Hey everyone! Okay, before you yell at me for posting a new story, let me explain myself… I'm really considering writing a sequel to "Everything I Never Wanted", only difference is it'll be set in the future (a year or two after the events in the first story) and it'll pretty much be another girl's story in the new vampire run world. Of course, Casey and most of the characters from that story will make an appearance, but the main focus will be on the new girl and her experiences. Now, I won't be able to post anymore since it would give too much away in "Everything I Never Wanted", but I just wanted to post the prologue to get an idea of whether anyone would be interested in reading it when I finally get the chance to post it (since, I've already written the first couple of chapters). I know I'm getting a little head myself, but I'm curious to see the feedback.

Leslie Chambers clutched the small bundle of blankets to her chest, as if she was afraid someone would snatch away her precious daughter if she didn't protect her. She hated this, inspection... it was vile and cruel. They weren't cattle…

Well, she mused, to them we are.

This happened every year. The dreaded inspection, all babies who had been born since the last inspection were required to attend with their cowering mothers, nervous that their precious babies would be ripped away from them. That's exactly what would happen if her baby didn't meet their expectations.

Leslie was holding her only child to her chest, her darling baby girl. She had just given birth to her two months before. She was the only thing of her late husband's that she had left. She looked so much like him; she had his bright green eyes; Leslie knew she would grow up and resemble Anthony. She knew that she would have his smile when she grew older, traces of her father's grin was already obvious on the two month old's little face.

She was hoping and praying that she would make it through this dreaded inspection with her daughter still in her arms. She didn't know what she would do if she lost Sarah too… she shook her head, pushing the thoughts from her head, no, she knew that Sarah would pass. She was healthy, the doctor had said so, but their idea of health was very different than the doctors'. Or any human for that matter. They were very meticulous when it came to which baby was to be kept and which one wouldn't. And they were very random with the babies they chose, there was no set hair color or eye color they were looking for, even what gender they kept was scattered and unpredictable, so it was hard to go into these inspections confident that you would leave with your baby still in your arms.

A hard slap to her face knocked her from her thoughts. It was her turn, she was so terrified; she was shaking so badly, "Give me the child, you stupid wench." One of the men growled, his eyes blazing.

She gulped slightly, before she let Sarah slip from her fingers into the larger hands of the vampire guard that stood before her. She knew it would be useless to fight him. She had seen what they did to the women who fought and it wasn't pretty. They were tied up and locked into a cage that should house a dog, not a human being. Since, she had arrived earlier in the evening she had seen several women fight and be forced into such confinements. A few of them were gagged since they had been too noisy in their struggles. Many of them had lost their children… not to death, but they lost the right to raise them. The thought alone made her sick. How dare they take away their babies and not let them raise them! But, she wasn't stupid. She knew her best course of action was to cooperate.

She watched him study her precious baby, trying to figure out what he was thinking, his expression held nothing; it was scary to look at.

The guard was muttering under his breath, he glanced at her before his eyes went back down to the little baby in his arms. He did not look angry… he looked rather intrigued.

"Who's the father?" he questioned suddenly, making her jump slightly in surprise.

Leslie stuttered for a moment trying to find her voice, "W-well, um… he passed away several months ago."

"What was his name?" he asked, sounding irritated.

"Anthony Chambers." She whispered quietly, wondering what this had to do with anything, but too terrified to voice her question.

The guard was silent for a moment, seeming to try to make up his mind over something, it didn't take him very long and he finally looked at her again, "I believe His Highness would be very interested to see this child." he noted, "he's in the next room, come on." he turned on his heel and began to leave the room.

Leslie's eyes widened in terror, "Wait, what? Why?"

He turned and glared at her, "Don't question me, human… either you come with me quietly or I will have someone restrain you."

Leslie nodded dumbly, not liking the idea of being tied up, it was never pleasant.

She followed the vampire guard in total fear, the King himself was never seen by humans and if he was, those that saw him were never seen or heard from again.

Leslie gulped, a feeling of dread washing over her… nothing good could come from this, she just knew it.

Though, she needn't have worried… they didn't let her into the room in which the King resided. She was forced to stand outside, waiting for the verdict and praying to God that it would be a good one.

She paced back and forth, so much so that she feared she would pace a hole right into the ornate rug she found herself walking on. She was shaking so badly, she was nearly hyperventilating due to her fear; this had never happened before. Never had a child been taken and inspected by the King personally.

The doors opened ten minutes late and the vampire guard returned and thrust the bundle into her shaking hands. Leslie snatched the bundle afraid that he would take her baby girl out of her reach if she took too long. She clutched the bundle to her chest so tightly that it took a weak cry from her daughter before she realized how hard she was squeezing the little thing. She let up a little as the guard opened his mouth to speak.

"His Highness has decided on you daughter's fate. You should be grateful; he never lets children born of slayer blood live." At his words, Leslie let out a breath of air that she wasn't even aware that she was holding. "You will raise the child normally, you will tell her of this when she is old enough to understand and then the King will send someone for her when the time is right."

Leslie just stared… they were going to take her baby away from her?! They were going to take the only thing that she had left that reminded her of her late husband? "What? But-"

"Do not argue. Now, heed my warning, this is a direct order from His Highness, if, when she is called for and she does not know of any of this, there will be consequences, very very dire consequences." the vampire glared at her, "When she is old enough, you will tell her of this, do you understand?"

Leslie could only nod, too afraid to speak.

Okay, well I hope you guys like it. Before I forget though, this will probably be the only chapter that is in third person, I might switch to first person, but I'm not quite sure yet. Please let me know if you would like to read this as a sort of sequel to "Everything I Never Wanted"!

And, before you ask... yes I am working on "Expect the Unepxcted", "Everything I Never Wanted" and "Play Ball" (I wrote this prologue months ago and it's just been sitting on my computer, so it's not like I've been neglecting those stories for this one or anything). I will try my very hardest to update one or more soon, but I can make no promises since the semester is coming to a close and I am extremely busy and swamped with work... I have four papers due (three research papers and one book review) by the first week in December and I've gotten behind on my reading for my classes (and it's going to be a pain to try to catch up). Then I have four finals starting on December seventh... and, as if that's not bad enough, I have to study for the GRE as well (which means practicing math problems that I haven't done since high school and studying words to extend my vocabulary... not fun at all).

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