

After a bit school had be open for a while and there was about a half an hour left till school started. I decided to head over. Just as I rounded the corner toward the school grounds I almost got run over by a boy on a bike.

"Hey watch where you're going!" I was just about to threaten him when he stopped his bike and came back toward me.

"I am so sorry. I was thinking about something and wasn't paying attention. Are you ok?" I then realized that I've been just staring at him.

"Do I know you?" I walked closer to him and examined his brown hair and forest green eyes. Something about him made me think about rocks.

"I believe this is the first time we've met." He held out his hand toward me. "Dowara Hiroki." I took his hand in mine.

"Torakawa Fuyumi." He had a really sweet smile. "Well judging by your uniform I guess we'll see each other often.

"Yeah. Well laters." And he was off. He seemed like a really nice guy. But I don't think it was him that I was looking for. I continued to school.

Once I made it past the gate of Kugisei High I noticed that a group of girls were circled around someone, screaming and shoving their lunches at the person. I was curious so I found an opening in the circle to see what the commotion was about. It was that playboy Kazemura Misaki, flirting with the girls and taking phone numbers. 'Ugh.' I rolled my eyes. Before I could escape from the screaming crowed, the girls were interrupted by Hikawa Suzuka.

She's the prettiest girl in school with her long red hair but no guy dares to ask her out. She has the shortest temper ever which is worse than a volcano erupting. Though that didn't stop Misaki from trying to get her number. I started back toward the inside of the school, switched out my shoes and headed to my homeroom class. I was the first to be there so I placed my bag down and decided to head for the roof. I don't know why but I felt as if something was waiting for me up there. Before I could leave the room my homeroom teacher walked in.

"Well this is rare for you to be here so early Torakawa-san." He came in and placed his briefcase down and organized his papers.

"Ohayo-gozaimas Kawahori-sensei." Kawahori Kugisaki was the most attractive teacher at school and all the girls fawn over him. But something about him gives me the shivers as well as his daughter Usako but luckily she goes to the middle school a few miles away. I didn't feel like being alone with him so I quickly bowed to him and left the room.

As I turned out of the classroom I bumped into someone and they fell to the ground.

"Ouch." The voice was so pure that I swear it was a girl. But when I looked down it was that girly boy Toriyama Harumi. 'Shit. If Harumi is here then.' But before I could finish my thought the person I was thinking about appeared.

"Are you ok Haru?" It was Inusaki Akimi and almost the entire school knew that these two were completely in love with each other. Akimi helped Harumi up and checked him over for any injuries. I wanted to gag but I held back.

"I'm fine Aki-kun." He smiled at Akimi and I think for the first time ever I saw him blush. Was it the first time? "Are you ok Torakawa-san?" I nodded to him. "Well I hope you have a wonderful morning." Harumi bowed then left with Akimi following him like a little puppy with his new owner. I snickered at the thought of Akimi having dog ears and a tail.

I've had a good amount of interesting encounters today but nothing seemed to satisfy that feeling that I'm still missing something.

Once I made it to the roof it felt nice to be somewhere high and away from everything down below. I found a good spot and decided to take a short nap. The wind felt good on my skin and the sun's rays warmed me down to my core. But just when I thought that nothing could ruin my moment something blocked the sun's light. I was about to question the figure when her voice stopped me.

"I knew you'd be up here Yumi-chan." The sound of her voice warmed me more than the heat from the sun. I opened my eyes to see a girl with long blonde hair leaning over me. Her smile was so pure and her purple eye almost put a spell on me.

"Hey Nats." She smiled the smile that I've been searching for all day. My search was over.

"Can I join you?" I didn't even have to say yes. She was already lying next to me. "Why are you up here all by yourself?"

"I think I was waiting for you." She gave me that smile again.

"Well you could have called and we would have walked to school together." I turned to my side to look at her better.

"Last night I had a really weird dream and I woke up early. I couldn't seem to fall back to sleep." She giggled.

"That's really odd because you not being able to fall back to sleep is not you." She placed her hand onto my head. "You're not warm. What was the dream about?" I started to tell her but when I tried to think about it nothing came up. I tried thinking really hard but everything about last night's dream was just a blur. Nats looked at me with anxious eyes.

"I can't remember." Nats broke into laughter. I pouted at her and tired to look mad but everything about her made me smile. "Ah well. I bet it wasn't that important anyways." Just then the school bell rang.

"Well we better head to homeroom." I helped Nats up and we started back to the stair case. Before I could head down Nats stopped me. "Oh I got something for us both." She pulled out two key chains from her bag. "I saw this at that new cute store." On one key chain there was a really cute looking panda and the other a tiger.

"A panda and tiger?" She handed me the panda and kept the tiger for herself.

"Your brother always calls you a tiger and I thought that it's really suited for you. And that panda was just so cute." I looked at the panda key chain.

"Yeah it is cute. Fits you perfectly." Then the warning bell rang.

"We better go or well be late for homeroom." Nats held out her hand to me. I had a tiny feeling of déjà vu but shook it off. I took her hand and we raced down the stairs to our class.

~The End~