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"Er… Vanessa. Vanessa Antoine, but you can call me Vans." I said, keeping up with fast strides.

He looked suddenly impressed since he raised his eyebrows and smiled, looking pleased. "Cool. Vans—like the shoe brand? That's pretty neat, you know. I like your name." Did I mention he wasn't looking at me while saying this? How… disappointing.

The walk was too long… or maybe it was just me not noticing. He was pretty much touring me alright, talking and pointing to different directions. It was too many that I decided not to catch up. it was easy saying "Ooh" and "Ah" when he asked if I got it.

Finally, the time came when he stopped. I'm not paying attention so I bumped him lightly with my face lightly hitting his bag that was slung around his shoulder.

Suddenly, the bell rang and I looked back to see the students running in the corridors to their first period—except for Ryan and me. When I turned my head back, however, I caught him staring at me with a handsome grin plastered on his face.

"So…" I ran out of words to say.

He faked a cough and opened the office door for me.

"Thanks," I said while the heat went up to my face. I could feel myself blushing so I hid my face from him.

I swear I heard someone chuckle behind me.

I entered the brightly lit room and heard the door close behind me. Ryan probably went to class already. I sighed while approaching the woman seated on the counter. She was wearing a faded white uniform and a golden nametag was pinned on her right chest. Her name is Mrs. Winstein.

"Hi, I'm Vanessa Antoine. My Aunt said I needed something here for transfer." I smiled.

She smiled politely back and handed me some papers and a map. "Oh, Vanessa. Here's you permit slips, clearance slips for classes, your schedule and a map to guide you. We apologize for the confusing location of the office. I saw you with Mr. George awhile ago, he's such a gentleman when it comes to finding directions." And she continues smiling deeply with her hands scrunched up behind those thick rectangular glasses.

"Please call me Vans for short." I grabbed all the papers except the map and placed it in my bag. "Thank you for your help."

"Don't mention it dear. Have fun on your first day." She turned to her computer.

So… she knew Ryan well. What is it about that man? He looks like some ordinary guy from the football team—and yet there's something different about him I can't place. I mean, I know he's plain gorgeous and those creamy goody-looking eyes look hypnotizing and he could get all the girls he wanted in this school, but there's something unreadable about him I just can't understand.

This Ryan thing is making me explode. C'mon. I don't even like boys. Boys creep me out. Last time I was out with boys, I was unaware that they were seducing me—good thing my friends were there to add some clues in my idiotic mind.

Okay, so that made the whole point. Back then in New York, I was some girl who studies a lot. Mind you, who doesn't like having good grades? I prefer studying rather than boys. What could they get from me anyway—a five foot six with long brown hair? I'm plain. I don't like cosmetics and stuff. That's why people say I'm pale. I hate putting make-up.

Anyway, I opened the map and clearly and it clearly explained every nook and cranny here in Michigan High. I don't actually know if it's okay to be late in class, but I don't want skipping classes so I went to my first period with Mr. Figgs on Chemistry.

The walk wasn't that long so I arrived—well, still late. I knocked on the door and an old guy tore his eyes from the board and looked at me.

"And you are?" he said, one eyebrow raised.

"Please excuse me for being late, Sir. I had trouble finding the office." I bit my lower lip.

"Are you new here?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir." I nodded nervously since I could feel the stares of unfamiliar faces at me.

He didn't say another word but signaled me to go in with his fingers. I handed him my clearance slip and proceeded to walk, embarrassed, in class. There was only one vacant seat next to someone familiar—Ryan George, but he was asleep. He was resting his head on his arms with his JanSport bag slung around the edge of his chair.

I sat quietly, not wanting him to be disturbed. I took out a notebook and started copying notes—not until someone threw a folded paper on my desk.

It says, Why are you sitting next to Ryan? Do you know that's supposed to be my seat?

I didn't know where this came from, so I looked around to check if someone was looking at me in a bad way. No one was even staring at me. I looked at Ryan for a second—he was still asleep.

Bad time. Sir Figgs caught me reading something aout of a crumpled piece of paper. He took it from my grasp and read it out loud.

I didn't know if I was the one to be embarrassed or the one who wrote it.

But I'm still hiding my scarlet face from the burning stares of my new classmates.

After reading the paper, Mr. Figgs looked at me and asked me to stand up. I obliged. He asked me if I could explain and answer the question on the board. It was a good thing I already took advance Chemistry back in New York, and they're still taking up some basic Chemistry equations I can easily understand.

I breezed through explaining in a glum voice and Mr. Figgs looked down and nodded his head while I explained. Proud, I knew that my answers were correct. I didn't need a computation. I was explaining everything and I finished it without misses.

There was a long pause before Mr. Figgs groaned and then smiled at me.

"Well, at least we have someone with something to show. Not unlike Mr. George here who remained asleep since he entered this room."

With that, I saw Ryan wake up and sat upright. He scratched his eyes disturbingly. Mr. Figgs asked him to stand up also. Now, I could feel the deep meaningful stares of my classmates on me—or on us.

Ryan's dark hair was still disheveled from his sleep, and his eyes are still the same hypnotizing greens. His grey shirt is slightly crumpled from his sleep.

"Can you please repeat what Ms.—" Mr. Figgs looked at me.

"Antoine." I added embarrassingly.

"—Ms. Antoine said." And he looked at Ryan with an expression on his face that seemed to say, He doesn't know this…

Unfortunately for the antagonist Mr. Figgs, Ryan explained everything fluidly. More fluidly than I, to be exact. He explained in an obviously bored tone since he was disturbed from his sleep.

Everyone was so surprised that I even heard a voice saying Whoa. I never had time to look who said that because I was looking at Ryan in a shocked way. Mr. Figgs hid his amazed face and instead replaced it with an irritated one.

"Sit down, both of you." And he turned away.

I saw Ryan wink and I had no time to smile. I sat quietly and fiddled with my pen while I saw him looking at me in my peripheral vision. I looked at him and he smiled in a happy way with his perfect teeth gleaming at me. I melted in my seat as I smiled stupidly back when he turned his head away and continued sleeping.

I wanted to drool in class, but another folded paper was tossed to my desk.

This one says—with the same scribble as the last one—and this time, I hid it under my desk.

I saw that wink and that blush. Don't make me tear your face off. Ryan's my boyfriend, stay back-or I'll rip you into pieces.


I'm serious.

I don't have time dealing with jealous, war freak girls. They should be erased from this world. They're the ones causing all sorts of riots and discrimination.

Still, he has a girlfriend. Although I don't know who, but why do I feel this ache in my chest? I sat upright and smoothed my ponytail. It's my first day and I already felt this jitter thing teenagers talk about. I'm disgusted with myself. I'm here to learn. But I still sound like the President of America.

He has a girlfriend. This haunted me in class. I don't need to listen since the lesson is really easy, so I dozed off into my thoughts. It was a relief Mr. Figgs never called me again. I doodled in my notebook while Ryan slept.

Finally, the bell rang and I gathered all my things before standing up. All the notes the mysterious girl passed me was placed neatly inside my notebook. Who knows? It might make good memories.

Being the daughter of two lawyers, I have learned to think right. I was trained to think first and look at the possibilities before actually considering it. It was now easy for me to dig up my mind and look for correct decisions.

Was it okay liking a boy whom you've met in less than ten minutes?

My mother's voice ran in my head—NO.

I was about to leave the classroom when the Mr. Figgs called my name. I retraced my steps and approached his desk.

"Yes, Sir?" I asked, my voice unsteady.

"Welcome to Michigan High, Ms. Antoine." He said with a smile.

"Thanks." I said, discomfited again.

"So… I was impressed with your first performance in my class. I was just wondering if you would like to schedule every Tuesday dismissal into a tutoring class? It would do you good, Ms. Antoine. You'll gain extra credit from me." He said.

"Oh… I'll—I'll have to check on my schedule first, Mr. Figgs. I'll see if I could squeeze in some extra activities."

"Sure, Ms. Antoine. Just let me know if you would take it." He smiled.

I left the room and I was still in shock. An offer for my first day? I can't believe it. Of course, I get offers in school back in New York, but not this early. Is this good or bad? Should I take it? Should I have a—

"Hey," it was Ryan. Damn. Greens are hypnotizing these days. What's happening to me?

"Hey." I said weakly.

Was he waiting for me to exit class? It was a fact because I saw him casually leaning on the wall beside the door—like he was waiting for someone. I'm sure it's not me.

It couldn't possibly be me he's waiting for, right?

"What was that all about?" he was starting to make a conversation while we're walking. This time, he was shortening his stride to keep up with mine. God, why is this happening to me. I might have died and gone to heaven.

"Nothing in particular. Just a greeting for my very first day." I was surprised to hear the serenity in my voice.

My conscience was shouting inside my head to ask him if he was waiting for me or not. I can't ask him that because it would be stupid. No. I won't say it. I won't ask him anything. I won't—

"Were you waiting for someone awhile ago?" I asked dumbly after the five-second silence. It wouldn't hurt to give a hint, right?

"I was actually waiting for you."

Was it possible to see your world falling apart? Or to feel this sudden emotion overcome you and you don't actually know if it was pleasant or not? Was hell freezing over when he said that? Was I dreaming? I was scared this dream might end. I would like to enjoy it while it lasts.

"Er…" I made a sound. It sounded… stupid and very wrong.

"No, it's okay. I have a feeling we might get along very well."

AAAAAH! NASA spaceship has crashed itself into earth! Call an ambulance! Quick! Before it rips my heart apart and kick it all over the floor.

"Let's see." Wow. Something came out from my mouth. I thought I would stay still and watch death crash over me.

He looked at me playfully and chuckled. "Alright. We'll see."

He dropped me off to my next class. The weird part was this scene. I held my breath and felt my heart boomed its way out of my chest.

"Bye, Vans." And he held up his hand for me to slap—like a hi5 or something.

And I slapped it lightly.

The problem was it stayed there for a second or two, and half a second we looked at each other. I was the first one to deposit my hand and replaced it with a wave goodbye. His hand stayed in the air for two seconds before he returned the wave and the smile.

I melted.


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