Diary Of A Small Girl

I'm small for my age, and I have bitchy friends, the boys take no interest and apparently I'm bulimic. Welcome to my life. Pillow-book.

Before I start these diary entrys I must warn you grammar will not be the best so won't the spelling this has been written in my own words, meaning it is all true and only you who are reading it now, will know about these diary entrys. Enjoy!

Saturday 31st October. 09

Dear Diary,

I came back from butlins yesterday. The holiday was nice, but I kept on getting left out, by my friend who I went with. She just kept on staying with her mom and ignoring me, so it kind of wrecked the fun for me. The redcoats were hot though, but apart from that we were stuck in the shalla most of the time. While I stayed in the bedroom she would always be by her mom's side. She didn't even say goodbye to me yesterday when I went home, she just went in her house ignoring me. So I'm sick of it now, I don't even like my school anymore, I hate the boys and the girls there. I want to move. I've asked my mom if I can move schools, and she said she will think about it, hope she will say yes, because if she doesn't I will be trapped in the school of hell. Since the only proper friend I hung out with was Sophie and because I've saw a different side to her I don't want to hang with her anymore, I will have no one else. Plus the schools a sport school and I'm not a big fan of sports, I want to do drama or write, so I want to go and do something I will like. Hopefully my mom will say yes.

Anyway apart from that, I haven't got much gossip, except the fact that I'm going to a Halloween party in a minute, I will be dressing up as the queen on vampires. Hope I look fabulous. Will probably be boring though, because I don't know most of the people going there. But right now I'm watching the Hannah Montana movie, I love it. Happy Halloween everyone.


Kelsey XOXO.