Silver Tongued

Chapter Eight

Sweat was dripping down my forehead sending cold chills throughout my entire body, drop by drop with every ravaging beat of my heart. I sat in the backseat hugging my knees with my eyes forcibly closed shut. I could feel my heart beating even faster as if it's trying to rip my chest apart. "This isn't happening." I told myself but I knew otherwise. The creature that wrecked my house wasn't of this world and I'm sure our pursuers aren't either.

I opened my eyes. The road ahead was dark and forested. I wondered how Andre was able to navigate around with ease but that was something I shouldn't even be bothering about given the situation. I observed Andre and Alec from the back silently. Alec was calm but he was constantly looking outside his rolled down window. Meanwhile, Andre's focused on driving. He looked calm as well, actually the right word would be indifferent. It's as if this kind of situation is something that happens to him everyday.

"You've snapped out of denial. Good." Andre commented after I caught him looking at my reflection on the rearview mirror.

I tried to open my mouth but I couldn't think of anything to shoot him back with.

"Grab the gun." He added, his eyes now diverted to the reflection of the silver gun about the length of my arm which I carefully placed next to me. "You'll never know when you'll have to shoot." He added.

I gulped. He wasn't being sarcastic this time and that only made me tremble even worse. "I ca..can't shoot. I don't know how to use guns!" I stammered a bit.

"You'll be better once your survival instinct kicks in." He said, matter-of-factly. His words were cold and lacked empathy at all.

I glared at his back but in the back of my head, I knew I'd be better off following him. Slowly, I looked at the gun next to me. Next thing I knew, my slender, trembling fingers were already reaching for it.

"That's the spirit!" Alec said, leaning over his seat, looking at me with a slight smile.

No word came out of my chapped, frozen lips but my eyes remained fixated at the gun. It really was heavy and I could barely lift it up to my chest. The shiny piece of bullet blasting metal felt so cold in my sweaty and shivering hands. I wondered if this could really kill those monsters off. I've seen Andre do it but I doubt my abilities.

"Vicinity check?" Andre asked.

"They're closing in. Just the normal though nothing unusual. Remains at four." Alec reported as if he had the bird's eye view of the locale.

"We didn't lose them?" Andre sounded pissed and his temper showed as he made a sharp turn literally sending me crashing on the left door of the jeep. "Ow!" I exclaimed.

Andre didn't apologize but Alec turned at me and made an apologetic face.

Jerk. But I couldn't tell him that. I still owed him my life and my dear life was still depending on him. Pissing him off would definitely be not good.

"No use. We'll cross paths with them soon if don't quicken our pace. There's too much trees in this part of the woods. It'd be hard to make our way out unless we take that route to the lake - where two of them are." Alec looked out of the window and up in the sky. "That's what I got."

I only got more and more confused and suspicious of Andre and Alec's true identities as I listened to their conversation in the back. My mind kept jumping at conclusions. They're not normal.

I sunk in the leather seats only to jump back up when I heard a loud shriek reverberating in the woods, shattering the stillness of the starless night. "What was that?"

"Banshee-type. Probably that." Alec said, eyebrows scrunched.

"Is it one of those things after us?" I asked, my mouth dry.

Andre heaved a sigh. Heavy and with evident annoyance before he said, "After you."

Blood rushed to my face and my ears felt like they were on fire. I dropped the gun on the floor but I leaned over to pick it back up. Andre didn't have to rub that on my face.

"We didn't want any of this. Let's not argue. At least not now." Alec told Andre whose tensed hands gripped the steering wheel with even more force.

"Sorry." It just rolled out of my tongue. "For..." I paused because I couldn't find a way to put it without making me look like it's entirely my fault. I didn't even know why I'm tangled in this mess myself! "Yeah...Sorry."

"Nah it's o-" Alec was cut off mid sentence when the jeep suddenly rocked making it swerve for a few metres. A strong forced pushed it from behind. That's when I felt my heart collapse. Is this it? That thing finally caught up with us and it's attacking from behind where I am conveniently placed.

"It's here." Andre hit the gas and I was pushed back as we accelerated. "Alec!" He exclaimed.

"I'm on it." Alec's tone hardened and I heard him yank something open. Quickly, his seat pushed flat behind and before me, the gentle looking Alec looked totally badass with a huge gun he held with two big hands. "Take cover Katherine."

I did but only after I caught a quick glimpse at the monstrous reflection of the hitch hiking creature on the rearview mirror. Then there was another shriek. Hight pitched, sending tingles on my skin.


There was a deafening sound that rendered me deaf for a few seconds. The scent of gunpowder filled the air and smoke was coming out of the gun's barrel. Next thing I knew, broken glass showered on top of me as I huddled under the seats in the back. My face was throbbing and I felt blood drip from my cheek - a small cut from the shattered window in the back.

"I just got this jeep." Alec mumbled with disappointment as he cocked the gun again.

"Cover your ears!" Andre yelled.

BANG it went again. The sound of the creature bouncing off the jeep's bumper and on to the dried leaves on the ground followed. "Just for safety precautions." Alec said.

"Oh my god...was that thi-thing just now..." I stumbled over my words as I try to bring my self to look behind me. It was similar to that one in my house but this monster had eyes with the color of blood.

"Yeah. Chimera." Andre continued driving as if nothing happened.

Chimera. I thought. There's actually a name for those deformed creatures that looked like they could maul a bear in seconds leaving only shredded remains. Or the bear could be me but I tried my best not to get that thinking in my system.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" He asked immediately as he put down his gun.

"Yeah. I guess. Just a little dizzy." I said. I couldn't explain what I was feeling properly. The world was spinning. My head hurt like an axe just got driven in to it and I'm gasping for air - clean air - not the one filled with high concentration of gunpowder. I couldn't care less though. It's much better being alive.

"You're bleeding." He said as he reached his hand out, wiping the blood off my cheek with his thumb.

"It's nothing serious. Really." I said glancing at Andre who was totally apathetic about everything.

"We'll get you treated as soon as we get somewhere safer." He assured me with a smile. His gray eyes twinkled before he went back to his stargazing thing.

I slowly got back up, still freaked out with hair all over her face. "Thanks" I mumbled. Alec nodded in acknowledgement.

"You know that thing won't go down with two shots, right?" Andre grumbled.

"It's fine. I think the coast's clear for some reason." He said. "This area is too dense. We'd have to continue on foot since it'd be safer to keep out of the lake."

Andre looked at him with a "Are you kidding?" look on his mostly expressionless face. Alec didn't say anything. He then set his blue eyes on me. They were deep and somehow, kind of assuring. "You heard him." He told me before he killed the engine.

"Are you sure about leaving your jeep here?" I asked as I jumped off the vehicle. Actually I really wanted to hint that I don't think continuing on foot is a good idea.

"It's in a mess. The window's busted and there's that dent at the back. I don't think anyone would want it in that condition." He chuckled. "I'll pick it up by the morning."


Andre finally got off the car and he slammed the door. He didn't even bother to hide his irritation. In the dark, his two pairs of bright blue eyes felt like they could pierce through me as he laid them on me.

I was holding the gun, hardly able to carry it up. Maybe that look seemed like he wanted me to give it back.

"Here." He said as the keys clanged, flying in the air before being caught by Alec.

" you want this back?" I asked even though I didn't want to talk to him not with him looking at me like I'm the root of the problem. Maybe I am but I didn't even know why!

"You didn't even try to shoot." He said, reaching his hand out. I passed him the gun with two hands, struggling but he took it with one hand like it was a pencil.

I looked away. "I was panicking."

"Don't walk out of sight. We don't want you getting snatched or anything. We wouldn't be able to chase after you if that happens." He continued. I didn't know if he enjoyed making me scared shitless or he was just being nice by giving me survival tips. Either way, he's getting under my skin.

"I won't get snatched." I said proudly as we started walking.


A swift gust of wind came from behind and I instinctively ducked with my hands on my head as I shrieked halfway before seeing that it was Alec's eagle that just swooped over my head.

Andre looked at me briefly. He had a satisfied look on his face. I tried to gather my bearings and stood back up.

Pierre didn't stop by Alec this time. He simply passed by as if he just wanted to say that he finished surveying the surrounding. His work was done. At least that's what it looked like to me.

Andre and Alec were walking at a much faster pace than me but they'd occasionally slow down and wait for me as we made our way through the woods. I balked for a moment when I found myself asking what the hell I was doing in the secluded part of town, inside the woods at night with two guys I barely know. For all I could know, they might go ravish me or something then murder me and then throw my dead body somewhere and let it rot there until someone finds me for I don't know...a decade later? I looked at their backs. They did save my life though and I owe them lots. I bit my lip. I had every right to be scared and suspicious though. I'm just not supposed to be in this.

"Do you plan to stay out here all night?" Andre was a few meters away when he stopped and turned back at me when he asked that. "Well I don't so you better walk if you don't want to get left behind."

"We're almost there." Alec was smiling. I could barely see his face in the dark but I couldn't mistake that glimmer of his pearly whites.

I picked up the pace but I couldn't help but ask, "Where are we going?"

"At the local abbattoir." Andre said nonchalantly.

I gasped. "You're kidding."

No reply. Just his turned back at me. He was joking. That's what I hope.

I blindly followed them in silence for at least 20 minutes. My legs were dying on me but the last time I asked whether we were there yet, Andre said if I asked again, I would never reach the destination. Not in this lifetime. That shut me up alright.

I saw a shadow. A hut? No. A house. Something familiar. I've been here before. I looked around while still trudging. I see the road.

"Hurry up. We're here." Alec beckoned me with a tilt of his head.

Uphill, Andre stood still waiting for us. He set his cold eyes set on me. "Nothing suspicious. Just my house."

"Right..." I replied.

Scenes from the past started whirring in my head. This was where I first met him. He was so eager to keep me out of his home like I carried the plague, ebola or something worse. Then he did something I couldn't explain. I still remember that day clearly. He whispered something in my ear before I plunged in to a state where neither was I unconscious or awake - suspended somewhere in between.

Just what are you really, Andre Sinclair?


Chapter 8! I guess more explanation about the occurrences in town and Andre or maybe even Alec too would be out in chapter 9. Who or what is Andre Sinclair? What's inside his house? Is it an abbattoir? Any bets? I'd love to hear from you:)