Michael Varraso 38 lines

Spinner Place 415A


Buying Cups


That's my limit, and I know it well,

I know it doesn't seem it.

But I got a text and it was from you.

You told me about this guy,

My hands started to shake.

Jealousy is unbecoming

Two shots down,

And I still remember those words,

Still feel the burn of the Bacardi.

My hands have stopped shaking.

Jealousy is unbecoming

Four shots down,

The Bacardi no longer burns,

But your words do,

I can see them when I close my eyes.

They ring in my head,

And hide behind a fake smile

Jealousy is unbecoming

Six shots down,

But I still remember your words,

Life is unfair,

You push me past the limit,

Force me to go that extra mile.

Jealousy is unbecmoming

Six shots down,

And a can of Coors.

Your face is fuzzy,

Fading quickly,

But still, I can hear

The voices in my head, telling me,

I was never good enough

Jealousy is…is something

Eight shots down,

Plus that can of Coors,

And I can't remember anymore,

All I know,

Is I need some cups.