Hello! This story is part of a collection of stories that go by the general title "Overdrive". Some of them I've already written while others still exist only as ideas in my – not so healthy to be sure– mind.

"Macabre" is a rather short story, I don't think it's gonna be more than ten chapters. I personally like it a lot because it contains all of the elements I enjoy. I must warn you however: it's not for the faint hearted. So, if you don't have a strong stomach and a very open mind I would advise you to leave this story. If, on the other hand, you enjoy anything sick, twisted and sacrilegious you're welcome to read.

The story takes place in a fictional era which is a mix of medieval and modern times. So, don't be surprised if you read about electricity and cars or some other references.

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She ran fast through the woods. Her breath went out in quick, struggled pants. The branches scratched her skin and tore her dress. Her legs were already burning from the exhaustion but she pushed herself to keep on running. She couldn't stop. She didn't see or hear them but she knew they were somewhere behind her. After her.

She ran out of the forests and found herself in a clearing. Far ahead of her, she could see the lights of the town, just below the small hill. If only she could reach the town… She might have a chance of escaping a fate worse than death…

She forced her worn legs to move to the direction of the lights. As she ran a noise sounded above her head.

'Oh, no. They're here. They'll get me. No. God, save him!'

Before she could finish her prayer, a dark shadow passed above her, hiding her from the pale moon. She let a cry of terror as something heavy fell on her, knocking her down to the ground.


She opened her eyes slowly as she came around. Still feeling dizzy and disorientated, she right in front of her. A grey, stone wall towering over her. She tried to sit up slowly feeling her whole body aching. Where was she? Hearing some voices from somewhere behind her, she turned.

There were some people in the middle of the room or cell or whatever this place was. The four of them were men. The one closer to her was a tall, bony, with long grey hair although his face seemed quite young. Gwendolyn recognized him as Seth, the necromancer. The second was definitely Merelick, the head chief of Rothbar's army. He was quite short for a man, completely bold but he had his distinguishing long, red beard. The third man was Lord Giderr, a tall, handsome man with long brown hair worn in a low beard. He was dressed in fancy, expensive, western clothes. And the last man – Gwendolyn's heart missed a beat when she saw him – was Lord Rothbar, the master of all the Karack. He was standing tall and majestic, wearing a black pants and shirt and a long cape. He was handsome and at the same time terrifying. Seeing him, Gwendolyn knew for sure that she was doomed.

There were also two women in the room. One was standing next to the Lords with her back to Gwendolyn. She was abnormally tall for a woman and had long, messed, blond hair. The other woman was lying on the floor, surrounded by the rest of them and looking at them with pleading eyes.

"Please…" she begged. "Please. I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

Tears were running down her cheeks and she was literally shaking.

"Shut up, bitch!" Merelick barked and kicked her hard in the head.

The woman cried out in pain and turned her eyes to Rothbar.


The man smiled calmly.

"You should have known better, Myrna. You faltered and you shall be punished now."

The woman's eyes widened in terror.

"No. No. I won't… I won't do it again."

"Of course you won't" the man said with mellow voice.

He nodded and two more men entered Gwendolyn's field of view. They were both just soldiers of Rothbar's army and the one of them was holding an iron spear about six feet long and two inches thick.

Seth and Merelick laughed.

"You dared fuck with another man, whore. Now your hungry cunt is gonna get what it deserves" Merelick said and spat on her.

"No!" the woman screamed as one of the soldiers grabbed her from her armpits.

He shoved her up and threw her violently on a stone table that was there, in the middle of the room. He fastened her hands and legs to the shackles while she cried and uncontrollably. Then he tore the lower half of the dress from her body, leaving naked from the waist down. The woman turned her tear-stained face to Rothbar.

"Please…" she whispered for a last time.

He just smiled and gestured with his hand to the soldiers to proceed. Gwendolyn's eyes widened as she saw the soldier holding the spear standing in front of the woman's splayed legs and positioning the spear horizontally in front of the opening. He turned to look at his master waiting for the order. Rothbar nodded his head.

The woman cried as the spear entered her. An inch. Then another. And another. She writhed and whimpered as more of the spear was slowly pushed inside of her. More and more. When Gwendolyn was sure that no more could go in, the man continued pushing it. He seemed to have found resistance.

'Stop. Please stop' Gwendolyn begged inwardly and covered her mouth with her hand to prevent herself from screaming.

But the man gave a sharp, strong shove and the spear went more in. The woman screamed in pain, her back arching in an unnatural angle. The second soldier stepped next to the first one and helped him with the spear. As the piece of iron continued going in, more and more inside the woman's body, she screamed and yowled in pure agony. Soon, blood began spurting out of her mouth, muffling her screams. As the men gave a final, forceful push the end of the spear came out of the woman's screaming mouth. The poor woman's body contracted for some more seconds and then it remained limp.

"That was fun" Merelick said.

"Quite entertaining" Seth agreed.

Giderr huffed.

"And completely unnecessary."

The Lords slowly turned from the sight and headed to the door. Seth noticed Gwendolyn was sitting up on the floor and staring at them with terror-filled eyes.

"She's awake" he said with his colorless voice.

All of four of them looked at her shuddering figure.

"Good" Rothbar said and walked closer to her.

He stood over her, examining her face and body.

"Now that Myrna is dead I'm gonna need a new mistress" he said and flashing her one of his charming smiles he left.

The others followed him after casting her an inquiring glance. Last came the blonde woman. When she turned to look at Gwendolyn, the girl's eyes widened even more.

The Lords were gone. She was sitting on the cold, hard floor listening to the sounds the soldiers made as they removed the woman from the table. This couldn't be happening. No. Not to her. This was a nightmare. It had to be...

I know it was short but it was just the prologue. The actual story, I mean the plot and all, will start from the next chapter. If you wonder about the story being categorized under 'humor', don't worry. I'm not completely insane. I know there was nothing funny in this chapter but the story is gonna have some humor. Black, twisted humor, that is.

So, I hope you liked it (something is wrong with you if you did) and I'd appreciate it if you reviewed. Thank you.