He was perfect or at least that's what he had convinced everyone else he was. I knew better though. I knew just how imperfect he actually was. I knew what kind of man he was when the fake smile he wore for all of his fans came off. I knew all too well what kind of monster he was when he was home, away from the prying eyes of the public. I knew because I was his pet and he was my unloving, dangerous master.

My master was an extremely popular actor and thankfully that kept him out of the house quite a bit. One would wonder why I didn't run away when my master was out if I didn't like being his pet so much. Well, the basic reason was simply that I had no where to go. I'd never known my parents and it'd been seven years since my master had taken me in off the streets. I also learned early on that life was easier as long as I didn't make him angry, so while I hated being a 'pet', I wasn't treated bad enough to risk pissing him off.

Considering my master's fame and fortune, the life I led really was no better than a real pet. My clothing always only consisted of a collar and a pair of skin tight shorts that barely covered anything at all. Not that I need clothing, as I never actually left my master's room. I could bathe whenever I needed to in the bath connected and he had brought in a treadmill just so I could stay in some relative shape for him. The only person I ever saw other than him was his butler, who brought me my meals whenever the master was out. My master's bed was huge and soft, but I was only ever on it at his request. My bed was literally a dog's bed, but it was still nice, soft and warm enough. I kept it pushed deep into the corner so that if anyone other than the butler or my master came in the room, they wouldn't notice me. I didn't want to cause my master any trouble, after all.

I was curled up in my bed one evening, half waiting for my master to return from his latest movie premier and half trying to convince myself to get some sleep. I didn't really want to be asleep when he got back, since he would likely wake me up to deal with his sexual frustrations. Yes, my master was a closeted gay man and probably a pedophile too, since he'd been using my body for six of the last seven years. I perked up slightly at the sound of his deep voice as he entered the room, but quickly retreated deeper into my corner when I heard the sound of another man's voice as well.

"Pet?" I heard him call and almost immediately I scrambled off my bed and stood in view, my head bowed.

"Yes, master?" I said softly. I didn't dare look up to find out who he had brought home with him. I didn't want my master to be angry if I looked too long at someone else.

"Come here, Pet," he commanded and I swiftly complied, walking forward until I was standing a mere foot away from him, my eyes still trained on the floor. "I told you he was well trained." I blushed slightly with an embarrassment I didn't know I could still feel. I had thought he'd already destroyed that particular emotion within me.

"He is indeed," the stranger replied and I could feel his intense look as I knew he was sizing me up. "Well trained and very cute." My blush grew deeper as I'd never been called cute before, not even my master had ever told me that.

"Pet, tonight you belong to my friend. You will treat him as you treat me. Instead of master you are to refer to him as Seke. Do you understand?" my master asked. I looked up at him swiftly, mildly confused as he had never shared me before. But the serious look on his face told me that if I answered with anything but an affirmative that I was going to be punished.

"Yes, master," I answered and then turned my eyes to the new person known as Seke. He was younger than my master by several years, but I didn't suppose that meant an awful lot, since my master was already a young adult when he took me in. He had thick dark brown hair that was cut fairly short compared to my master's long raven black locks. His eyes were an intense yet soft honey colour which went well with the brown hair and seemed to have flecks of gold that made them seem richer than most.

"You sure about this?" Seke asked, turning those beautiful eyes towards my master. He nodded and smiled that smile that made his female fans swoon at his feet.

"Whatever you ask, he will do," my master replied. I stood silent and still, waiting for Seke to tell me what he wanted. To my surprise, when he turned back to me, he leaned in and his lips fell to mine. I closed my eyes and let my natural instincts take over, returning the kiss clumsily as I'd never been kissed before. As the kiss began to end, he moved his lips to run along my jaw, grabbing my hands and placing them on his chest. It took me only a moment to register the silent request and I quickly began to unbutton his green silk shirt.

His hands came to rest on my hips, slowing moving up my sides and I had to fight off the giggle as they passed over a sensitive area on my stomach. His hands, unlike my master's, were gentle against my skin, treating me like I was something breakable. Master was always rough with me. I knew that I was nothing special to him, just a tool to deal with a secret he kept away from society. This Seke person didn't seem to be like Master at all, but I was still just a tool.

"Pet, show Seke how good your mouth is," I heard my master say. Seke lifted his lips from my jaw, looking over at Master, but his attention was swiftly brought back to me as I slid to my knees and began to undo his pants. The pants fell away easily once undone and I slipped my small fingers under the elastic waist of his boxers, pulling them away and down as well. I heard him gasp as I ran my tongue along his length, from base to tip, and then swirled it over the head. One of his hands gripped my shoulder tightly as the other slid into my hair. I heard him groan in pleasure as I slipped the entirety of his length into my mouth, the head sliding down my throat with practiced ease.

"Oh, my god!" Seke exclaimed as his hips involuntarily thrust into my mouth, the pleasure and excitement taking over his self control. I didn't care. I was used to much worse from Master who didn't care if he choked me to get his pleasure. My head bobbed slowly over his arousal, my tongue dancing circles over the heated flesh. I slid a hand off his thigh to gently roll his sack in between my lithe fingers. I could feel him begin to tug on my hair as he began to twitch in my mouth. I knew what was coming and slammed my head full force down his length, until my nose was pressed into the soft skin of his pelvis. I was right in what I was thinking, as he suddenly released his seed as the head tapped against the back of my throat. I slowly slid my mouth back up his twitching length, milking everything that I could from him as I continued to swallow it all. I could feel his leg muscles trembling under my hand and worried that his knees from the obvious pleasure coursing through him.

"I told you that you wouldn't regret coming home with me," my master told him as I once again stood before the two of them. Now I understood why Seke had not fallen to the floor despite how badly his legs were shaking. Master had his arms wrapped tightly around the slightly smaller man's torso, holding him against his now naked body. Seke didn't respond as he was too busy staring in wide-eyed amazement at me and trying to catch the breath that Master seemed to keep taking away as his mouth moved along the new man's neck. Seke's honey coloured eyes clouded over with lust as his arms reached out, his fingertips barely touching my shoulders as they silently urged me forward. A shudder ran through me as those gentle hands began to lightly ghost over my skin, his tongue slipping through those dark cherry lips as his eyes travelled my flesh once more.

"May I... have him?" Seke asked breathlessly. My eyes refocused on the face just past his shoulder, shuddering again at the Cheshire cat like grin my master wore.

"Of course," Master purred before turning his eyes down to look at me. "Pet, remove your shorts and get on the bed. Now." Those piercing blue eyes which had only moments ago been smirking, were now cold as ice as they locked with mine. I knew better than to hesitate when he was like this and quickly removed my meager clothing and crawled onto the bed, staying on my hands and knees as my master preferred it. Another shudder ran down my spine as I felt those soft hands tenderly slide up the back of my thighs and over my ass. A surprised gasp escaped me when I felt a warm tongue begin to travel down my spine towards my raised rear end, drawing with it desires of my own.

Seke's hands gently spread my cheeks, as his tongue moved over my tailbone and down my to the small entrace his prying hands had revealed. I couldn't stop the moan that bubbled up as the hot wet muscle plunged into my hole, twisting and turning as he began to lubricate me in preparation. I tried hard to contain the sounds of pleasure that were escaping me, knowing that my master didn't care if I was enjoying myself and would probably be upset because Seke was drawing forth such sounds. I couldn't help it though. He seemed determined to make sure I enjoyed this act with him.

"You know, he doesn't need to be prepared, Seke," my master said, a slight hint of annoyance in his voice. The tongue slipped away from me, replaced by two probing fingers as the other male turned to face him.

"Perhaps he doesn't, but he seems to be enjoying the feeling," Seke replied casually, his voice tinted with lust and superiority. He was essentially telling my master that he was better than him, on some level, though what level that was I didn't know. "You said you wanted me to enjoy myself and I absolutely love hearing my partner moan in pleasure." Master just grunted in response as another moan passed my lips when Seke's fingertips slid over the sweet spot making my arousal twitch.

All at once the fingers disappeared and was replaced by something much larger plunging deeply into me causing me to cry out sharply at the bit of pain it caused. He waited a moment for my body to adjust to him before he began to thrust in and out of me at an agonizingly slow pace. The moment he found the right angle to hit my prostate, he kept it, seeming to relish in the sound of deeply pleasured moans. His hands slid away from my hips, realizing that I was already moving with him, and began to roam over my small body. It was so different from my master in the way he treated me with such care, as he would with a lover and not what I really was. I was well aware of the fact that I was merely a toy, to be used and abused as my master wished.

The first round was just the two of us, his hand on my arousal and his thrusts hitting my sweet spot over and over again, causing me to climax a couple of times before he filled me with his warm seed. After that, my master got involved, putting Seke in the middle of the two of us. The louder Seke made me get, the harder my master pounded into him, obviously a bit upset that I was enjoying the touch of someone else. I couldn't help it though. Seke seemed to know all the right things to do to make me unable to control the sound of and the physical reaction to the pleasure he was giving me. It felt like an eternity had passed when the two of them were finally done, my own body practically limp from the sheer number of times Seke had brought me over the edge.

"Pet, go get cleaned up and return to your bed," Master said after taking a few moments to catch his breath.

"Yes, master," I replied, my voice raspy from crying out so much in the last few hours. I slipped out from under Seke's arm and off the bed, my legs collapsing as they were still too weak to support my weight. I immediately pushed up from the floor, not wanting to hesitate too long for fear that my master would get angry with me for not following his instructions. I teetered on my wobbly legs until I got into the bathroom, closing the door so that neither man could see me collapse once more. I quickly filled the tub with hot water and got in, letting the heat soak into my exhausted muscles.

"Does Julianne know about him?" I heard Seke ask. I closed my eyes and strained my ears to listen to the conversation that was being carried on beyond the closed door.

"No, she doesn't. No one does. Pet never leaves this room," my master replied coldly. I shivered despite the warmth of the water, my master's tone sending chills down my spine.

"You think she's going to be okay with you having a half naked teenage boy in your room that you use to satisfy your true sexual urges?" Seke asked, his voice harsh. I sunk slightly into the warm water, wondering who this Julianne person was and why she'd be coming into Master's room.

"I don't suppose she will," my master sighed deeply. "What the hell am I going to do though? It's not like Pet has left this room in the last seven years. He doesn't know how to deal with the world anymore and he has no where to go." Tears sprang to my eyes. Master was going to get rid of me? Was he tired of me? Had I done something wrong?

"Give him to me," Seke said. "I'll help him get used to living in the real world and I don't care if the world knows I'm gay." I tuned them out now, my brain still trying to process the fact that my master was going to get rid of me. Slowly, I cleaned my body and pulled myself from the bath, drying off just as slowly. I got a clean pair of shorts from the small cabinet in the bathroom and then made my way back to the room. I avoided looking at either man laying in the large bed and curled up in my corner.

"Pet?" my master called from the bed. I rolled over so that I was facing them and got to my knees, but still didn't look at them. I heard the rustle of the bed and then saw the familiar feet of my master walk towards me. I finally looked up at him once he was directly in front of me, craning my neck all the way back. "You heard, didn't you, Pet?" I nodded slowly, keeping my eyes locked on his. He sighed deeply and squatted down so that we were eye to eye. "I'm going to be getting married next month, Pet. My fiancee doesn't know about you and doesn't know that I prefer men to women. I don't want to let you go, but Seke is right, I have to if I want to continue to keep my secrets."

"I promise you, Pet," Seke said from the bed. "I'll take good care of you." My tear filled eyes moved from my master to Seke and back again. Master brushed his fingertips over my cheek and offered me a soft smile.

"I'll always care for you, Pet," he whispered. "But it's time for both of us to move on." I nodded even though I frowned at the fact that my life was about to change. I really didn't know anything other than my life with Master. "Come, sleep with me and Seke tonight." He easily picked me up off the floor, cradling me in his arms as he walked back over to the bed. I curled up into Master's chest as I felt Seke's arms wrap around me from behind. I closed my eyes and let my mind relax, deciding I was just going to enjoy the last night I would spend in Master's arms and the first night in Seke's.