Logan: A boy in his late teens. A college student.

Shirley: A girl in her early to mid twenties.


SHIRLEY enters a small motel room. The lights are slightly dim and there is one queen-sized bed in the middle of the room. There's a door leading to the bathroom and a dresser next to it. A tiny television set sits on top of the dresser.

LOGAN follows into the room shortly after. SHIRLEY throws her key on the dresser and sits down on the bed.

SHIRLEY: You got any specific requests?

LOGAN stands awkwardly by the door, not moving towards the bed.

LOGAN: Um…no, not really.

SHIRLEY: Patting the bed. Well then, get over here.

LOGAN: I'm not really so sure how to do this.

SHIRLEY: Oh that's alright. It's not that difficult.

LOGAN: Right. He walks towards the bed. So, do you want me to sit down?

SHIRLEY: Well that would be a nice start. Come on, I won't bite…unless you want me to.

LOGAN: Um, no. That's not uh necessary.

SHIRLEY: Oh jeez, calm down. You look so stressed. Just sit down!

LOGAN: He sits down. So…I'm sitting. It's a comfortable bed. It's really bouncy. The comforter is really soft. The pillows look fluffy. A little dirty, but fluffy.

SHIRLEY: She moves closer to him and rests her hand on his knee. Maybe we should get started? You know, test out how soft this bed really is.

LOGAN: He quickly moves away from her. Shouldn't we, I don't know, talk first?

SHIRLEY: Of course! Now, what would you like to talk about?

LOGAN: Look, I'm not one of those stupid college guys who pretend that they sleep with a girl a night and aren't virgins and just go to see some whore one night because they wanted a new experience.

SHIRLEY: I prefer the term prostitute or at least hooker.

LOGAN: Or right, sorry. I didn't mean to disrespect you.

SHIRLEY: It's alright. Anyways, you were saying?

LOGAN: I'm just saying that I'm not going to lie and say that I know what I'm doing. I'm not experienced at all. I…this is my first time.

SHIRLEY: It's alright, I figured that much. Don't worry though, I'm a bit nervous too. It's my first time as well.

LOGAN: You're a virgin?

SHIRLEY: Oh good heavens no! This body has probably been more places than you've ever even heard of. I mean it's my first night on the job. You're officially my first client.

LOGAN: Well now I feel bad. I mean, it's your first night and I'm not exactly making this easy for you.

SHIRLEY: I'm actually a bit happy that you want to talk. You see, I only wanted to become a whore to meet all sorts of people like you. And it pays pretty well. I've always wanted to be a therapist, but I didn't want to waste me time in school.

LOGAN: I thought you said that you preferred to be called a hooker or prostitute?

SHIRLEY: I want other people to call me that. It's alright if I say it myself. So anyways, why did you come to me anyways? Why didn't you just get some girl drunk and you know- screw her?

LOGAN: That's not very…decent.

SHIRLEY: And going to a hooker is?

LOGAN: Well…I mean. I just kind of wanted to get the whole 'virginity' thing out of the way. I thought about just going to one of those stupid parties and hooking up with a girl. But wouldn't there have been baggage? And girls like that always wear too much expensive perfume. It smells disgusting. What's wrong with natural scent?

SHIRLEY: Yeah, I know what you're talking about. I once dated a guy, a real jerk. He always bought me perfume and made me put it on before we got in the sack. It drove me nuts.

LOGAN: It's honestly not appealing.

SHIRLEY: Well that's good to know. Look, it's already been a while. You paid for one hour. Are we gonna do this or not?

LOGAN: Yeah. I feel much better now.

SHIRLEY: Okay…come on. She leans in slowly and starts to unbutton his shirt while kissing his neck.

LOGAN: Hey, do you have a pimp or someone that you need to like…go back to later?

SHIRLEY: Nah, that stuff's not really for me. I'm working with an old friend of mine, but she's looking for clients. This is just a temporary job. I thought about becoming an exotic danger or something, but I don't like metal poles. They're too cold and slippery. I was a waitress for some time, but I got a little bored with the town, so I got up and left. Bartending was fun, but the money wasn't great. Oh sorry, I got carried away. She resumes her kissing and finishes unbuttoning her shirt.

LOGAN: Oh no, it's okay. You're interesting. What about your parents? You're not good with them anymore?

SHIRLEY: Not really. I mean, they wanted me to go to some really fancy college, but I didn't want that. So I told them that I was becoming a waitress and they were mad, but eventually I think they warmed up to it. We talk on the phone sometimes. But it's not so important to me. What about you? You close with the parentals?

LOGAN: Yeah, I guess. They didn't want me to go to college. They were both these big time hippies who just traveled everywhere. So they wanted me to go to Europe for a few years and expand my horizons. But I told them that college was my choice and they were pretty bummed out, but paid for it anyways.

SHIRLEY: Well that goes completely against the stereotype doesn't it?

LOGAN: Yeah.

SHIRLEY continues where she left off. LOGAN remains slightly inert but occasionally lets himself get into the moment. SHIRLEY makes her way over to LOGAN's belt buckle, when he stops her.

LOGAN: Maybe we should rethink this.

SHIRLEY: Woah- I'm a hooker not your innocent girlfriend. I'm not gonna get pregnant or anything like that. You paid for an hour, I can only give you an hour. You said that you wanted to get the whole virginity thing over with right?

LOGAN: Well, I-

SHIRLEY: Well come on then!

LOGAN: No wait. Maybe I don't want to do this. I don't, I don't know. Shouldn't I be in love when I lose my virginity?

SHIRLEY: Oh wouldn't that be a lovely thought. Well…I don't want to just leave you without you know, doing my job. I would just feel awful. You're so sweet and I would just love to be your first. But if you don't want to do it then we don't have to.

LOGAN: No…I do, I think. I don't know. It's just not exactly how I pictured it you know?

SHIRLEY: Yeah…wait a second. I know! I'll make you fall in love with me.

LOGAN: We've only got an hour. Less then that now. For some people it takes years to fall in love!

SHIRLEY: It can't be that difficult. What are you into? Really smart girls? E equals m c squared. Cheerleaders! Give me an L! Give me an O! Give me a G! Give me an A! Give me an N! What does that spell?

LOGAN: Logan. Look, I really appreciate it. But you're just being something you're not. And that's just falling in love with a lie. Please don't be offended.

SHIRLEY: I get what you mean. I've never been in love before. So I don't know what it's like. Nah, I'm not offended. But really, I charged you a lot for an hour. I have to give you something.

LOGAN: Why don't we just go out and get drinks?

SHIRLEY: Oh that's hardly worth it.

LOGAN: Come on, it'll be fun. You can teach me…how to pick up girls. That way you're working for your money.

SHIRLEY: How to pick up girls? Lines don't work anymore you know that right?

LOGAN: Yeah, I know. But it'll be fun. Please?

SHIRLEY: I have another client at 1:00.

LOGAN: I'll bring you back by then.

SHIRLEY: My first day on the job and I'm already going soft.

LOGAN: Is that a yes?


LOGAN buttons up his shirt quickly and then grabs SHIRLEY'S hand. She squeezes it lightly and smiles. LOGAN takes the keys from the dresser and leaves the motel room. SHIRLEY turns off the light on her way out.