My God I never conceived
Today a year before us now
I would have completed a circle
Finding myself in a similar embrace
Perhaps one based on reality
This time, second time
I am not so naive
I am aware of your invisible touch
And the consequences that follow
Our silent awareness
Do you play his game too?
I fear you do
Because it is days away now
The anniversary of the beginning
Of my end and the end of naivety
And I wonder if you know that
But the wings of hope push it aside
Inviting me forwards into a new era
Where I am once again consumed
A deadly game where hearts are at stake
And I have so much to lose from this bet
My heart wants to believe that just maybe
In this round
Your silent words run deep enough
Surpass your age and stereotype
You are on my side
Of course, we both know
In the nature of this reality
Only fools wear their hearts on their sleeve.

Dedicated to Nokia 2, who I hope reciprocates without the intent to exploit.