Hello Michael! How have you been? Are you enjoying October? Have you given into the madness yet?

I got my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago which means that, aside from school, I have been on mandatory home stay. Needles to say the pain pills did little to settle the madness caused by unfamiliar isolation. I've lost 5 lbs and written about 100 poems.

Haha, it has been interesting, not exactly enjoyable, but definitely interesting. (well, slightly enjoyable in that self satisfying masturbatory way.)

And now that I am healed (for the most part) I would love to see you. Maybe go somewhere outside, perhaps in the Sun?

Also I got a job, at Bed Bath, so I can promise you the next time we hang out I am going to smell fantastic.

Ha, oh yeah. I heard a song on the radio called "Rainbow in the Dark" by Dio. If you haven't already heard it, download it and look at yourself in the mirror while it plays. If it looks anything like it does in my head, you should be laughing a few seconds in.

Happy Halloween! I know it's early, but I would imagine you would like Halloween.

In Madness, but With love,


ps: thank you for not playing the guitar.