'A meteor shower is a powerful gift of nature. Giving passion, joy, wonder and amazement to those who can watch their wonder. This one, however, was not. Though it was beautiful, it's after effects caused pain and ruin through the archipelago.

'The meteors didn't crash into the buildings, or destroy towns. They all fell into the sea. They were no ordinary meteors however. They contained the entities, known as Spirit's, common on the Wile Archipelago.

'We on the Island combine of the Tokal Archipelago and the Vast Sea Plaza Archipelago of Alia, are peaceful. We have been unfairly left to let die. The military will have nothing to do with us on either Archipelago, thinking that it is the authority of the other Archipelago's government to 'take care of us'.

'Pirate's have taken this opportunity to take control of our towns: Uoiea and Alota. Before the meteor shower, Pirate's were usually no threat, and us as a combined force was able to be enough to take them. They have gained the powers of the Spirit's.'

Taken from the Log of Wichelle Housten. Sage of Uoiea, Year 956-1011.

"I wonder if Crucan will be back in Uoiea by now." a young fisherman from Uoiea was sitting on the Uoiea bay. Looking out the ocean watching the bobber on his line float over the waves. "If he is, he's probably looking for me. Me being his fisherman and all." he sighed and continued watching his bobber. He could see small Alian Shore Fish gathering around the bobber. "Something a bit bigger would be better."

The tide pushed out into the ocean, then pulled back onto the land. The land remained strong, vigilant to keep together. The ocean roared, it was losing the battle with the land. The ocean remained persistent, crashing into the eastbound cliff. Rocks smashed through the oceans defenses, but little could be done.

In one way, the ocean was winning, in another, the land was.

A boy washed onto the Uoiean shore, next to our young fisherman.

Chapter 1

The boy without Reflections

"We have to think of something more to do with him. It's been nearly a month now, and Crucan doesn't think highly of keeping him here." an average male voice was heard by the boy. The boy was semi-conscious with his eyes closed. The voice was very monotone, very robotic.

"Do you actually care about what Crucan thinks? I've been branded his fisherman, and I don't care!" a high toned voice appeared into the hearing of the boy.

"We must be careful, for the boy, and most of all for the Orb that he held when he washed on shore. Crucan has something similar." a feeble sounding male voice entered the conversation. The name Crucan was the only constant within the discussion.

The boy pushed his arms past his head, and stretched his body. Many snaps and clicks occurred throughout the boy's body, and he opened his eyes.

"He's awake!" our young fisherman was the first to notice the boy was awake. He walked up to the bed casually, and assisted the boy when he was trying to sit up. "Are you okay?"

"My head hurts a bit." the boy rubbed the back of his head.

"Asking him about his condition isn't important right now." the monotone man stomped towards the bed, and slammed his hands down onto the straw mattress. "What's the last thing you remember?"

The boy began to dart his head around, looking at his hands, and at the sides of the bed. "Where is it?"

"Where's what?" our young fisherman seemed more concerned about the boy's state.

The boy didn't answer straight away. His actions slowed a bit. "I... I don't know. But I know it's important!" he began quickening in his looking once more. He looked under the bed.

"What do you mean 'You don't know'. You have to know for it to be important to you." the monotone man noted the obvious.

"Don't you think I know that you idiot? I can't remember anything. But I know that I need that thing!" he fell off the bed, and scouted further underneath.

"Maybe he talks of the Orb that he held." the old man spoke to our young fisherman.

"Orb?" the boy spoke and the mattress bumped upwards in the middle slightly. "DAMMIT!" the boy poked his head from underneath the bed. "A Spirit Orb?"

"This?" the old man took a glass orb with a silver gaseous substance swirling around inside.

"That's it!" the boy scooted out from under the bed and tripped over himself trying to reach for it. "That's the item!" the boy froze.

"SPIRIT OF TIME! PREEDAAN!" Johnny had fallen down from the steeple and was currently summoning Preedaan, the Guardian Wolf of Time.

His pole transformed into a whip with a fang of a wolf attached to the end of it. As Johnny landed on the floor, near beside Dory, he threw his whip, still holding onto it, into a wall, then pulling out Preedaan. He stood in an attack formation, and was ready to attack.

Preedaan looked extremely majestic. The fur laced down his back was separated into layers, and those layers were distinguished from the last one by the colors. The closer the layer was to the tail, the darker the silver. The ears were torn, but they worked perfectly normally, pricking up when ready for battle, and flopping down when being spoken to directly by Johnny. His fur around his neck, stretched behind his head and stood up on end, looked nearly like a shield for a motorcycle. The fur running down his legs draped over his paws, only his claws were visible. His tail was looking in alert mode, and all the fur was standing on end. The nose was that of the size of a large wolves, and snarling. He was big, intimidating, and very cute.

"Spirit of Time, Preedaan. The Guardian Wolf of Time. Primary Ability, Time Magik or Flash Step. Passive Ability, Motor Mode. Super Ability Dash Combo." the boy stood up. He hastily took the Spirit Orb off the old man. "But I can't smash this."

"What does that mean?" the monotone man spoke to the boy once more.

"I don't know. It just came to me." the boy didn't take his eyes off the Spirit Orb. "There's 14 other Spirit Orbs, all different colors. They fell down, mistaken for meteors."

"The meteor shower?" our young fisherman stepped up to the conversation. "That must be the reason why Crucan has that weird power!"

"Do you remember anything else?" the old man watched as the boy headed outside.

"No. I must have that thing where everything is forgotten." the boy looked up from the Spirit Orb and to the sky. The sun was beating down, lighting the sky a blaze. The boy brought his head back down and trying to focus on what he was looking at. Everything seemed suddenly dark, then suddenly bright. Then suddenly normal.

"Amnesia. You must have amnesia." the old man stood next to him and laughed. "So you don't even remember your name?"

"All a big blank." the boy scratched the back of his head, unhooking the bandanna his was wearing. It floated slowly down the ground. He bent down and picked it up.

It was a simple green triangle shaped clothe with a black skull and crossbones knitted onto the front of it. Strings were attached to the lower two points of the triangle, threading on the inside underneath the skull and crossbones. The boy scanned it, looking on the underside. A blue tag had been stitched underneath the skull and crossbones, it read, Johnny.

"But I have a feeling that my name is Johnny." he stood up with the bandanna, looked at it for a few more seconds and tied it around his head, completing his image.

"You know how to put your bandanna on. That's good." the old man seemed surprised in Johnny's ability.

"I don't know how I managed to do that." Johnny looked at his hands. Then realizing that he had dropped the Spirit Orb, picked it up from in front of him. "What am I wearing?" he asked the old man.

"A vest that resembles your bandanna, denim trousers and a pair of black leather looking shoes." the old man wasn't sure if the question was rhetorical or not. But he answered it.

"So what's your name?" Johnny turned to the old man.

"Wichelle Housten. I am the sage of this village." the old man expected Johnny to bow to his superiority, so he stepped back and opened his robe slightly, presenting his left arm.

"Ick." Johnny cringed and turned back to the way he was facing. "Authority. Never liked it."

"How can you know you've never liked it, if you have amnesia." the monotone man stepped out of the tent and walked up next to Wichelle and Johnny.

Johnny paused. Then leaned towards Wichelle, "Was that a question?" Wichelle nodded, and Johnny returned back to his original position. "I don't know." he turned his face to the monotone man and smiled. "You're very weird."

Johnny then observed the town. He noticed straight away that the town was filled with tents, large tents. There were six or seven, three with signs outside. One looked like a wizards hat, one looked like a katana, and the last one looked like a jar.

On the other side of the town were four tents. They looked like residential homes, mainly because they all had people sitting down outside them, catering to flowers.

In a southerly direction was a beach. Our young fisherman walked outside and stood beside Johnny. He pointed out the beach, saying that that's where Johnny washed up. The north of the town was a narrow passage. Each side with a tall cliff. Wichelle said the passage lead to Alota.

"You're town seems to be in poverty. But I noticed that the crops you grow are in...-" Johnny paused. "What's the expression?"

"They're growing fantastically. They should be perfect for the harvest. You're right, we shouldn't be in poverty, but Crucan forces us into poverty. We have to offer him money, otherwise he'll destroy our village." our fisherman folded his arms and looked towards Alota. "Right now he's in Alota, with his entire crew."

Johnny began heading down the Uoiea to Alota passage, Wichelle yelled to him, telling him not to leave the village. Johnny stopped temporally, and before he was about to set off again, he turned to Wichelle, the monotone man and our fisherman. A cheerful smile loomed across his face.

"There's nothing to worry about! I have a feeling that this is what I do! As a pirate after all!" he pointed to the skull and crossbones on his bandanna. "This is the mark of a pirate."

"You're a pirate?" our fisherman stepped forwards, shocked over what Johnny was saying.

"Far as I know!" Johnny shrugged. "And as a pirate, I have to fight other pirates. So I'll be back with Crucan's head, and this town will be mine!" Johnny pushed his fist into the sky. "I'll free Uoiea and Alota!" he turned around and began to walk off to Alota.

Not much passed through Johnny's mind. He didn't even know what he was doing, but he had a feeling that he had to defeat Crucan. He tried to remember whatever he could, and then a very familiar thought burst into his mind, he was the kind of person to save the innocent. He was a good pirate.

"What do yar think you're doing? Commoner?" a large booming voice echoed throughout the pass, coming from north. Johnny then jumped into a run.

"You... You have to leave! The... The authorities will be here before long!" the voice of a quivering man retaliated to the boom.

A laugh of thousands then echoed down the pass. Followed by the booming voice.

"Why do you think we chose to take control of this island? No authorities will want to have anything to do with you! We're completely invulnerable! We're the Crucan Pirates!" when Johnny heard the last sentence, he began to sprint. "Anna! Would you like to dispose of this wretch?"

There was a pause, then the quivering voice began speaking. But he seemed shocked. "Anna, what are you doing?"

"I... I'm sorry. But I have to follow orders." a womans voice echoed over. She sounded saddened. She must have known the quivering man.

Shapes began to form. On the floor was a thin man, with a woman holding a katana and a longsword standing over him. A tall, well built man towered over the woman. Thousands of stereotypical looking pirates were crowded behind the well built man.

"That must be Crucan..." Johnny whispered to himself while running.

"What are you waiting for, Anna?" Crucan boomed down. Johnny then began to notice that the katana that 'Anna' was holding was being held at the throat of the man who was on the floor. The longsword was being held, but rested by her side. "Finish him!" Crucan started a cheer from the rest of the crew. Telling Anna to 'finish him'.

"Captain Crucan!" Johnny had entered the town limits. He stood at the entrance, looking small compared to the cliffs either side of him.

The crew looked away from Anna and the quivering man, and to Johnny. Anna looked away from what she was doing, lowered her katana to her side, and looked to Johnny with the rest of the crew.

"You're that brat from Uoiea!" Crucan laughed at the presence of Johnny. "Are you here to beg that we leave Alia?"

Johnny lifted his arm, and pointed at Crucan. "I won't beg anyone! But imma gonna take this island off you!"

"I have a crew of thousands! How could you beat me?" Crucan laughed, his crew laughed behind him, to make him sound like more of an intimidating character.

"Because you smell!" everyone grew silent. The quivering man took this opportunity to stumble up and run away to the west. Taking cover in a close by building.

During this silence, Johnny took the opportunity to analyze his opponent. Obviously he was taller than the average man, much taller. He wore a black cloak, possibly to signify that he was of higher authority. His face was torn with battle scars, from the distance Johnny was standing at, he couldn't tell where Crucan's nose was.

Under his cloak he wore a black vest with a skull and crossbones on. Possibly to show that he was part of the Crucan crew, the skull was covered in scratches, like Crucan's face. He wore a belt below his tucked in vest. The belt was a support to keep his brown short up. He wore no shoes.

"I am the captain of the crew of thousands." he pointed to his captains hat. "Why do you think they respect me so? They're scared of my power! They will do whatever I want if I just look at them!"

"That's not the sign of a respecting crew. A captain like that is always bound to lose." Johnny shook his head in disappointment at Crucan's behavior.

"Bennat..." Crucan reached into his robe and took out a glass orb, colored red because of the red gaseous substance swirling inside it.

"Spirit of Fire!" Johnny began summoning Bennat.

A circle of flames encircled the Earthen Spirit Warrior. He held his pole vertical to his head, he closed his eyes. The pole transformed into a heavy two sided sword. Bennat began to form out of flames behind Johnny. Being the twin brother of Lucior, he had near the exact same look as him. Aside from his armor was a dull red, instead of yellow, the symbol a top of his head was the Japanese symbol for Fire, and he wielded a two sided sword like Johnny.

"Bennat!" Johnny finished his summoning, blowing the circle of flames away with his power.

"Spirit of Fire, Bennat." Johnny stared at the Spirit Orb. Either marveling that he actually knew this information, or confused in why Crucan had it. "Primary ability, Fire Magik or Flameball parade. Super Ability, Fire of the Sword."

Crucan outstretched his arm, still holding the Spirit Orb, then reached to the sky. "Spirit Merge!" the orb shattered. The glass and gas merged together and swirled around Crucan's arm.

Crucan opened his arms out, and allowed his cloak to drop to the floor. Two dull red colored plate gauntlets appeared on either hand. With them, he threw his captains hat towards his crew. A samurai's plate helmet, the same color as his gloves, appeared on his head.

To finish off his introduction to the battle, a two sided sword appeared in a blast of flames in his right hand.

"Pretty impressive." Johnny laughed. However he was thinking otherwise. 'Spirit Merge? The fork is that?'

"Cap'n." Anna held her longsword in front of Crucan. This lost Crucan's attention from Johnny, and towards her. "Let me handle this. There is no need for you to get involved." she looked towards Johnny, who was looking completely gormless, wondering what the two were talking about.

Before Johnny knew it, Anna was running towards him. She pushed herself behind her katana with her longsword behind her back, ready to slice into the child's side. Johnny jumped to the right as the katana was pushed into him, it launched to the floor, getting stuck. Anna followed her katana, and swung with her longsword. Johnny jumped, avoiding the attack. He returned to his original position, hands in his pockets, feet firmly on the ground.

Anna pulled her katana out of the ground and took a horizontal lunge for Johnny. He bent backwards and watched the Alotan crafted sword pass over his nose. Anna tried a thrust with her longsword to Johnny. But he was able to skid sideways, still holding his position.

"What are you fighting for, Anna? You don't look like a pirate." as Anna continued to thrust her swords at the amnesiac. She remained silent.