She wrapped her arms around her knees
She wrapped her self in a cocoon
When she was born, when she was released
She looked around and already knew

The world is beautiful as she was aware
She could sense the deep blue of the land
The greens in the sea, she could smell
She could feel everything in her small hands

The only thing she was not aware of
As she born was where she would be
Her thoughts were jumbled and scattered
As she stumbled in to life free

We have this child in our arms
We have her hopes and dreams
She knows the beauty of the world
As she's raised on puppet strings

But where the mind wanders now
After she's been taught how to act
Is where she finds herself, and worse
Decides for her self what is fact.

She wrapped her arms around the world
She wrapped her self in her own vision
She knows who she is, what she has become
And from our chains she has risen.