Three months later…

"Oh my god!" I voiced out loud, trying to catch my breath. "That's got to be the best workout ever."

I was panting heavily, my breathing ragged and shoulders rising repeatedly up and down in exhaustion. When I turned to look at Jack, I noticed that he was just as tired as I was with beads of sweat falling down from his forehead to his chin. Then, I grinned at him, shaking my head at myself. I took one more exhale before I let my head fall onto his shoulder, and in response, his arms snaked around my waist.

"How about another round?" he then asked, his voice hoarse and raspy. "We could always use more exercise."

I nodded, pulling away from his hold on me. Then, I positioned my fingers at the hem of my shirt and raised it up and off me before I threw it to the side until I wore only a black sports bra and my itty–bitty gym shorts, and by the way Jack looked at me hungrily, I could tell he wanted to do more than gape at me.

"Dude…" I loved the fact that he still called me that instead of 'babe'. Of course at times, he'd use 'babe' or 'baby', but most often than not, he'd call me by the nickname I had grown so accustomed to. It just proved that we were still best friends despite the fact that we were in a relationship now. "Fuck you."

I smirked at him and started to twirl around, exposing to him all my other curves, and from a distance, I heard him groan before shouting a number of cuss words.

"You're just bitter my lack of clothes will let you lose focus," I said, getting the ball that was idly rolling left and right on the metal bench. What could I say? Jack's mansion was so big it housed its own basketball court. "Aren't I right?"

"Two can play this game," he said, calming himself down before he tugged on his own basketball jersey.

Before I knew it, he was shirtless, and I couldn't help but grin at the sight of my boyfriend wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. I could see the deep 'v' that ran from his hip down to a part of his body hidden by the only thing he wore. It seemed to be protruding out, and I couldn't help but feel hot, and no muscle or abs in his body could make me feel as warm and fuzzy as his 'come–fuck–me' lines.

"Like what you see?" he said, licking his lips for further emphasis.

"I've seen better," was my quick reply. I was obviously lying, and he knew that too, but before he could comment on my dishonesty, I passed the basketball to him, signaling the start of another round. "Now don't go easy on me just because I'm a girl."

"I won't," he said, expertly dribbling the ball, until we were both on the paint. "I'll let you win because you're my girlfriend."

It was hard trying to block him since everything was against me. First off, he was inches and inches taller me, so if he positioned himself the right way, he could easily shoot without worrying that I'd steal the ball. Secondly, we were at his court, so he was more used to the playing area than I was, and last but definitely not the least, his shirtless body was pressing up against my front, and shit, I was going to get in trouble soon for hyperventilating and gawking at my opponent.

We were both panting heavily, definitely tired and almost out of breath. Even more so, I could feel his warm breath tickling my shoulders and my collarbone. Also, he towered over me and was a good four inches taller than me, so I stood up to his neck, and god, I swore I wanted to trail kisses down it already. Then, I shook my head, willing my self–control to come back. If anyone was going down first, it was going to be him.

"Perfect," he said, and when I turned to follow his gaze, I saw that the ball passed through the net swiftly and perfectly, barely making a swishing sound.

The battle of the sexes continued, and sadly, I was on the losing end. I was trailing by only a single point, but still, the clock was winding down quickly, the game coming to a close, and before either of us could determine a winner, my mobile phone rang, and I couldn't help but mutter out a curse. Who the hell would call on a Saturday afternoon during the month of December? When I looked at the screen, I saw Anna's name, and I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

"Hello?" I said, holding my mobile up against my ear, my voice bitter. "You better have a good reason to disrupt a good game of basketball."

I heard her sigh at the other line, obviously unhappy with the fact that despite getting a boyfriend, I was still 'tomboy' me. Sure, I didn't mind wearing shorts from time to time, but that was it. I avoided heels, revealing tops, dresses, and too much make–up as much possible, and with Anna continuously ragging me on me about the beauty of my feminine side, I decided that she could keep prodding me but my decision was final. I wasn't going to give in to what she and everybody else wanted. I realized I loved who I was – that I was 'one of the guys'.

"You're what?!" she shrieked, and I placed the phone a few inches away from my ear.

Anna was just too…girly, and it was still a mystery to the both of us how we managed to get along so well despite being total opposites. I then winced at her high–pitched tone and saw Jack smirking at me. Then, he walked over to where I was and sat down on the bench before pulling me down to sit in between his legs. Instead of letting my back fall onto his chest, I leaned forward, legs spread apart like the tomboy that I was, and went back to talking to Anna. With a gruff groan, Jack wound his arms around my waist and forced me to lean onto him.

"Playing basketball…why?" I began, swatting Jack's hand when he started to play with the straps of my sports bra.

"You're what?!" she shouted again, and I felt Jack stiffen up when he heard Anna's shrill voice. "Don't you know what today is?"

I turned to Jack, who was now idly playing with my hair while his other hand stayed on my hip, and asked him if he knew about any important event that was happening today. He thought about my question for a moment and then said, "Uh…if I'm not mistaken, the Winter Ball's today."

"The school dance?" Anna let out a sigh of relief when she heard my answer. "Is that it?"

"I can't believe you!" she shouted again, and seriously, I was so tempted to hang up on her. Jack was starting to make me feel restless as he placed a trail of hot kisses down the curve between my neck and shoulder. "How can you forget?! Now, get your asses up and get ready!" My mind was starting to drift off as I entangled my fingers with Jack and leaned my head back so he had better access to my neck. "And when I see you two, I want the both of you to look like you prepared a week before the dance!"

Then, she hung up on me, and I only shrugged my shoulders as I placed my mobile phone back into my duffel bag. Jack was still sending me into a frenzy, kissing me, fondling me, and making me feel like I was the most important person in his world, but after a few minutes of giving him what he wanted, I snatched his arms, unwound them from my waist, and pulled myself off him. He looked, no, he glared at me, eyebrows furrowing together.

"Why'd you do that?"

Cupping his face with my hands to calm him down, I then replied, "Well, Anna wants us to get ready, and I'm pretty sure that if I don't go to the dance looking like what she expects me to, she'll give me hell for eternity. Oh, my mistake, she'll give the both of us a never–ending rant on how dances are supposed to make all students excited and giddy."

"So I'll pick you up at around six, so we can go to her house together?" he asked, planting a small one on my forehead.

Nodding, I returned his kiss with a small one of my own, on the lips this time, before I gathered my stuff and said my 'goodbye' to Jack. I drove back to my house, thinking of what I could wear. Well, it wasn't like I was presented with a million choices. I barely had any dresses, and because I despised them so much, I just left them to rot at the darkest corners of my closet, so I had no idea what they looked like, as in no idea at all. I just hoped that there was one that was at least 'wearable'.

When I got home, I took my time going up to my room despite the threatening tone Anna used on me earlier. When I stood in front of my closets, I racked each and every nook and cranny in search for a dress. Yes, I was that low on them, and when I placed them all on my bed, I realized that I never bought any of them. They were all gifts seeing as how there was no style or design in any of the dresses that caught my attention. Not to mention, all of them barely left anything to the imagination, and then I rolled my eyes…at least Jack would be happy.

The sun was slowly starting to set, and when I held my wrist up to glance at my watch, I realized that it was thirty minutes before six in the evening, exactly half an hour before Jack picked me up, and I still hadn't decided on which dress I was going to wear.

The little black dress – Anna always told me how that dress style was always a safe choice, and it was a good thing someone was nice enough to gift me with one. I held up the dress in front of me and took in all its details, not that I knew a lot about the complexities of clothes. The neckline, with lace detailing, was a low 'V', and also the hemline had lace sewn onto it. It was a very flirty garment, and I was not flirty, but I had no other choice. I stripped quickly until I was only in my bra and underwear, for once they matched, and then slipped the dress on myself. It ended inches and inches above my knees, and I swore I felt bare, but I really had no more time to complain, so I just sucked in a breath and headed to my dresser to apply as minimal make–up as possible – foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow. With a contented sigh since I finally was done preparing, I headed downstairs, and right at that moment, the doorbell rang. Perfect, I thought. He was just in time.

With a hand on the doorknob, I twisted it and opened the door. There stood Jack – my best friend and boyfriend – and he looked gorgeous as always. He kept his hair unruly, strands of his ebony–colored mop poking out in all directions. I swore it was so sexy I just wanted to run my hands through it. Then, my eyes went down to his white suit, and I shook my head and chuckled. He was really fond of having the spotlight put on him, but it wasn't like he needed that tuxedo color to accomplish that. His looks and charm were enough, seriously, and then I noticed him looking at me like I was a piece of meat, and I couldn't help but smile. I guess that with his reaction I could assume that I looked good.

"You," he said, eyes staring pointedly at me. "Change."

"What?!" I said, placing a hand on my hip and asking him if he was crazy. "Are you fucked up? It took me thirty minutes to prepare, and you just want me to change?!"

When he smirked, I knew that it was because of my thirty–minute prep time, but after realizing that he looked amused, his unhappy demeanor came back instantly, and I decided to match his facial expression, tilting my lips down into a frown.

"Wear a gown or something," he said, turning me around and pushing me back inside my house. "Oh, and if you have gloves, maybe you can als–"

I cut him off before he could continue and then wound my arms around his waist. I pulled myself closer against him until there was no more space left between us and looked him in the eye. God, he really was just so, so handsome, and he was mine.

"So is that what this is about?" I said and let my cheek fall onto his chest, making my voice a bit muffled. "You want me to look like a nun?"

"Nuns are pretty…" was his quick reply, and I turned my head up and cocked an eyebrow up at him as I waited for him to defend himself. "Forget it…" He ran a tired hand through his hair. "Ju–just save me a dance."

When he pulled away from my hold on him, I immediately cupped his face in my hands and kissed him, and right before I pulled away, I bit his bottom lip.

"I'm still the tomboy you met twelve years ago," I said, not letting go of him. "Yes, I may flirt with a few guys tonight since I wouldn't want all my prepping up to go to waste, but you'll be the one I–" He stopped me, pressing a finger against my lips, as he looked at me with a jealous expression. "I'm just kidding, dude." I pulled him close to me again. "God, and I thought best friends were overprotective…apparently, boyfriends are all the more."

With that, he led me to his Hummer, and I took his hand when he helped me get into his oversized car. He then drove to Anna's not so humble abode, and when we got there, we realized that everyone was waiting for us. Tongue in cheek, I entered her house fearing for my life. I hoped that she wouldn't go off on me for first, completely forgetting there was a dance tonight, and second, for being thirty minutes late. I knew how much Anna loved dances and how all–out she went for these events, and when I saw her, I smiled, realizing I was right to assume that of her.

She wore a floor–length tube gown of a turquoise color, and I smiled at how much it flattered each and every part of her body. Because of the empire cut of the garment, her breasts seemed fuller tonight and her body seemed to look longer than it really was. Her hair was held up by a myriad of pins, exposing her whole neck. She looked like a goddess, an Asian goddess, and she was so, so pretty. I then wondered how long it took her to prepare, and realized that was a stupid question to ask. I bet she'd been planning everything days go, or maybe even weeks, while everything I did was at the very last minute.

Apparently, my get–up didn't look like it only took thirty minutes to pull off since when Anna saw me, she squealed at the top of her lungs and brought me into a bone–crushing. For such a petite woman, she sure was toned, and when she let go of me, she continued staring, head to toe, a look of amazement on her face.

"Sienna…you–…you're awesome." I breathed a sigh of relief when she said that. Thank god I wouldn't need to go back home and change. "You look absolutely gorgeous!"

"That's got to be the understatement of the century," Will said suggestively, and I couldn't help but chuckle and wrap a playful arm around him.

He was still one of my closest friends anyway, and we always hugged and stuff. Apparently, Jack was unhappy about the fact that my breasts were pressed up against one his close friends' chest, but I shook him off. Jack was totally adorable when he saw green, and it was fun riling him up.

"It looks like there's going to a bloodbath here soon," Marco then added, looking from Jack to me repeatedly.

"Hi Marco," I said, walking over to him and greeting him with a tight embrace. "Can I just say that you look good, hella good in fact."

"And you a million times more than I do," was Marco's smooth reply.

"Ditto." Alex raised his arm, and like what I did with the other guys, I greeted him then hugged him tightly, my arms winding around him. "Jack, man, relax." he then continued, and I turned to look at my boyfriend who was anything but amused, but again, I shook him off. I was going to be with him the whole night anyway. "You should go back to your boyfriend, dude. I'm too hot to die yet."

Swatting his arm and chuckling softly, I went back to Jack's side and placed an arm around his waist, and in return, he heavily dropped his onto my shoulders. I shifted my weight a bit so that his arm didn't feel as heavy as it did before. After Anna's parents took mountains of pictures to show to our own fathers and mothers, and possibly our siblings, we all went in the limousine which we rented for the night and headed off to the nearby five–star hotel where the prom was being held.

The music was sweetly slow, sending shivers down my spine. I had my arms wrapped around Jack's waist, my head buried on his chest. His hands on the other hand were placed securely on my hips. We were swaying to the music, in sync, and from time to time, I would feel him tighten his hold on me before loosening his arms again. I never knew Jack could be this sweet…and to me for that matter.

"Jack," I said, looking up at him, and when I faced him, he was staring down at me. His eyes were a mild grey color. "I love you."

We had said those words a million times to each other ever since we became a couple, but when the words escaped my lips tonight, I couldn't help but feel a pounding sensation against the inside of my chest. I was pressed up against him, and he had his arms tightly around me. We were lost in our own world, a world which we shared, one where we were the only two people in that paradise.

"I love you too," he replied softly, setting his chin on the top of my head. "Who knew we'd end up together?"

I chuckled at that, suddenly remembering the first night we kissed. His mother had walked in on us, and I didn't expect her reaction at all. I let out a soft laugh again. That had been completely embarrassing.

"Like what your mom said, there's no such thing as a boy and a girl being best friends."

"What are you talking about?" he said, and all of a sudden, his eyes sparked mischievously. Before I knew it, he ruffled my hair which I had used a curling iron on for about…ten minutes. "We're still best friends…friends with benefits."

Swatting his arm, I gave him a small 'hmph', but he just found his way back to me and held me against him once again.

"Dude, fuck you," I said, my attitude doing a one–eighty as if I just hadn't said three very special words moments ago.

"Shall we take it to the bedroom?"

He earned another punch from me.

"You're never going to change are you?" I then asked, shaking my head. "I told you…when the time's right."

He was about to say something, and judging from his facial expression, he looked like he wanted to argue with me. Too bad Anna, Caleb, Will, Alex, and Marco interrupted our one–on–one time, and right at that moment, a fast–paced song came on, and hastily, Anna told us to form a circle.

"Make room, make room!" she said, moving her arms wildly all around her. "Circle, people! I'm sure you're all smart enough to know how to form that!"

We all made space, our arms hooked around each other's as we continued to sway to the music. I looked all around me and couldn't help but smile at the sight my friends and me all happy and carefree. Then, Anna, despite her Catholic upbringing, decided to grind with her boyfriend while I continued shaking my hips, and I was sandwiched between Marco and Will. A few feet away from us, I saw Alex and Jack, and I couldn't help but winked at my boyfriend as I wrapped my arms around Will and Marco's shoulders.

"Boyfriend alert," Marco whispered against my ear, laughing. "He's really whipped, dude."

And when I looked to my side, I saw Alex and Jack walking towards the three of us. Alex look entertained while Jack…well, I was very sure the smirk on his face was just fake. He sent me a small pout before someone blocked his way, and when I saw who it was, my face practically darkened.

"Hey Jack, want to dance?" one of the more popular cheerleaders ask, her finger trailing down his chest. "I'm sure Alex wouldn't mind."

Jack was about to open his mouth and say something, but I beat him to it.

"But I do," I said, smiling at her. "You do know he's taken right?"

She was in the process of saying something. I just knew it. I saw the way her eyes glared at me and how deep her eyebrows furrowed together. I bit my lip. The last thing I wanted was a scandal to happen with me at the center of it. I might have hung out with the most popular guys at school and dated the most popular one, but if I could avoid the spotlight, I would, so before she could start anything, I stopped it before it could even begin.

"Forget it," I said, waving her off with a hand. "Just don't' bring him home since he's mine."

She seemed taken aback with my decision, and I smirked at that. Yeah, I caught her by surprise. I even shocked myself. Who knew I could act so civil towards an attention–seeking whore? But before I could continue my train of thought, arms wrapped around my waist. It was Jack.

"Wow," I said, my hands on his chest. "That was one, fast dance."

"A dance that never even happened." Then, he ran a hand through his hair, and I smiled up at him. "Can I just say you look hot when you're jealous."

"Only when I'm jealous?"

I feigned a pouting expression.

"Do I have to make your ego as large as mine?" he asked, and the both of us ended up laughing. "Guess I've met my match."

"Guess you have, dude," I said. "Or babe, baby, hun, sweetheart…whatever, you get the point."

"Nah," was his teasing reply, and he tipped his head down to place a light, feathery kiss on my lips. "Dude's just fine."

We were about to kiss…again, a longer one than just a simple peck. I just knew it. How could I not? Our faces were merely inches away from each other. I even felt his breath warming up my cheeks, and I was so ready to cup his face and push myself even closer against him, but our lips never touched. It was such a shame…since Alex, Caleb, and the others found this as a golden opportunity for a photo op. One of them instructed the photographer which the Prom Committee hired to take a group picture of us. I was all smiles as I placed my arms around Jack and Marco's waists. Slow dancing with Jack wasn't the icing on top of the cake this night. It was this – spending time with my six best friends, and no boyfriend could top that.

So I guess I was lucky enough that my boyfriend was also my best, best friend.

Author's Note:

There it is! The epilogue! And I'm sorry you guys had to wait a week before I posted this! Yes, it's full of fluff and jealousy, but that's what I like in my stories! Lol.:D Anyway, thank you, thank you, and thank you (as always)!!! I'm so glad that a lot of you like/love this story! Writing about Jack/Sienna had definitely been a blast, and here's some good news...I decided I'm going to write a sequel although the pairing will be someone else from the guys and a new female character. You'll definitely see more Jack and Sienna. I just don't know when I can start writing the sequel, but i'll definitely be doing one about...;p I'll keep that a Anyway, thanks again! And I love you guys for supporting this all the way!:D

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