How could I do this? Fall in love with a human? Or better yet, with an assignment? But he's so much more to me than that! It was so easy to fall in love with him, but what makes me confused and angry was how could I fall in love when he needs protecting?!

That's all I should be on Earth for. To protect him from the evil that haunts him. But what should I decide?

Love or safety?

Chapter 1

This is so boring! Normally any other angel would enjoy a place like heaven, but not me. After a hundred years or so, I got tired of luxury and wanted to be human or at least roam Earth. I would give up anything just to do so.

My violet colored eyes, regular body figure, awkward lips, button nose, dark hair; I don't have much to give up, but if everything I owned would grant me a ticket to Earth, I would gladly give it all up.

My human life was unfair in so many ways. I only lived to be 18 after a shoot out at my parents diner. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and that I will always regret. If only…

"Violet! Would you come out of your room for at least one hour?! Father wishes to speak with you!" Damien yelled impatiently from outside of my bedroom door. Me and Damien have never gotten on good terms. He loved heaven just like any normal angel would, but then again I'm not normal. He strongly disliked me for not enjoying Father's creation and I strongly disliked him for not understanding my point of logic. But there was always something a little creepy about him; something that made me shudder just by looking at him, but in the end I concluded that it was just a natural thing with him.

"Whatever," I said sarcastically, knowing it would upset him. I heard him huff loudly before walking away while a huge smile spread across my face. Getting up off of my intricate bedspread, I exited my room and made my way down to My father's office, with the pure gold walls reflecting my appearance.

I finally reached the end of the hallway and opened up the door that led to My father's room. His deep blue eyes sparkled with joy and his shoulder length brown hair swayed even though there was no wind. His built frame relaxed, as if though he didn't expect me to come. Odd.

"Ah, Violet, my darling. How are you, daughter?" his silky voice said, flowing through the air, while it calmed my nerves. He truly was probably the only person I would tell the truth to just by looking into his eyes. Cliché, I know, but true.

"Same old, Father. Is there a reason you asked for my being here?" I asked politely.

"Why yes, there is. I know your stay on heaven is boring you, correct?"

Normally I wouldn't of expected something so blunt come from his mouth, so I was shocked for a minute. But then I thought, 'So blunt yet so true.'

"Well…um yes. But I've been here for 300 hundred years, I'm sure I can take another 300 before I go truly insane," I chuckled and smiled at the end to make it seem like a joke when it was the truth.

He looked at me curiously for a second and then looked at me with utter determination. I wondered what could have caused his emotions to change so fast. Could he really see through me that easily?

"Violet, such a selfless thing you are. But, honey, I'm going to let you go on Earth," my face instantly brightened, "However there are some ups and downs to this proposition," My happy face faltered into a skeptical one.

"What do you mean 'ups and downs'?" I asked. Wary of the guidelines.

"Well. It means you wouldn't be human. You would be a… guardian angel to a specific human. I've already gotten him picked ou-" I cut him off.

"A guardian angel? I thought those were all just made up mythical creatures. I mean, how come I've never heard of a guardian angel and I'm on heaven! This doesn't make any sense, Father!" I yelled the last part confused and infuriated. Is he lying or did he just give me another chance on Earth? I picked the latter.

"Calm down. I have been too blind to see all of the wrongs that Satan has done to the world. To my creation. And so I've decided that I need some angels to go on Earth and help the humans he is affecting. Violet, this is the perfect chance for you to go on Earth and out of your boredom. I am not forcing you into this, but to me, it would be highly appreciated." he said in a persuading yet soothing voice.

I sat in his office with him for a couple minutes debating my answer. So many different thoughts were running through my head. 'What does this make a difference now? You've wanted to be on Earth for the last 100 years and now your throwing a fit? Maybe this would be cool. To be a guardian angel! But wait, didn't he say something about ups and downs?'

"Lets say for instance I do take up your offer and decide to be a guardian angel; what do you mean by ups and downs?" I asked once again.

He sighed deeply before answering.

"Well, first you shall receive wings. Of course you have them now, but they are useless. Your wings are to be used in times of emergency and to receive back to Heaven. You shall also adopt a power. You, of course, will find out what that is once you…if you return back to Earth. And lastly, you shall be gorgeously immortal. You will never age due to the fact that the human I assign you will always be in need of protecting. However, there are special… things that can harm you, but you will die when your human assignment dies." he said in one breath. Probably due to the fact the dead don't need to breathe. Sigh. But overall, the negatives sounded good to me. Why is he over-exaggerating them so much?

"Well, those downs don't sound bad at all. They actually sound-" I was cut off by the voice of My lord.

"Darling, those were the positives in going back to Earth. However the negatives…" he said trailing off in wonder and hope.

I looked back at him. I gave him permission with my eyes to keep going. I was actually very curious with this assignment. It just all depended on the negatives.

"Great! Well, Violet, the negatives. Your blood. Your blood…it will be acidic. So if your protecting him and your enemy draws blood, just cast a few droplets on him. Either he will be unconscious or dead due to the fact if the enemy is human or not. Whenever you are happy, you will glow. Yes, what all those silly humans on earth want is for their face to radiate their skin tone, but Violet, this glow ,if electrified by too much happiness, it will be strong enough to blind; so you must keep that in control. And lastly you cannot show any real feelings with any of these humans. Your over supernatural aura will be electrified with the new feelings and set off alarms in every demons mind by being so close to Earth. The humans cannot be harmed by the wicked of this world," he said the last sentence in a glum tone. I wonder why. I know no human should ever be hurt but this went beyond glum tones. Almost heartbreaking.

I began to ponder the negatives and positives of this decision, but quickly came up with my answer. Of course, I would give up anything to be on Earth again and not with just a few rules and guidelines, I could be signed up to be the very first guardian angel.

"My lord, I have come to a decision. I will be a guardian," I said with strong confidence in my voice.

Father looked so happy about my choice. Honestly, I was happy with it as well. But as I started searching the features on his saint-like face I noticed there was too much happiness. Either because the cruel world was in need of saving or because I finally snapped out of my abnormal depression I will never know.

"So, Vie, I've already gotten everything taken care of. Your human's name is Tristan Chase Azeaa. Sex: male. 17 years of age. Birth date: April 15, 1992." he spoke in somewhat of a business like tone. It made me feel grown up. The wish I will never be granted. It was somewhat silly for me to go beyond reasons of his voice tones, but once he smiled at me I know he did it on purpose.

"So Father, why does this boy need my help?" I asked rather perplexed. Sure there's a lot of kids that need help. Doing drugs, drinking; I've seen it all myself. Such a shame this world has come to. I grimaced inwardly. Such people were the cause of my death and I will make sure that my fate doesn't happen to any other character. No matter how bad the person might be.

"Well, this boy got into a car accident from a drunk driver. The drunk driver was unharmed but unfortunately for Tristan, the accident caused him some major brain damage. Its very hard to explain but his mental state makes him talk and act like a child. He is being tormented at school daily and that hurts him emotionally while seniors at his high school torment him physically. With all of the pain Tristan is radiating off him, it will cause a trigger in hell that will make Lucifer himself come and make Tristan sell his soul. You must be very careful Violet, he can turn into anyone, possess anyone, and do anything. He can kill you only by killing Tristan. Please protect Tristan and be safe. You're my baby girl and if you get killed you cannot return to Heaven. Your soul will be sold to him. Don't hurt me like that okay?" his voice was so full of such raw emotion that my all of my heartstrings thought they were going to be pulled. Halfway through the speech, he crossed the room and embraced me very tightly.

I felt so protected in his arms. My dad. This will be the last time I see him for God knows how long. But in the end this will be worth it. I know it.

Father and I embraced each other for a few more minutes before I pulled away. Throughout the rest of the night I learned the Tristan and his parents lived in Denton, Texas. His parents both worked as doctors which helped Tristan plenty; the money and the education of how to treat Tristan. I would be enrolling in Denton High School and pulling off the look of an eleventh grader because that's what grade Tristan was in

After about 20 minutes of learning information about Tristan and his family, God told me I would learn more about the family once I got closer to Tristan. He then proceeded to tell me that I should pack my things. I got out of his office with a ridiculously goofy smile on my face.

I glided dazed across the floors and reached my bedroom, where I proceeded to stumble stupidly while packing my large amount of clothes. When you're the undead and you have a mall near by the clothes just pile up over the years… along with the shoes. I smiled.

After packing all of my valuable things I decided to take a quick shower. I looked at my appearance in the bathroom mirror and looked at the violet eyes staring back at me. I hoped with every fiber of my being that my eye color didn't change to blue or green because purple eyes were my trademark. But, alas, I thought, at least my wish will be granted at last.

I got in the shower while the warm water tumbled along my body and calming my excited muscles. I stayed like that for a good 15 minutes just re-processing everything that just happened. I got out of the shower throwing on my only white, diamond embedded robe and walked into my bedroom.

I got into the bed and looked at my bedroom for one last time and said goodbye. The gold walls, king sized bed, and wooden floors. That's basically all my room was. But saying goodbye after 200 hundred years still left a dull throb in my heart but it could be and will be silenced once I leave paradise. And with those last thoughts I fell into a deep, dreamless slumber.

* * *

The sound of an airplane woke my from my sleep. I looked at the watch on my wrist. 6:32 AM. 'Early bird catches the worm,' I thought sarcastically. I rubbed the remainder of sleep from my eyes and got out of bed.

Then suddenly, everything from yesterday came rushing back to me. Excitement, curiosity, and happiness coursed through my veins for the first time in over 100 years. I was finally leaving and doing something that made all other angels and God happy that also made me happy.

I looked at the suitcases that were by the door and made my giddily to them. I saw there was a picture of what I'm guessing was Tristan. He looked absolutely stunning. He had black curly hair that looked glossy and soft. His face had no injuries except for the scar above his left eye, and even that scar was fading quickly. His eyes were an amazing hazel mixed with so many colors his eyes looked like priceless gems. His nose was flawless and his jaw line was strong. I couldn't wait to see Tristan.

I once again descended off to my Lord's office and walked in hesitantly. He saw me peeking through his door and beckoned me in with a warm smile plastered to his face. I smiled back just as kindly and walked into his study.

He must've seen the impatient look on my face and laughed. I pouted with confusion and impatience.

" Oh Violet, I'm just so happy. Tristan needs a friend right now and if we cannot help him… I shudder even thinking about what could go wrong. I will send you down to Earth in roughly four hours. Everything else will be explained once you are there.

"Lastly lets go over the few things you need to know. I enrolled you in Denton high school under the name of Violet Wings." I cracked a smile but he continued," I know your 18 but you can pull off the look of a junior, so I'm going to enlist you as so. Your story is your parents passed away long ago and gave you custody of the house, money, and all their treasures; however everything from your parents time is gone, so I have yet to find you a home. Your legally an adult, but you still need a family."

I took one part of the speech into consideration. If I was a junior I should be seventeen, not eighteen. Am I still going to be eighteen? This is so difficult to comprehend, I said to myself childishly. He saw my befuddled face and quickly explained.

"You were home schooled for nearly your whole life. Now all I need to do is get someone to enroll you in Tristan's school. "

I could see he was stretching the truth, but not lying. My parents did die along time ago, they did give me all of their possessions, I was home schooled for most of my life before it was taken away, and their death did impact me a lot for several reasons but this all happened over 250 hundred years ago. How sly.

He explained he would send me down to Earth just by a snap of my fingers and I should only return to Heaven if anything dangerous is happening with Tristan and if I found any more news on the underworld.

After making many compromises I persuaded my Lord to send me to Earth an hour before the scheduled time. I was and still am far too eager to wait another second after being on this 'promised land.' Sure. Whatever.

I then proceeded the rest of my wait in my deluxe bedroom. After hours upon hours of endless waiting, I looked at the diamond clock hanging on the wall and saw it was 10:57. That means three more minutes until I'm on soil. Rich, brown soil. On Earth. I giggled inwardly.

I ran down the corridors, which received me some amused to angry stares but ignored them in haste to get to God's heavenly office. Ha.

It then all happened very quickly. I was about to barge on the door before I saw the world I've know for nearly 300 years disappear, right before my eyes.

Naturally, my body went into panic mode before I realized I was being sent down to Earth. My un-beating heart calmed but then went straight into worry again. What about my luggage?

* * *

I decided I really didn't care. Even if there was a couple of bumps in the road, I was still getting my wish. To be on another one of My Father's creation. Hopefully Earth hasn't changed that much since I've last been on it.

As I was thinking suddenly I fell onto something. Hard. Very hard yet dry. I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to cascade through my body, but it never did.