The sun was slowly setting, creating a picturesque background of land and sky intertwining their beauty together. The seemingly–glowing hues of red, orange, yellow, and pink tingeing the sky was starkly the opposite of the Earth–toned land, yet together, they were beautiful, and I couldn't help but tilt up my lips into a curve. This was going to be it. In a matter of minutes, I was going to tell Marco Shaw about my crush on him.

Marco and I met two years ago. We were both six, and despite the fact that around that age, guys believed girls had cooties, we easily clicked, and in a few months we were the best of friends, along with our other playmates, Jack, Will, Caleb, Alex. They all knew about my crush on Marco, and had been budging me to come clean with my feelings until I finally told them I would, so here I was, tired and stressed after a game of basketball, waiting for Marco to come out from the shower room. When he emerged, I fully expected Jack and the others to tag alongside him, but he was alone, and the moment we made eye contact, my heart skipped a beat.

"S–so they said you wanted to talk to me?" he began, looking a bit awkward. As expected of an eight–year old he was a long stick, thin and scrawny like Jack and the others. I honestly didn't know why he was the one I was crushing on instead of Jack or Will or Caleb or Alex. It just…happened.

"Y–yeah," I answered, moving in place. I was so, so nervous. "I have to tell you something…"

"Don't, Sienna, please" he answered, his small voice cracking. When I looked at his face, I saw nothing but fear. "I know…and don't."

But did I listen? Nope…I was too nervous to think straight that I said the first and only thing swirling around in my little head.

"I like you!"

I clamped my mouth and covered it with my hands. I felt as if my eyes were about to budge out of their sockets after that extremely awkward and embarrassing confrontation. He, on the other hand, stayed silent, and after a few minutes and to my further embarrassment, he ran out of the gym's doors and also out of my life.

Later that day, I was told that his family moved to New York, and he didn't even have the decency to break the news to any of us - his closest friends. Also later that day, I found myself knocking on Jack's door and telling him all that happened. For a small, stick–thin eight–year old, I sure had a lot of feelings pent up inside me. From that day on, Jack became my best friend, and ten years later, our friendship was still as strong as ever.

Author's Note:

Hey everyone! I'm on semestral break, so I decided to, guess what, post a story! It's not going to be a oneshot (yayy!), and I've started a few chapters already. Also, this story won't be a long one. Give it eight chapters more or less, but even then, I hope you guys will still enjoy it! I'm really enjoying writing this, and I just really wish that I can write everyday like I used to, but school's about to start, and that's going to keep me pretty, no very busy. As always, thanks to everyone who continue to enjoy my stories, and I promise i'll post the first chapter soon!:D