Alexa's PoV.

I ached all over. And before this match I had never really thought that was possible but seriously at that moment in time I really couldn't find a part of my body that didn't hurt. I slumped into the wooden planks that made up the seat in our locker room and lent my head back against the cool of the tiled wall. I rubbed my eyes with my index fingers and then held them up in front of my face. Not only were they glistening with moisture in the dim electric lights but shaking slightly. The cold against my head did not feel as good usual.

"Oh shit," I whispered and then sat on her hands, I didn't want anyone else or herself to see them shake. It had gotten worse. I'm fine. "I'm fine,"

"Are you?" I glanced to the side and laid her eye upon my coaches worn wrinkled face. He was leaning forward with his elbows rested on his knee's staring intently at me. I squeezed my eyes shut and gritted my teeth. I should have heard him come in.

"Hahh," I breathed, god, for being fine being alive sure hurt like hell. "Did I say that out loud?" I tried a smile but I could tell it would not look like my usual grin before I had even started.

"You shouldn't have played the whole game. I could have benched you and brought you on..." He could hear my breathing get harsher. "You didn't have too..."

"Yes I did." I growled.

"You're not okay." He suddenly sounded angry.

"It's jus' a bitta heartburn," I slurred before dragging out my long orange Nike gym bag.

"Right," He announced, knowing I was stubborn. He seriously did worry too much. I knew I played too much sport - it was just natural to get tired. We sat just looking at eachother.

Now he just watched me with irritated eyes as I moved and diverted my eyes.

"Where are the team?" I pondered, distracting him while I got up and turned so that I had my sweat soaked back too him.

"Outside," I nodded but pulled painkillers out of my bag. Suggested dose: 2 every 4 hours. The back read - I took 6 out and downed them in one go. They felt rough as I dragged them down my dry throat in one swallow. "They're doing that weird victory dance you've got them doing."

I smirked and took a gulp from the nearest water bottle.

"You should be out there," He added in a darker tone, "It was your game on that pitch."

"Nah, let them enjoy it." I sat down again, coughed and smiled at him. I kicked off my boots and he caught one with a laugh. "Now, clear off you old perv. Girls are gonna be getting changed in here in a few." I grinned. It was sometimes awkward talking to him and sometimes, only sometimes, when my teammates made jokes about me loving the game too much he'd look at me and I'd know he thought the same in a less joking manner.

"Always with the attitude, Alexa," But his eyes crinkled and he let out a chuckle. "Look after yourself, pet. You're working too hard."

"I will," He left and I heard the noise and celebrating from the game as the door swung open and then as it was about to click shut the noise got unbearably loud as her teammates charged in, in mid-celebration. I laughed and returned the many hugs that were forced upon me and whooped along with the high fives and piggy backs. I smiled my way through the passed around bottle of vodka and by the end of the bursts of energy I couldn't help but share their happiness. I smiled. We were always like this after a good game... and sometimes after a bad game but there was usually a lot more alcohol after the tough matches.

"Nice game today, guys," I looked back at my ecstatic and slightly drunk team as my voice cut though the dense, humid air. That's what you get when you exercise so many kids for a few hours and then stuff them all into a tiny changing room with no windows straight after. I pulled my Kit top off over my head and walked until I was in the doorway of the showers. "You did well my pretties." I grinned and they all whooped and began dancing again, "See you outside."


The shower had left me feeling awake and a lot better than before. But I decided maybe the vodka had something to do with that.

"Bonjourno Children," I laughed as I approached the mob of mates (mostly girls from the team) outside of the changing rooms.

"Well, looky here," Matt chimed before running his hands through his short dark hair, "If it's not the lady of the hour herself."

"Wow!" I grinned and looked around enthusiastically, "Where?!" They all beamed at me with bright, and in some cases goofy, smiles.

"No, but seriously, we didn't think even you could bring back that game." He exclaimed.

"That's our Alex!" Megan squealed but she was semi-distracted by the tanned blond boy running his hand up the back of her leg.

"You're all nuts," I muttered as they swarmed around me, asking different and mostly irrelevant questions.

"Don't get too close - you now how cranky she gets after games..." Chris began, drooping one long muscular arm around my freshly clothed shoulders.

"I am not cranky!"

"Chris... I think you just contradicted yourself," Megan piped with a sing song voice.

"I doubt you even know what 'contradicted' means."

"I so do."

"Really? Prove it."

"I don't have to prove anything to..."

"Seriously guys shush!" Stacey hissed.

"Oh, seriously is it?" Matt smirked. Apparently, they had completely forgotten I was there. So much for lady of the hour. It's barely been 10 minutes...

"Guys..." I yawned.

"YES! It is!" Someone shouted.


"Guys." I commanded in my captain voice. They all shut up, even the guys, and stared at me, all wide eyed and innocent. Chris broke the silence.


"Ha. Ha. You're real funny Chris," I murmured and elbowed him in the ribs. "Well, my dudes and dudettes, I'm off."

I turned around and head toward the edge of the court.

"Off to see your secret boyfriend again Alex?" Megan called out and Chris wriggled his eyebrows suggestively next at me as I pivoted to get a clear view of them.

"Alex has a boyfriend?" Steve's deep voice questioned and he reached out and put two tanned fingers on top of Christopher's eye brows to stop them movement.

"No..." I began, now facing them all completely, but no one heard me.

"Yup!" Stacey cried, "She always rushes out after the game to get some 'secret boyfriend lurvin''"

"Would've worked so much better if you knew his name..." Megan muttered, with furrowed brows.

"Yeah, I know," Stacey sighed dejectedly and lent against her.

"Wow," Someone else put in, "A Boyfriend?"

"Can we meet him?"

"No, you can't," I stated simply and Chris' eyebrows began to dance again, "No, I mean I don't have a..."

"Awww, that's so romantic. A secret relationship," Someone cooed.

"Right," I said, defeated, "I'm out of here, see you creeps later." I didn't have time for this.

"Off to see your male friend then?" Stacey grinned and a few people wolf whistled.

"Yeah, he's called study," I sprinted out of the cage that surrounded the courts. "You should try him sometime... I don't mind sharing... And the sex is so damn good." I called over my shoulder and looked at them only long enough to see them double over laughing before I was forced to look back in the direction I had been moving.

Because I had run straight into someone. I mean seriously, in the middle of a school's track field in the evening, what are the chances of actually bumping into someone?

"Really?" A deep voice questioned with a slight accent of some kind. I looked up to meet the speaker's eyes, automatically. It didn't take long to realise why it had hurt so much when we had clashed, other than the fact that I had been fouled, like, 9 times in the last of the games. The guy was pretty damn big. Not fat just... Stacey's type of dude. The boy, no, wait, man (there is noway you can call someone that height a boy) was staring down at me with an amused expression stretched out across his strong features. His hair was probably black or dark brown but it was hard to tell because of the late evening sky and only light being emitted from the huge lamp that lit the courts and most of the other playing fields. His hair was swept in an messy cut of curls that came almost down to his sholders and framed his box face perfectly. His eye were mocking and, oh so frustratingly, a nice shade of intelligent green. The guy was also smirking, revealing a few of his white teeth.

"Er.. um.. What?" I managed.

"Oh, er, I was talking about the sex study thing." He offered, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand. Irish. He had a faint Irish accent. And the way he had put my words made with sound even more perverted.

"Right," I stated, hoping he couldn't see my blush in the darkness. What a great thing for someone to her you say on your first meeting with them.

We stood awkwardly for a moment.

"So, you're Alexa Springford aren't you?" He broke the silence. "The football captain here?"

"Yeah, that's me and you're..." I looked down at the shining electric blue football shorts and loose white tee shirt, "a senior on the other football team."

"Yes, captain actually." He looked way over proud. He also looked like he was about to leave. I guessed I was suppost to of heard of him.

"How do you know who I am?" I added, without really thinking. Man, I'm stupid, I didn't even know the person.

"I know you're sister," Oh, of course he does, who doesn't? "And word's already around the school about that skid save you just pulled off and that final goal. I think quite a few people know who you are already."

I wouldn't help but let a grin slide onto my face at this.

"But it was only half an hour ago," I interjected, although I was secretly quite pleased. He sighed.

"They're called cell phones, love. About 20 minutes ago most of the school knew already,"

"I know what their called, love. I have a rather complex relationship with one myself," My voice dripped with sarcasm and he looked at me with a raised eye-brow. I sighed and we stood in an uncomfortable expanse of quiet for a while. I shifted from foot to foot.

"Of course I didn't see the goal myself. I was busy training with the other guys." Was it just me or did that last sentence sound incredibly cocky?
"I've got a match soon," Now the stranger was off on one. I don't care, I thought but smiled anyway.

"Cool, I'll let my sister know," She probably already knew. She was a cheerleader after all. Now it was my turn to attempt to leave.

"You aren't coming?" He was probably asking to be polite... Funny, you haven't been incredibly polite so far. Not even a name.. what manners.

We were only talking because he knew my sister so I should never have asked him how he knew my name. I really am stupid sometimes.

"No, I'll be busy training with the other girls," I mimicked his voice cheerfully. He scowled. Wow you just can't help yourself can you? The voice in my head asked.

"Right, Springford. I've got to go. Tell your sister I said hi." He sounded spited. Well you did just mock him with little cause.

He pushed past me and headed to the court opposite to the one where she had been with her friends on previously, I could still hear their loud whooping from quite a distance away. I was quite aware that my mouth with hanging open now. I probably did not look very attractive at that moment in time. Kinda of like a fish, I would imagine.

"Oh, well," I muttered and continued to strut in the direction of the school. "He's the football captain, friend of my sister, probably king jock.. his ego could do with a little battering," and then I smiled and skipped all the way to the school library.

You got 30 minutes 'til they close the school, don't want to keep your boyfriend waiting... Go! Go! Go!

Not even a name, bloody brilliant.


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