Yeah I started another story because my other story's only chapter has only one reviewer and reader.

It all started when I was five.

I was incredibly stupid at that age to believe that everyone in the world was good.

A sleek black car that screamed danger pulled up in front of my house. There was nothing special about me or my neighborhood. It was your typical American neighborhood with your typical American two story house. All the houses were similar, but not identical with shingle roofs, window-side flower beds, and shutters. All the lawns were green and well trimmed, along with weed-free.

It was a cul-de-sac, or better known as a dead end street. Kids would be playing in the road and on the sidewalks during the afternoon. I was sitting on a swing that was hanging on the branch of an old oak tree growing in the front lawn. My puppy, Icrac, was running around with a rubber ball in his jaws.

As I said, there was nothing special about me, or so I thought. I had light brown hair and soft hazel eyes. My cheeks were chubby and I was a typical chubby toddler. Of only I was smarter than the average five year old then I could've possibly escaped the future the black car would bring me.

The tinted window of the car rolled down and a face with sunglasses poked out. He called out, "Hey, little girl! Can you give us directions?'

Being completely naive, I toddled over and said politely, as I was taught, "Where do you want directions to?" The man smirked, but I saw it as a smile. I smiled back.

"We need directions to the gas station. Do you know where it is?" Mr. Sunglasses asked a little too sweetly.

I furrowed my brow, not being very good with street names. I still gave it my best shot. "You keep on going straight until the road gets bumpy, then you turn left. Next you turn right and then you go straight after one stop sign. Then you're at the gas station!" Wow, now that I think back on it, my directions SUCK.

"Young lady," I took pride in being called a lady, "your directions are a little confusing. Can you show us the way there?" the guy offered. I nodded, obeying the rule my mom set: Always be polite. The door for the back seat opened and I got in. I looked back outside and saw my mom running out the door yelling,

"Andrea! Get out of that car! Bad people are in there!" I was extremely slow to react, so the car door slammed shut before I could respond and the tires screeched and the car sped away.


"Excuse me, sir," I timidly said, "why did my mommy say you were bad people?"

"We aren't bad people, little lady. Your mommy was just confused. Here, have a bottle of water," and he offered me some water which was obviously drugged. We were sitting in the back seat of the car with a driver in front. The seats were expensive leather and the engine hardly made a sound. I idly kicked my legs and drank some water, then instantly felt sleepy after a few sips.

I yawned widely and the man smiled. "Get some sleep, girlie. There's a long drive ahead of us," he said. I nodded, curled up against the door and fell asleep.

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