"Hurry up! Let's go!" Drew rushed his friend, Brad, who was adjusting something on the porch of a brick house.

Brad was just finishing his prank when he heard the hushed voice. Satisfied, he ran over to the three waiting bikes and got on the empty red one.

At the top of the steps where Brad came from, there was a short witch statuette. Its gown was black and the skin of its hands, which were holding a black tray, were green.

Placed over the witch's head was a pair of white boxers with yellow star designs.

The three boys in black hooded jackets, black jeans, and black sneakers laughed at the prank and pedaled away.

Carlos and Brad had been involved with Mischief Night since they were 11 years old. At age 15, the novelty, if anything, only got better as they got older.

Drew was a friend of Brad's. Brad wanted to "celebrate" October 30th, so he tagged along to see him do it. In the hour or so that they'd been out, he remained on his bike to watch the other two as they pulled every prank he could imagine.

Carlos looked at the houses on either side of them and braked in front of green house that had two floors. He reached into his backpack and pulled out an orange can. Then he quietly ran up the path leading to the door. Shaking the can, he slowed to a stop by the left window. Holding up the can, he pressed the white nozzle.

Orange aerosol flew into the glass. It zig-zagged in every direction as Carlos moved it. He silently snickered to himself as he pictured the homeowners opening their curtains only to see bright orange.

When the window was completely covered in orange, Carlos moved on to the other one.

Drew looked on in amazement and fear. He knew if Carlos got caught, they would be in a lot of trouble. He gripped the handlebars tightly and had one foot on the pedal, ready to speed off at any second.

Somehow, Carlos made it back to the bikes with no problem. Without a word, he swiftly left the house, leading the other two to more houses for him and Brad to hit.

"Cop car!" Brad warned before making a U-turn.

Carlos saw the white car in the distance and did the same, followed by Drew. The two were led by Brad around a corner, where they found a new block of houses.

"Hey, Drew?" Carlos said, looking beside himself. "You should do something."

"I told you I don't want to be a part of this," Drew reminded him as he rode by his side.

"You are a part of this. If me or Brad get caught, you're in trouble, too. Make sense?"

"I guess, but..."

"But, you might as well do something."

"Yeah," Brad agreed. "You think we're gonna take the fall and help you out of trouble if me and Carlos get caught? You should have stayed in the house if you didn't wanna risk that!" The ride became quiet. Only the sounds of bike pedaling could be heard in the dark night. "I got a prank you can do." Brad spoke again.

"What?" asked Drew.

"You'll see."

Drew suddenly wished he never came. Brad always took Carlos's side when the three of them were together.

The teenagers ended up at a single-floor house at the end of a block. One curtained window was on each far side of the door. All of the lights were out. A large tree stood in the yard.

Brad stopped his bike, prompting the others to do the same. He then reached into his bike's basket and pulled something out.

"Here," he said, putting a pink half-carton of eggs in Drew's hand. Drew looked at the box and then the taller boy.

"Go ahead," Carlos whispered, pointing in the direction of the house.

Drew opened the carton and saw five eggs. Looking at the house again, he got off his bike. He took a breath and went forward.

When he was halfway to the door, he picked out an egg. Nervously, he pulled his hand back. Swinging it forth, he let the egg go.

The egg missed the green door by several inches and landed on the black mat.

Drew looked at Carlos.

Carlos waved him to get closer.

The younger boy sighed and walked until he was standing at a distance from which he knew he would hit the house. He then grabbed an egg and threw it.

By the time the white shell broke against the door, spilling its yellow contents, Drew had his back turned and was sprinting back to his bike.

"I did it, you happy now?" the boy asked.

"Hold on," Carlos said, "you didn't hit a window."

"You said hit the house. You ain't say nothing about the windows."

"Anybody could hit a door. The windows are better."

Drew groaned in frustration.

"Fine. But just one window, and I'm out."

He didn't stay or care to hear Carlos's response. Hopping off his bike, he headed back to where he was.

There was a clicking sound coming from in front of Drew. At first, he thought it was either the boys or a squirrel. After getting his egg, he squinted at the brass doorknob and noticed it was ratting. It then turned clockwise and the door swung open to reveal a bald man.

Drew was so surprised that he froze in place.

The man reached into the house and a light illuminated the yard. He was wearing a red bathrobe with black slippers.

Snapping out of his trance, the teen realized he was still holding the carton of eggs in one hand, and an egg in the other.

"Um, hi," Drew nervously squeaked, immediately putting his hands down. "My fr-friends," he pointed a thumb behind himself, "were just, like... messing around-for Mischief Night. An-and then they dared me... t-to..." he looked back.

No one was there. Brad and Carlos were long gone.

Fearfully, Drew looked back and forth for a sign of them. When he couldn't find any, he turned to the homeowner.

The bald man was observing the yellow lines of yolk that was splattered on his door. He then looked at Drew.

"I'm not going to call the police," the man flatly announced, to Drew's relief. "I'll drive you home, then I'm going to talk to your parents. Get in here and wait for me." He stepped aside.

Reluctantly, Drew walked into the house. He didn't want to face his parents, but this was better than going to the police.

"Trick or treat?!" a group of kids exclaimed when the door opened.

A bald man smiled and dug into a large bowl. With each handful, he reached out and dropped candy into six open bags and buckets.

Appreciative replies rang out before the kids turned and left.

As the kids headed out of the yard, they passed by a tree. Tied to a branch, there was a rope. From that rope hung a hooded ornament. An ornament wearing a zipped, black jacket, dark jeans, and black sneakers...