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Once upon a time, in a faraway castle made by red bricks and sand, there lived a pixie with long black hair and purple eyes. Her name was Elina Rheynabethia.

Her story began when she was born in a little cottage made of straw, given birth to a fairy named Ms. Grelia Kilatrous and by a pixie named Sir Johanessen Rheynabethia. Now, a relationship between pixies and fairies are often called to present in the court since it was strictly forbidden, but since Grelia and Johanessen were hidden somewhere under the thick forest moss, they were unseen by the cruel Dusthangers who were awfully loyal to a so-called king named Peter Alexander Pan.

King Peter wasn't that cruel, but he abides by the rules his parents had given him. He believes that his mother and father are still looking up to him as the supreme successor of the family and so he was terribly frightened to disobey. King Peter was once a prince of Neverland and was once a friend to all, not until the long lost boy (Peter) was found by his parents when Mr. and Mrs. Pan entered the kingdom the second star to the right.

How is this possible? In the present world, several kinds of technology had been made like traveling through space and the jetpack. And several meteorologists discovered the second star to the right which is the opening entrance of Neverland. Since in the human world Mr. and Mrs. Pan are inventors, and they kept their discovery their own tiny little secret.

Anyway, Elina and her mother and father lived in a hidden castle, near the Canadian Forest in the west and beside the Malladory stream. The castle was once owned by a wealthy pair of fairies who were both a dear friend to the Reynabethias'.

"Take this as our honor for being the very best company we had," was the very last words the wealthy family had given to Grelia and Johanessen. Both of the owners died on the exact same date and at the same time, this was because a fairy who was betrothed to another fairy is a part of their lives already. So if one of the couple died and the other fairy was getting lonely, they will both automatically die.

So… the history had been told and now it's time to start Elina Reynabethia's fairy tale…

Elina was the only pixie-fairy and the only purple-eyed. Of course, she often took herself as a pixie to disguise having the same blood relation with a fairy. She looked more of her father though. Elina has the sweetest voice in town and was often called 'The Lily of the Daisies.'

She is now studying at 'All Hail Pixie Daisy School' located near the coast, beside Shore a la Pixie. This was the very royal school in Neverland before the school 'Fairy Land Montessori" in the fairy domain.


"El, mind if I borrow a wand? Mine's stoked…"

That was Jeremy, Elina's best friend. Jeremy is the same age as she is and his birthday is a day after Elina's. Jeremy is tall, with black-silver wings and grey-brown eyes. He wears a black shirt and silver jeans and his hair's black with silver highlights.

"Sure, sure. You take the purple one, I'm not using that anymore," Elina whispered.

"Thanks," Jeremy sauntered back.

Before the professor could say anything regarding the medieval war in the 1700's, there was an important message from the King.

Elina's POV:

Sir Daniel Steel, the messenger, entered and surprised us all. I even saw the professor gasped with disgrace. Daniel wore puffy sleeves and shorts with stripes, the way every messenger wore. Don't say that I didn't mention the hat with the feather. I groaned and stared, waving my pink wand around my fingers. I stole a quick glance to Jeremy, my best friend, and saw that he was doing the same thing I was doing, twirling the purple wand around his fingers. When he noticed that I was looking, he rolled his eyes and smiled, and then we both paid attention to the messenger.

Daniel rolled the scroll slowly, pausing to make a dramatic effect and then boomed his voice:

"Every female in 'All Hail Pixie Domain' are required for a meeting in the castle next dawn at the 2nd of February. This announcement should not be ignored because if one should not attend, deadly consequences shall be the result."

I shivered. This wasn't usually ordered unless the King wants something. Rumors said that the last time he makes announcements like this, one girl went missing, and then later on she was found dead near the castle, all buried royally into bunch of daisies and roses on her grave.

Jeremy touched my arm. "You alright?" he said, his grey-brown eyes so intent to my purple ones.

"Yeah, yeah…" I whispered back, my voice as tiny as a squeak.

Daniel left the room with his guards, marching outside class. Professor Waldorf nervous voice filled the room and then he began lecturing us about having relationships with other people.

Professor Waldorf class ended, but the King's message never left my head. Jeremy says that not to worry since I wouldn't get picked because I'm hideous as he is though I find Jeremy attractive and I've the only face like this here because of my pixie-fairy relation.

Anyway, that didn't loose me up. I was tensed, afraid to let it go. It seems that this day that I have is actually full of doubts if I would last a year here and not finishing high school, let alone college. This is so unfair! I would want to take a sip of coco that only calms me down.

Jeremy and I flew together to our castle and decided to do homework together. Mom and Dad prepared hot coco (thank you!) and bread. They asked me—er… us… about school and I was dumbfounded by the moment.

After 2 whole minutes, I woke up with my famous daydreaming thanks to the help of Jeremy's snapping fingers in my face.

And then I lost my train of thought…

"Honey, are you alright?" my mom said, handing me a cup of coco.

"Er…yeah, just daydreaming…" I said, sipping hot coco.

"Ooookay… how's school?" she asked casually.

Before I could start complaining about the message, Jeremy cut in.

"The King's been asking for a female," Jeremy said, mouth full of bread.

My mother, who was quietly sipping tea on her cup, choked when she heard what had happened. I instantly flew beside Mom and tapped her back gently.

"Oh, just in your school?" she asked, wiping her mouth with a napkin.

"Yes, Mom. It's just us." I said sadly.

After the conversation, Jeremy asked me if we could go outside and take a fresh air and I agreed. We got out from the castle then we flew to the yard.

"It's really a nice place you got here, El. Very silent and tranquil." He commented as we reached a tree. We decided to sit onto one of the branches of the acacia tree.

Acacia trees were very famous here in the forest and many have said having this many means something. We are not particular of any folk stories because we seldom talk to people here. We only have 3 neighbors here. But they are all so lovely.

"Yes," I inhaled the fresh scent of the flowers blooming around us.

It was a minute or so before Jeremy could talk and it seems like something's holding him back. His face was twisted and he seemed deep in thought. But when he said something, I was the one who was suddenly deep in thought.

"Were you ever in love, Elina?" Jeremy asked, his grey-brown eyes pointing at me intensely.

Before I could say something, my mother called out to me. I have a visitor.

"Elina! The messenger's waiting for you!" my mother said, her voice obviously strained and tense.

I was horror-struck.