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Silence is Golden, But Duct Tape is Silver

I woke up suddenly and gasped out as a foreign sensation was pressed on my chest. Yanking my torso, I quickly realized several things. My arms and legs were bound, and my body was covered in some tight and constricting material.

Looking around frantically, I tried to remember what had happened as I took note of my surroundings. Okay…I was in mine and Joey's bedroom, and I was lying in our bed. But where was Joey? He fell asleep next to me after we made love and I nodded off. And now I'm bound to our bed, unable to get free. Looking around, I see a dark figure, standing just out of reach of the moonlight filtering in through the blinds.

Suddenly a thought hits me and my blood runs cold. Where's Joey? Where's my Joey?! I really start thrashing now, bellowing in rage and screaming all sorts of profanities at the mysterious man in mine and my lover's bedroom. Despite how hard I twist and turn, my bounds remain tight. Eventually, even my football player frame tires out and I collapse panting, but still glaring harshly at the unknown man. Slowly though, I become aware of a low chuckle, and gasp once more when the unknown intruder walks into the moonlight.

It's my Joey.

Standing there, wearing nothing more than a tight black leather thong that displays his generous package, I can see how the moon's glow makes my lover's skin shin in an almost pearly radiance. His body is sculpted with barely visible muscles, yet that only adds to the deceptive beauty of my lover. Compared to me – tall, muscular and dark – my lover is short, fair, and beautiful. He'd be quick to argue likewise, but I always hug him and keep his struggles down to a minimum.

Now it seems that he's got me down.

"Wow Tyson, I didn't know you had such a dirty mouth." Joey walked closer to the bed and I saw that he was carrying something in his hands. Rolls and rolls of…tape? Duct tape! Turning my head side to side, I realized that that was what was binding my large frame to the posts. And it was on my chest, arms and legs too! Fuck! "It seems though, that you're just gonna have to deal with what I have planned for you tonight."

"What the hell are you doing Joey? Why am I covered in this shit?!"

Jumping onto the bed with a cat-like grace, my smaller lover walked in between my legs and over my groin, before sitting down on my abs. Thankfully there wasn't any duct tape down there, so I could enjoy the soft skin of my man on my bare abs.

"You see Ty, here's the problem. I let you fuck me today; several times in fact. On the couch; which got stained by the way, followed by twice in the shower and then finally on the bed before we passed out. Yet you didn't do the one thing that I demand of you today – that one simple thing that makes both of our lives easier. Do you know what that is Ty?"

I broke out in a cold sweat. I honestly didn't remember what Joey was talking about. Yeah I came home and practically sexually assaulted him on the couch, but I made sure to clean that up. The trash was taken out and I'm positive that there weren't any dirty dishes in the sink either…

Joey sighed and gave me a look that was a mix of pity and sick satisfaction. "I guess you don't remember huh Tyson." The question was rhetorical, yet I still tensed when one of my lover's hands trailed to the edge of a strip of duct tape on my arm. "You really don't remember Tyson? I ask so little of my big, strong, muscular man because I am sure he can do anything. Was I wrong?"

I feel the need to speak up, in hopes of avoiding pain. "I don't remember anything Joey…" I whisper out, my voice heavy with trepidation.

Once more, my lover sighs. With a quick snap of his hand, on of the long strips of duct tape was ripped suddenly off my arm and I screamed at the sudden stinging pain.


In my shame, I actually had tears in my eyes. I never felt such a flash of pain before! This was nothing like footballer pain where I would get tackled and bruised. No, this went deeper; this type of pain shredded my nerve endings and lasted longer. The area where the tape was yanked off tingled like a bad sun burn, and prickled like someone had scrapped it with a particularly prickly cactus. Once the pain passed sufficiently I realized what Joey was saying.

My little lover likes my smooth skin…hell, he loves it! He practically becomes feral when I rub my hard body against his own and flex my smooth rippling muscles down on him. But to keep that same smoothness, I have to shave about once a week. If I don't, the hairs on my body – generally my chest, arms and legs, start to grow back and my skin becomes rough and prickly, something Joey doesn't like at all. Most times, he refuses to have sex with me, unless it's just a blowjob. But my lover is so helpful that he's even shaved me a few times. Staring at the strip of duct tape with little hairs on it in his hands though, I can see Joey had found a new way to shave my body.

"Are you crying Ty?" Joey made a noise of disbelief. "And here I thought I was the bitch in the relationship…" Reaching over, Joey grabbed the edge of another strip of tape and yanked, causing me to cry out at the pain. Scoffing, Joey rolled his eyes and leaned down, whispering in my ear, "What's wrong Tyson? Is a little white boy beating you up?"

Anger flared inside me – Joey knew the quickest way to get me going was to insult my pride. I lunged up at him, my whole body going taut only to snap back as the duct tape holding me captive refused to give way. My bucking though had succeeded in knocking Joey off of me and onto the foot of our bed. Snarling, Joey stood up and placed two hands on my chest, each gripping an end of tape. With a twisted sneer, he ripped them off, and I screamed as my vision blurred with tears.

Leaning over my whimpering form, Joey gave me a twisted grin. "Let's see you try that again fucker." Walking to the foot of the bed, I saw my sadistic lover lean over, the pale moonlight glowing on his ass cheeks. My cock, once hard, was now wilting a bit, and even the sight of my lover's delicious ass wasn't enough to regain my erection. Joey seemed to take note of this and sent a chilling leer my way.

"Don't worry baby," he cooed, like an evil mother hen would her innocent and soon to be slaughtered chicks. "I know the perfect way to get you hot and hard for me."

With that said, I heard the sound of a tube being opened and almost jumped when I felt a greased finger touching my untouched entrance. Squirming and fidgeting, I grunted as a slim finger began forcing its way into me.

"Fuck Joey, get it out!" I didn't bottom. Ever. So this was whole new territory to me and I wasn't going to experience it strapped down and helpless! I tensed my whole body, stilling the exploring finger inside me and straining the duct tape shackles on the bed posts. I could almost imagine hearing them creaking under the pressure I was putting on them.

"Oh no you don't Tyson, we're doing this my way."

My concentration broke when Joey quickly yanked off not one, not two, but three whole pieces of duct tape off my legs in rapid succession. My whole lower torso was now on fire like my chest and arm and I flinched when Joey began stroking my now smooth leg.

"There there baby, see? Nice and smooth for your lover." Joey hand trailed up and down my leg, it completely devoid of any hair follicles now. He had also managed, while I was distracted by pain, to slip in another finger into my opening, and was now stretching me. He was at least gentle down there, but I couldn't stop the uncomfortable spasms shuddering through me. Honestly, I have no idea how my lover takes my cock up my ass all the time.

By now the only tape that remained on me was a few strips on my other arm, one on my leg, and a couple on my chest. With a grunt, Joey twisted his two fingers in my ass. Crying out at the invasive digits, I clenched my hole unconsciously. Clicking his tongue in exasperation, Joey reached up and tanked off the final piece of tape off my leg, causing me to spasm and relax, allowing him to bury his fingers inside me completely.

With a groan, Joey leaned down and licked my semi hard cock a bit, coaxing it back to a respectable length. "Almost there Ty, then we get to the good stuff." He began scissoring his fingers, slowly expanding my twitching hole. I looked down and saw Joey's free hand disappear back to the floor, his arm moving around as he searched for something blindly. Giving a small grin in triumph, Joey slowly pulled his fingers out and presented his mysterious gift to me.


My screams of rage were cut off when a piece of tape was unceremoniously slapped on my lips. Joey stood over me, scowling as he held a long, albeit thin, dildo in his hand.

"You really need to learn when to shut the fuck up Tyson, honestly, someone would think you were about to be raped or something…" With a huff of annoyance, Joey walked back to my legs, ripping off a piece of duct tape off my arm along the way. All I could do was lay there and plot my smaller lover's demise and how I would hide his corpse from the cops. Sooner or later I'd get free, and Joey would feel just how much power I still had in my muscles from football.

Standing at the foot of the bed, totally unconcerned with the death glares and silent promise of retribution I was sending his was, Joey quickly lubed up the dildo and set it at my asshole, ready for entrance. With a surprisingly gentle push, I felt the loosened muscles give way and the first half of the dildo slid into me relatively easily. Resistance was met however, when my body subconsciously clenched at the invader. Joey looked up at me, glaring at me as though it was my fault. I sent a glare of my own back, full of the promise of pain and torture on him. Shrugging off my threat, Joey causally pushed the dildo a bit more, and my body continued to fight.

Finally sighing, Joey grumbled, "I didn't want to do this yet, but you're being uncooperative like usual…" Uncooperative? Un-freaking-cooperative?! Little bitch don't know what I was going to do to him once this was done, he'll cry when I'm done with---


I arched my back, my jaw snapping open and ripping the binding tape loose enough for me to scream out in shock and pleasure. The dildo was a motherfucking vibrator! And it was vibrating up my ass! It writhed and squirmed, twisting left and right inside me as Joey slowly forced the rest of it inside me. By now my cock was hard and leaking profusely, and my body was sweating with all of my muscles tense with the sudden pleasure. I felt the pressure of Joey's hand disappear, and I could only assume that the entire thing was up my ass now. Through the thick haze of pleasure I could feel the length of the dildo up my ass – not too big, certainly nothing compared to my hefty girth that Joey took.

Speaking of that fucker, I lost track of where he was. Opening up my clenched eyes, I looked around and spotted him climbing on top of the bed and squatting over me. He was angling his ass right above my untouched cock and for a brief moment, I considered not punishing my little lover for what he did to me so far. After all, I could see why Joey loved taking dick up his ass. If it felt this good, maybe we could do this again…

"Now that you've stopped crying like a girl, we can get to the good part Ty." With that said, Joey ripped off the last two strips of tape off my arms and dropped his body onto me, sheathing his tight and lubed ass around my cock.

I grunted, in both pleasure and pain. My teeth were clenched as I bore the familiar pain and the sensation of Joey's hot ass surrounding my cock. With the skill of a professional lap dancer, Joey began writhing around on my muscled stomach, flexing his own muscles and teasing my dark and leaking cock. The dildo inside me kept its steady vibrations going, and, coupled with Joey's own ministrations on me, I could quickly feel my balls begin to draw up into me for a huge load.

"Fuck yeah Joey, keep doing that to me baby…Oh God, you're still tight after all the fucking we did….shit man, I got a huge load for you coming…" Bound as I was, I could only jerk my head side to side as my body surrendered to the touches of my lover.

Joey said nothing as he kept grinding up and down my length, him also moaning as I fucked him like only I could. I may have been at his mercy, but I could still dominate him. He began upping his pace on my abs, slamming on and off me quicker, his hands trailing all over my now smooth arms and legs. He arched his back and hissed as I began pumping up into him deeper, the dildo giving me an extra boost, much to my embarrassment and pleasure.

Finally I could take no more. "Ah Joey…here it comes baby…gonna blow…gonna fill you up again…" Panting and sweating, I began thrusting with all my strength, rocking Joey around like a rag doll.

Leaning down and gripping my still taped pecs, Joey hissed and bit out in pleasure, "Tell when Ty, tell me stud when you shoot into me…" He was holding on for dear life as I pounded up into him, his ass and my cock slapping together brutally.

"Fuck Joey get ready….urgh oh fuck…here it is baby, here I cum…!"

With that, I felt my cock swell up, my balls draw in, and the first spurt shoot through my cock. Before it flooded my lover's ass though, he did something I never expected….

He ripped off the last two pieces of duct tape as we both shot our loads….

Joey screamed as he came, his seed roping across my thick – and now completely smooth – chest, his milk a sharp contrast to my dark and sweating skin. I howled and wrenched forward, the duel sounds of tape finally snapping as I lunged and wrapped my massive arms around my tormentor and squeezed him mercilessly, my man juice flooding his hot hole. Spurt after spurt, my cock snot fired out and claimed my smaller lover for my own once more.

The scene afterwards was a mixture of silence and heavy breathing; me over the head of Joey, and him in my chest. I was still hard and buried deep in Joey, my mind in the blissfully empty state after a great fuck. When Joey began to squirm though, my thoughts snapped back and I tightened my hold.

Giving a sharp thrust, I felt a slip of satisfaction at Joey's cry of pain.

"You're in so much trouble right now, you know that Joey?" I whispered calmly, my tone hiding my thoughts of revenge. I gently patted his cheek with one free hand, before fisting his hair a bit and tilting it back so we could stare at each other.

"N-now Ty…" stuttered Joey, him probably seeing the smoldering rage in my eyes, "you know t-that I hate your body stubble, and…"

"Shhh baby…" I placed the index finger of my other free hand on his lips, silencing any protests and excuses. "Your plan was good, but you should have used more tape to hold me down." Wrapping an arm around Joey, I easily held him as I quickly yanked off any remaining tape from my wrists and ankles, grimacing at the sharp pain.

Oh yes, my little Joey will pay me back in spades.

Sensing my plot, Joey began squirming even more, trying to get free despite being rooted to my body via my cock, which was now getting hard again. When I was totally free I rolled the two of us over, laying my full weight on Joey, smashing any chances of him getting free. With him stuck, I reached behind me and pulled out the still vibrator from my twitching ass. I knew exactly where to shove, I mean, put this.

I started thrusting easily in and out, causing Joey to writhe beneath me.

"Ty…what…fuck!...are you…ah!...doing?"

"What did I say baby?" Reaching across the bed, I picked up a piece of tape and pressed it firmly on Joey's lips. Looking up at me with eyes filled with shock, anger and a bit of fear, Joey tried to speak once more, but only muffled sounds were coming out.

"This is what happens when you fuck with a 300 pound muscle guy Joey…"

With that said, I leaned back on my knees and slammed Joey on my cock. His eyes bulged as I ripped into him. I latched my mouth on his neck and began to suck and bite, bruising his flesh and marking him as mine. Joey seemed to fight me at first before succumbing to my thick and powerful cock shoving in and out of him in different angles. In between the sharp angling of my thrusts, I positioned the vibrator next to my cock and timed the penetration just right.

With the right amount of force, the entire sex toy disappeared inside my Joey, leaving just the tip exposed, where I flipped on the power. The shriek Joey gave was one for the records, but I was without mercy. Feeling the vibratory going full speed next to my sensitive cock, I pumped in and out a few more times before shooting another healthy load. Withdrawing gently, I made sure the vibrator stayed in, leaving my weakened lover on the bed. Making sure he didn't crawl away, I picked up more remnants of the duct tape and tied him down more securely with the bed posts than he did with me earlier.

Now my lover and bitch wouldn't be fleeing from my touch.

Limping slightly from the fuck I got from the mechanized dildo, I walked over and reached down to the floor where a mysterious box laid. On it was a picture of the dildo Joey used on me and was currently burrowing up his ass, along with the title Adrinix's Sex Toy Emporium: We have the biggest, the best, and the baddest toys for anyone and any lifestyle! On the back was their self-proclaimed "World's Biggest Dildo" measuring at almost 2 feet of silicone and lifelike coloring. For an extra fee, the dildo could come accessorized with a vibrator too.

I felt my cock twitch at the imagery.

Looking over at Joey, who was writhing in pleasure on the bed against the restraints he had on me, I felt the final stage of my revenge come to fruition. Walking to the nightstand where we kept our 'kinky' toys, I pulled out a cock ring and leaning over Joey, snapped around his already leaking cock. After that, I turned and walked away, ignoring the muffled crying of my lover on our bed.

Picking up the vibrator's box, I took note of the address. Calling over my shoulder, I yelled at Joey that I would be back with my own surprise. Joey's response was a mixture of a cry and a yell. Smiling, I threw on some tight jeans and a sweater and grabbed my car keys and wallet. Standing at the door, I took one last look at Joey, who was sweating as his body remained on the edge of cumming.

"Hey Joey, I'm also going to call your boss, saying you're sick with the flu." He didn't seem to hear me at first, so I continued. "That way babe, you'll be at my mercy all weekend, just the two of us. Imagine all the fun we'll have."

With that, I walked out, closing our bedroom door and keeping in my helpless lover as I went to upgrade our sex life with a well worth investment.