Welcome to Hell, Mr. Johnson

Bullets zoomed through the air, as the brown haired man was surrounded by three men with horns from their heads, driver's hats, and trench coats. These men had Tommy Guns as they moved, taking the brown haired human down the street as bullets zoomed through the air. Flying, gargoyle-esque creatures fell from bullets hitting them, the stone they were made from shattering on impact.

"Don't worry, Mr. Johnson, you're just in Hell. You'll get used to it," said one of the men, as the bullets zoomed through the air.

Mr. Johnson gulped. How he had ended up in Hell he didn't know. He just had. "What am I here for?" he asked, as another gargoyle fell, from its hand an AK-47 hitting the ground. One of the men in trench coats grabbed it and tossed it to Mr. Johnson.

They didn't give him an answer. Perhaps they didn't have one. Either way, Christopher Johnson wasn't going to end up dying in Hell anytime soon, and he shot at one of the gargoyles. It fell, before the ground shook. He looked up.

To his horror, a giant fireball was zooming down, from the skies- the men scattered, one of them pulling Christopher with him. It hit the ground, fire and brimstone went everywhere, as smoke filled the air.

"What the Hell am I here for?!" Christopher yelled, as the man turned and laughed.

"Same as the rest of us. You didn't get into heaven, because someone just didn't like you – now shut up and follow me," he said, and Christopher nodded.

He followed the trench coat wearing man to the end of the street, where they turned- and into a building, as the bullets stopped being fired slowly. "Your new here, aren't you?" asked the man in the trench coat- and Christopher nodded.

"Dammit, don't have time to help out new guys… I'll get you to the boss, he'll know what to do with ya," the man said, before stopping. "The name's Valentino – Valentino Bertoli," he said, as he shook Christopher's hand.

"Christopher Johnson, Mr. Bertoli," he said, before Valentino nodded- and the two quickly rushed out the door.

Valentino opened the door to a black Volkswagen, as Christopher rushed to the other side, opened the door, and quickly shut it. Valentino started the Volkswagen, and quickly it accelerated, rubber burning as he raced down the boulevard, and turned into an alley.

They got out, and quickly walked into a door- and instantly the smell of smoke filled Christopher's nose, as he looked around. They were in a smoky bar, with shady characters all around. Behind the counter, a pudgy, pale man with a wide brimmed hat that covered his eyes and a trench coat stood, wiping some shiny wares with a cloth.

"Yo, Greed! Where's the boss?" Valentino asked, as the man – who was actually a demon – turned.

"He's in the backroom, Valentino. Who's the new guy?" Greed asked, looking at Christopher closely.

"Christopher Johnson- he died just recently, the boss might like seeing him," Valentino said, and Greed nodded.

"He might – he might," Greed said, nodding – before turning and looking at someone straight in the eyes. "DO YOU WANNA PAY FOR THAT OR DO YOU WANNA GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE?!" he snapped, causing the male demon to jump back startled.

Valentino and Christopher walked into a door in the back, where two men were, laughing as they smoked on two long cigars.

"Valentino, who's your friend?" asked the fatter man, seeing Christopher, as Christopher looked at the two.

The larger one was a demon, he could tell, and he had a reddish skin tan, black eyes, a bowler's hat, and for a shirt he wore a tuxedo and he sat in an arm chair, lazily taking his cigar out, as he puffed out some smoke. He had grey-black hair, in a comb over, and his face was somewhat old looking.

"Don Dante Vittore, this is Christopher Johnson – he's new to Hell, but I think he has potential," Valentino said, as Christopher nodded - and then shook Don Vittore's hand.

The other person was obviously a British man, with short brown hair and blue eyes. A tall, skinny, but muscular man, he wore a grey turtleneck under a black trench coat and a pair of dark grey jeans. To finish off his get-up, he had brown leather boots.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Don Vittore," Christopher said, bowing- as Don Vittore nodded, smiling.

"As it is you, Christopher – this is my right-hand man Leo Cass. He's also a human, he'll be able to room you until you can get your own place," Don Vittore said, as Leo nodded. He shook Christopher's hand, and smiled.

"I'm glad to meat you, sir," Leo said, smiling. "Might have been here longer than you, but you are older than me," he said, and laughed. Christopher didn't get the joke at first, and then he did – and laughed.

"Well, we'll both be able to learn a bit from each other won't we?" Christopher asked, as the younger man nodded.

Three Days Later

That had been three days ago, when Christopher Johnson – a man who, to his knowledge, was not a sinner – died and ended up in Hell. He woke up slowly, as the ice machine next to his room clanked and rattled loudly. He stood up, and quickly got dressed in his trench coat and fedora. He had not officially joined the Vittore family, which controlled the majority of Hell, but was an honorary member who was living with a member of it.

"Oi! Chris!" called Leo, as Christopher walked out of the room, into the hall – where Leo was standing. "I gotta get going – you can cook yourself something to eat and do whatever," he said, as Christopher nodded.

"Got it," he said, as Leo turned and walked out the door- into the Hellscape that they lived in.

Christopher opened a cupboard – and pulled out some toast, and popped it in the toaster. What he had learned, now living in Hell, was that Hell was not so much different than Earth. Only it had demons as well as humans.

Demons were not as he expected them to be. Physically, they looked almost cliché – with horns and an almost sinister appearance – but in other regards, they were strange to him. They had developed a society here in Hell long before mankind had came about – and after mankind had came about, they began to realize that there was a form of reincarnation between Hell and Earth, the later seeming to be an afterlife to these demons.

Due to this, Terranism formed in Hell- the belief that the creator of Hell lived on Earth and had created Hell before creating Earth for his own home. However, a curious religion soon arose in men – who had extremely short life spans compared to the thousands of years demons could live. This religion was known as Christianity, and it believed there was a realm above Earth and Hell both – a realm where no flaws existed.

It wasn't a very popular idea in Hell, and thus never spread there.

Christopher, who had learned so much about how things truly worked in his three days here, contemplated all this as he buttered his toast, humming a tune that the demon Aurelio had wrote in his younger days centuries ago, before his mysterious disappearance.

Aurelio was a legend in Hell's music industry, one of the few modern demons without inspiration from human music. He had devised melodies that made the emotions of demons – which are very dangerous things, as demons have a hard time controlling emotions when they let them out – get stirred, a hard thing to do for anyone.

And as he ate his toast, walking out of the apartment, he looked around. Gargoyles – who policed Hell itself – stayed in their places, watching citizens slowly. Occasionally they defected and attacked anyone that was around, but normally they policed things quite well.

A Volkswagen drove by, before stopping. Two men, wearing dark green suits got out, and walking into a building. One of them had a long cigar in his mouth, and his wide-brimmed hat that was green made a shadow over his eyes. He watched them, somewhat strangely, before someone tapped his shoulder. "AH!" he yelled, jumping, and turning – Leo Cass was standing behind him.

"Come with me, Chris," he said – and Christopher nodded. Leo walked into an alley, as Christopher followed. On the walls of the alley, there was some stained blood from previous gang fights, but no one other than these two were in the alley.

"What is it, Leo?" Christopher asked, as he followed Leo – who walked into a door.

And then he stopped, looking inside to find an operating table and a doctor.

On the operating table was a beautiful girl, with flowing brown hair and green eyes – as well as a full frame that he could see from the way the tarp over her went. Only her face was visible. And then he looked up at the doctor He had blue jeans and a black shirt, with black gloves on his hands. His shoes were black as well, and he wore a black belt- his eyes were brown and his skin was sunburned, and his hair was black too – with a green newspaperman's hat."Doctor, this is the man I told you about - Christopher," Leo said, as the doctor nodded.

"I'm Dr. Muji, Christopher – I heard your newly dead," he said, as Christopher shook his hand.

"That's right- three days ago on the mark," Christopher said – and Muji nodded to himself silently. "Erm… can I ask why? And who's the lady?" he asked – and Muji looked at Leo. He nodded.

"Well… This is Lily Bailey. Leo and her had been dating before he died- and he had left her all his belongings when he died," Muji said, bowing his head. "He told her to move out of London, so that the Vicious Kings – the gang that had killed him – wouldn't find her and kill her too… but… they did," he said, bowing his head.

"Why is she on an operating table?" Christopher asked, still confused as Muji wrapped his arm around Leo, who had tears on his face.

"She… She's one of those who have been reincarnated in the state they were when they died, instead of the state they should have been in had they not died," Muji answered. "And, to help her, we need some blood of a newly dead," he said - and Christopher nodded.

"I… I understand," he said. "You can have some of my blood," he said, as Muji smiled weakily.

"Thank you – you don't know what this means to me and Leo," he said, as he began to pull out a syringe. "She was my daughter," he added.


A tall man with short, blond hair and green eyes stood in a room, leaning against a wall. He wore a brown vest, blue jeans, and black shoes, as he looked around, somewhat like a child does in a candy store. He let out a long, low whistle from impression.

"Well, Mr. Knight," he said, as a man walked in. This man was a demon who had been reincarnated to Earth before, and was back in Hell for the things he did while a Human – He was tall and muscular, with short brown hair. His brown trench coat was bloodstained and he wore it open, showing scars across his chest. He wore torn pants and old dress shoes, and had clawed hands and a long, whip-like tail. "You've got quite a business going on – and the Vittore family is none the wiser," he said, smiling.

Gable Knight nodded to Jacob Small, who pulled from his pocket a pen, and grabbed the paper on the desk in front of him. He scribbled on it his signature and a deposit to Gable's account. Two thousand dollars.

They shook hands. "It's been a pleasure, Mr. Knight – hopefully this helps kill Don Vittore, so that we can finally finalize our plans," he said, handing the check to Gable.

Gable put it in the pocket of his blood stained trench coat, as he nodded, and smiled, before the two walked out of the room. "The Count will be pleased," Gable said, as he and Jacob went their separate ways…


"The operation was a success!" Muji said, excitedly, as he looked at a screen monitoring Lily's health – as she slowly sat up, her eyes opening.

"Wh… where am I?" she asked, looking around – and then stopping when she saw Leo. "L… Leo? I – I can't believe it! I thought you were dead!" she said, as she fell towards him – wrapping her arms around the English man, and letting tears go down her face.

"I… I am dead," Leo said, as he looked at her eyes, and smiled. "We're both dead – but we're together again," he said, as she looked around.

"We… We're in heaven?" she asked, looking around, assuming that was where she was. "Why is everything so dark then?"

"We aren't in heaven, Lily," Leo said, as he sighed. "We're in Hell," he said – and Lily backed up, panicked.

"No! What did I do to go to Hell? What did you do to be here?!" she yelled, looking around. She saw the door. "I have to get out of here! I never did anything wrong, I know I didn't!"

She opened the door, racing out of the room as Leo bounded after her – Muji out stretching his hand to stop her, but sighing as she left the room, Leo chasing her down. "She's not going to take life down here well… Pity," he said, as he watched her.

"Life down here isn't as bad as I expected… Things just… are bleak and hopeless," Christopher said - and then, without warning, the phone rang. Muji grabbed the phone, and his eyes widened.

"What is it?" Christopher asked. He lifted a finger to tell Christopher just a second.

"He did? Damn… I'll be there in two minutes, don't worry. Yes, I'll have the med kit," Muji said, and paused. "Tell the Don I'm on my way," he said, as he hung up the phone. "Don Vittore has been shot," he said, as he grabbed a bag.

"What?!" Christopher asked, shocked. "Do we know who did it?!" he asked, as Muji shook his head, as he put on a white glove and opened the door.

"We don't know who or why, but I'm the only medic that he trusts enough to call in," Muji said, as he walked away from the door. Christopher began to open his mouth to ask why Muji walked that way, when suddenly he slid a portion of the wall open, revealing a larger doctor's office. He walked into it, followed by Christopher, before opening a door labeled "Dr. Muji, PhD. In medicine- Human and Demon" if read from the other side of the glass window on it.

He walked out, and got into a white and red Hudson Commodore Eight, on the driver's side. Christopher got in on the other side, as Muji hit a switch – turning on sirens as the car began to move down the street.

As the Commodore Eight quickly took a turn, the rubber screeching as it raced down another street in the city of Hell, Christoper looked out the window. Clouds covered the sky, giving a dark over cast, as rain splashed down gently. It rained in Hell, he supposed, otherwise where would he get the water he drank earlier that day?

The Commodore Eight stopped with a squeal, as he saw they were now in front of the building the Vittore family called their Headquarters, and Muji quickly got out – Christopher following the panicking man.

They raced into the headquarters of the Vittore Family, and were soon directed by Valentino to the room where the injured Don Vittore lay, slowly dying.

"Muji – I thank you for being here to help me now," he said, weakly as he saw the two come in. "I… I do not know who shot me or why, but I know I won't let them be responsible for my death," he said, as Muji put on two rubber gloves, and looked at the bullet hole on the Don's suit, before opening the suit.

A hole was in his chest – obviously, there had not been direct impact with his heart or lungs, Muji noticed, or the man would be dead. From his bag he pulled out a syringe, and a glass- and filled the syringe with what was in the glass. "This'll numb the pain, Don Dante," Muji said, as he injected the man with the liquid – and he relaxed, the pain medicine numbing his body, as Muji pulled out a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and dampening a rag with it. He wiped the Italian man's wound with it – and he winced in pain a bit from the sting of alcohol.

"It's not as bad as it could have been," Muji said in relief. "You'll be fine once I get the bullet outta you and stop the bleeding," he said, as he grabbed from his bag a pair of clamps. "Christopher, go tell Valentino that the Don's going to be alright," he said, and Christopher nodded, running out of the door.

"Muji…" Don Vittore said, watching as the door closed.

"You gotta be quiet, Don Dante – otherwise the blood loss'll be greater," Muji said – as the old Don looked up at him. He was a man with two sons here in Hell with him, one had somehow died in a car accident and had ended up being reincarnated on Earth. He also was the most powerful man in Hell.

Dante nodded, as Muji opened the wound up a bit more – and used the clamps to reach inside him, and pull out the bullet, as Dante winced in pain the whole time- and blood continued to drip out of him into his bed.

"Whoever it was wasn't messing around – this isn't your average every day bullet," Muji said, looking at the bullet, which had grooves in it that would have made it be able to turn around angles… Whoever the shooter was had not been within site from where the Don had been…

Muji placed it in a plastic bag before he bandaged the wound, and looking at the Don. "You'll be alright," he said, as the Don looked back up at him.

"Muji… My son…" the Don said, still weak from what blood he had lost.

Muji stopped. The Don barely talked about his children. "My son… Find him… Tell him what has happened to me," he said, as Muji looked at him.

"What one? Gregorio or Mario?" Muji asked, as Dante looked at him.

"Neither," he said.

"But… He's dead, isn't he?" Muji asked, as the Don shook his head.

"He… He is… Still here," the Don said, as Muji nodded. When the Don said something as a fact, he meant it was a fact. Muji quickly left the room.

And then, he stopped cold, as he felt the cold end of a gun barrel touch his forehead.